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Honey News

Healing powers of Manuka honey explored in new study

A new investigation finds that Manuka honey could help with the recovery of patients from certain post-operative infections. This is due to the antimicrobial properties of the chemicals within the honey, confirming some earlier studies.

Review: Robyn will melt your heart with new studio album 'Honey' Special

On October 26, global music pop star Robyn released her highly-anticipated new studio album "Honey" via Konichiwa and Interscope Records.

Mānuka honey effective against pathogenic bacteria

The antiseptic properties of Mānuka honey have been hotly debated (along with other ‘health’ benefits.) Now a new report shows how, even at low dilutions, the honey can suppress bacterial growth.

First beekeepers lived in prehistoric times

Humans have kept bees for centuries — just how long has been a matter of debate. New research has traced back the first beekeepers to prehistoric times.

Queen bee microbiomes differ from those of worker bees

Researchers from the University of Indiana have published the very first comprehensive analysis of queen honey bee gut bacteria, and have reported that these defer markedly from those of worker bees.

Op-Ed: People are just exploding for pot these days

As more states move to legalize marijuana, the availability of this herb has allowed some enterprising people to develop new ways to get even higher. The newest trend is the extraction of THC from pot to create a concentrate known as marijuana wax.

Bee bacteria make for antibiotic alternatives

Lund - A new study has shown that certain types of bacteria extracted from the stomachs of honeybees could be promising targets as antibiotics against pathogenic bacteria like MRSA.

White House attempts to save the bees

Washington - President Barack Obama has created a new task force to study the recent precipitous decline in the number of bees in the U.S. The new organization will also raise public awareness about the issue.

Slowdown in the rate of honeybee deaths

A new study shows fewer honeybees died over the winter than during the same season the preceding year. The rate of honeybees deaths has been an issue of ecological concern over the past few years.

Honey may help fight antibiotic resistance among bacteria

Research presented at the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society indicates that honey could offer a solution to combat antibiotic-resistance among bacteria.

Chinese man covered with 460,000 bees for honey stunt

Beijing - A Chinese beekeeper covered his semi-naked body in more than 460,000 bees for a publicity stunt aimed at selling more of his honey, he told AFP Thursday, using a technique known as "bee bearding.

Pandas have a sweet tooth

Biologists have looked into why pandas, unlike other similar mammals, have a sweet tooth. They have come up with a series of novel reasons.

Study: Honey as brain food may have fueled evolution

Anthropologists have long theorized that improved nutrition helped early hominids evolve into the more advanced homo sapiens. In addition to eating more meats and vegetables, a new study suggests honey also played a major role.

A bottle of Mead this holiday season?

Unless you are into the history of foods and beverages or steeped in European ancestry, chances are, you have probably never heard of Mead.

Review: ‘What's Killing Our Bees?’ Special

The bee is one of the most important creatures on the face of this planet. For some time bees have been dying in droves, and if they die, so do we.

British honeybees under threat from imported bumblebees

Imported bumblebees into the U.K. are spreading diseases that are affecting native bumblebees and honeybees, according to a new study.

Video: Honey the dog catches salmon swimming upstream on road

Seattle - The video shows a salmon swimming upstream on a flooded road in Seattle, Washington. A dog walks up and picks it up in its jaws with such practised ease that you may think picking up a live fish swimming in water is that easy.

Bees in Alsace make M&M's coloured honey

Ribeauville - Beekeepers in Alsace in eastern France had a nasty surprise recently after discovering their bees were producing honey in shades of blue, green and chocolate brown. The source of the problem was traced to a nearby Mars factory producing M&M's sweets.

Review: Artemis Honey, an ethically produced gastronomic delicacy Special

Athens - A social cooperative at a psychiatric hospital in Greece is producing honey and transforming the lives of the patients and the local community as well.

Australian man marries Labrador retriever

Toowoomba - A man in Australia married Honey, a five-year-old Labrador retriever, in an outdoor ceremony attended by other humans and canines on November 30.

Honey, these popular brands are contaminated with antibiotics

New Delhi - Nectar, a symbol of well-being – the honey that millions buy believing it is pure, natural and healthy - is contaminated with high levels of antibiotics, fed to bees and is bad for our health, a leading environmental organisation in India has found.

Op-Ed: My name is not Sweetie - I am your customer. Please call me Sir

There is a problem in American business that seems to have grown to epidemic proportions. It is a problem that has caused millions of patrons unnecessary pain, anger, aggravation and discomfort.

Study: Two-thirds of married women opt for anything but sex Special

Sex is not a priority when it comes to personal time, a new study shows. Married women say their sex life is not only predictable but they would prefer to read a book, watch TV or catch up on much needed sleep instead of having sex with their partner.

Berlinale: Polanski wins the Silver Bear for the best director Special

Berlin - The 60th Berlin International Film Festival ended with the triumph of Eastern movies and the controversial prize awarded to the Polish-French director Roman Polanski

T. Marzetti Company Recalls a Limited Number of Girard's Honey Dijon Peppercorn

T. Marzetti Company, Columbus, Ohio is recalling a limited number of 12 fl. oz. bottles of Girard's Honey Dijon Peppercorn (item 58105) because they may have the incorrect back label of Girard's French Dressing (item 58015).

As Honeybees Continue to Vanish, Einstein's Prediction Looms...Or Does It?

"Einstein's theory-- it's been, oh, a couple years ago-- was that within about four years, there would be no more food to sustain life anywhere on the planet, to pollinate orchards, pollinate everything out there."

Grandma Was Right, Honey Is The Cure

It appears grandmothers the world round have been right all along about treating children's coughs with honey. That's what a new study out of says Pennsylvania State University's College of Medicine.

Is "Pure Honey" Really Pure?

Honey can be labeled "pure" even if contains additives like high fructose corn syrup. Most people prefer the taste of 100% pure bee's honey, but how can you test to be sure you are getting the good stuff?

Honey could save diabetics from amputation

Dr. Jennifer Eddy says honey therapy can save diabetics from amputations cures diabetic ulcer wounds

A World Without Fruit?

One-third of our diet comes from pollinated food by honeybees. Could the decline of the bee have us all living on bread and water?
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Honey Image

Chaucer s Mead made from pure honey.
Chaucer's Mead made from pure honey.
Carolina Vaes
A hive of unknown variety of bees or wasps.
A hive of unknown variety of bees or wasps.
Worker buff-tailed bumblebee
Worker buff-tailed bumblebee
Honey is the primary ingredient of Mead.
Honey is the primary ingredient of Mead.
Image courtesy of Gualberto107 /
family photo provided by York Police

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