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Homosexuals News

Italian lesbian author gets papal blessing

Vatican City - Pope Francis has sent his blessing to a lesbian author of children's books dealing with same-sex families, wishing her and her wife well in their work, it emerged on Friday.

Op-Ed: Same-sex marriage is not about sex

A scrawled sign hanging over the counter down at Sparky’s Diner is meant to be a jab at those folks who have a selected interpretation of the First Amendment right to free speech. It reads: “You can say what you like as long as I like what you say."

GOP bails on S.C nominee after he calls homosexuals 'gremlins'

A South Carolina Republican vying for a U.S. congressional seat apparently believes gays and lesbians should be kept out of the light, never given any water and most importantly, never fed after midnight; they are "gremlins" after all.

Vatican backs away from 'welcoming homosexuals' stance

Rome - Despite Pope Francis saying homosexuals have "gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community" and a push by LGBT rights groups for a more accepting Catholic Church, the Vatican has backed away from its "Welcoming Homosexual Persons" stance.

Vatican synod: Gays have 'gifts, qualities' to offer Christians

Rome - In what is being described as a "pastoral earthquake," the two-week synod of bishops called by Pope Francis to consider issues of "family life" released Monday a document with a radically new liberal tone, saying gays have "gifts and qualities to offer."

Alan Turing receives posthumous 'homosexual' pardon from Queen

London - Alan Turing was a brilliant British mathematician, acknowledged as a central figure in the development of computers, but for all his service to Britain his reputation was tarnished after a conviction on homosexuality charges. Finally he receives a pardon.

Op-Ed: Children of same-sex couples and gender identity

With same-sex marriage becoming a legal reality throughout the world, many more children are going to be raised by homosexual (gay and lesbian) parents, or even by transgendered ones. How is this going to affect the child’s masculinity or femininity?

Department of Defense to extend benefits to same-sex couples Special

Washington - Outgoing Department of Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, has announced the Pentagon will begin extending benefits to same-sex partners of service members.

Gays partly to blame for Hurricane Sandy, says Christian chaplain

Gay people are partly to blame for Hurricane Sandy and other disasters to befall the United States, according to an American Christian chaplain.

Ahmadinejad tells Piers Morgan homosexuality is ugly behaviour

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is enjoying his annual sojourn to New York, where his appearance will no doubt prompt the usual walkout by delegates to the UN General Assembly. He took the time to drop in for a chat with Piers Morgan.

Muslim men on trial UK for stirring up hatred against homosexuals

Derby - Five Muslim men have pleaded not guilty in court to charges of stirring up hatred against homosexuals through the distribution of threatening written material.

Op-Ed: Jihad in Albert Square — Moslems v 'Gays' in Eastenders

In 'Eastenders', an Islamic conspiracy has succeeded in breaking up the Square's odd 'couple'; in 'Emmerdale', the local vicar has an unpleasant 50th birthday present; while hearts are breaking in 'Coronation Street'.

Op-Ed: How political correctness kills – tainted blood

The powerful homosexual lobby has succeeded in overturning the blood donation ban imposed in Britain in the 1980s, but heterosexuals will pay the price.

'Heterosexual Pride Day' awaits mayor's signature in Sao Paulo

San Paulo - Sao Paulo's city council has approved a proposal to create Heterosexual Pride Day honoring straight people that will be celebrated yearly on the third Sunday of December if it gets a final stamp of approval from the mayor of South America's largest city.

Clip of vulgar cockpit rant by Southwest Airlines pilot released

Houston - Southwest Airlines has suspended a pilot after his vulgar rant was picked up and broadcast on an air-traffic control frequency available to many pilots, as well controllers, who tried repeatedly to end the foul-mouth fly-by without any success.

Op-Ed: Redefining tolerance – groups outraged at fine for 'homophobe'

An article concerning the conviction of Mohammed Hasnath for a trivial offence of stickering, and the groups who are baying for his blood.

Screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor mourned by gay community

Among the many mourning the loss of screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor, who has died aged 79, are members of the international gay community.

Gates: 'enormous consequences' in overturning ban on gays

After a judge ordered the US military cease implementing its don't-ask-don't-tell policy on discharging gay personnel, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the reversal would have "enormous consequences."

80 gay men arrested ahead of China’s National Day

About 80 gay men have been arrested by police – some of them riot police – in Beijing ahead of China’s National Day. They had gathered at an outdoor cruising spot.

Quebec rabbis sign document accepting homosexuals

Montreal - Three Montreal Orthodox rabbis have joined many others by signing a statement calling for the acceptance of homosexuals into synagogues.

Religious think-tank: More Christians support gay rights

The religious think-tank Ekklesia says more Christians are identifying as gay-supporting than in previous decades. The UK-based organization has published its findings ahead of Saturday’s London Pride event, which Christian groups will be attending.

Saudi Arabia hit for discriminatory policy on foreign homosexuals

An organization of gay and lesbians in the Philippines has expressed sadness over the Saudi Arabia's recent decision to ban employment of gay, lesbian and other similar gender calling from working in the country.

Iraqi Militiamen Targeting Homosexuals for Torture and Murder

Iraqi militiament are targeting gay men for torture and murder, as a campaign of social cleansing goes unchecked by the government.

Homosexuals and Adulterers Banned from Peruvian Police Department

While the United States discusses gay marriage and gays in the military, the police department of Peru has adopted a moral stance about gays and adulterers as well. These folk aren’t allowed to be policemen in Peru.

'Outrage Film' Gets Republicans Out of Closet

With so many Republicans pointing to gays rights issues as immoral and declaring themselves against gay marriage, a recent film will reveal some of these outraged party members have been doing outrageous acts themselves.

Pope: Saving humankind from homosexuals as important as saving forests

Pope Benedict XVI gave his end-of-year speech to senior Vatican staff and it's expected it will reverberate for many days to come. The Pope said saving humanity from homosexual behavior is as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

Homosexuals In Iraq Live In Fear Of Death Squads

In Iraq homosexuals have to evade Islamist death squads who have the encouragement of clerics to go on a killing spree. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is one of those clerics giving the order to kill gays in the "most severe way possible".

Op-Ed: Gay Democrats Angry Over Gay Media Czar's Anti-Obama Stand

Think the claws are out between the Clintonistas and Messianics in Denver? Seems some prominent gay Obama donors are in knots over gay media czar Paul Colichman's NY Post comments denying support to Obama for Obama's refusal to support gay marriage.

Gay men bring their private life into the public eye in Corporate Jamaica

Reports are surfacing that homosexuals in the corporate areas in Kingston, Jamaica, are bringing their private life out into the public.

Dutch Embassies in Third World Countries Set to Fight For Gay Rights of Locals

The Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation is instructing Dutch embassies in Third World countries to proactively promote gay rights. The Ministry has issued a research report into the status quo regarding treatment of homosexuals in those countries.
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