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Homophobia News

Brazilian gay teenager João Antônio Donati found murdered

Inhumas - An 18-year-old man who was openly gay has been found dead — suspected murdered — in Inhumas, in the Brazilian state of Goiás, according to media reports.

Crowdfunding raises $93K for gay Georgia son disowned by family

Kennesaw - Things didn't go so well when 20-year-old Daniel Ashley Pierce came out to his Christian parents at their Georgia home last year.

Christian parents disown gay son, throw him out (VIDEO)

A video of Daniel Pierce, an out-gay American college student from Kennesaw, Georgia, which shows his family violently opposing his sexuality on religious grounds, has gone viral after being posted on YouTube.

John Barrowman at the Commonwealth Games (Vine video)

At the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the Scottish actor and singer John Barrowman has delivered a rebuke to the 42 Commonwealth countries where homosexuality still remains illegal, by kissing a man in full view of everyone.

Op-Ed: Appearance by a lesbian humourist cancelled

Spartanburg - On Monday, the University of South Carolina Upstate announced that they were cancelling an appearance by lesbian humorist, Leigh Hendrix.

Gay men dragged from homes, brutally beaten, by Nigerian mob

Abuja - An angry anti-gay mob rampaged through Nigeria's capital, dragging men suspected of being homosexuals from their homes and brutally beating them with wooden clubs and iron bars.

Restaurant owner refuses to serve gay people or 'freak' customers

Enid - An Oklahoma restaurant and bar owner has raised eyebrows and ire by refusing to serve gay people, blacks, Hispanics and other racial minorities, welfare recipients, disabled people, Muslims and Democrats.

Michigan RNC candidate: Kick 'Satanic' gays out of GOP

Houghton - A candidate for a seat on the Republican National Committee (RNC) believes the GOP is too inclusive and that gays, who she says are perverted Satanic child predators, should be "purged" from the GOP.

Human Rights Watch exposes Russian's anti-gay vigilantes (VIDEO)

Human Rights Watch has directed its spotlight on the violent gangs of the Russian Federation, who have been carrying out violent vigilante attacks on gay men and women.

Conservatives call for 'uprising' to 'take back Utah' from gays

Salt Lake City - At a Saturday rally in Utah organized by a conservative law enforcement group, opponents of marriage equality called for a police-backed "uprising" to "take back freedom" by barring LGBT Americans from marrying.

Boy George criticises Evander Holyfield over TV sexuality remarks

Gay singer-songwriter Boy George has taken to Twitter to express his annoyance at former boxing world champion Evander Holyfield’s remarks about sexual orientation.

Duck Dynasty star once attacked gays as 'evil,' 'heartless'

Days after releasing a statement in which he claimed that he would "never treat anyone with disrespect," suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has appeared in a video in which he calls gays "full of murder," "heartless" and "evil."

Op-Ed: Russia's Putin turns Santa Claus with huge amnesty

With Russia under the world’s microscope barely a month before the Winter Olympics, President Putin has granted an amnesty said to cover thousands, including Greenpeace activists, Pussy Riot and a jailed former tycoon.

A&E suspends 'Duck Dynasty' star over homophobic remarks

The A&E television network has indefinitely suspended the star of its most popular program after he made shockingly anti-gay comments comparing homosexuality with bestiality in a magazine interview.

Op-Ed: 'Duck Dynasty' star compares homosexuality to bestiality

Citing Christian mythology for which there is absolutely zero evidence, the star of one of television's most popular reality series has attacked homosexuality as a "sin" comparable to bestiality.

Man gets life after 'guilty of murder' verdict in Zamudio case

Santiago - The four men who were found guilty earlier this month of the murder in Chile of Daniel Zamudio have been sentenced to between seven years and life.

Roland Emmerich hosts film about plight of homeless GLBT youth

Los Angeles - The acclaimed American filmmaker Roland Emmerich has hosted a short film that dramatises the plight of homeless gay and transgender young people in the US.

Boy George voices his disappointment about Eminem's 'Rap God'

English singer-songwriter Boy George recently took to Twitter to express his disappointment over rapper Eminem's latest song "Rap God."

Daniel Zamudio case: Four men found guilty of his murder

Four men have been found guilty of the murder of the openly gay man who died in Chile's capital last year. Daniel Zamudio's murder set in motion a national debate in Chile about hate crimes, which led Congress to pass an anti-discrimination law.

Op-Ed: Whitewashing Huey Newton

Oakland - The Socialist Workers Party in Britain has recently published a eulogy to Black Panther leader Huey Newton. What is the truth about this people's champion?

Grandfather defends his grandson against boy’s homophobic mother

A man has written to his daughter, chastising her for disowning her own teenage son – his grandson – after the lad came out to her as gay.

Video: A$AP Rocky apologizes to Jason Collins

Philadelphia - When rapper A$AP Rocky stood beside NBA star Jason Collins at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, some people said he appeared to be "real homophobic." Even Rocky has noticed this himself and has issued an apology.

Designer’s ‘boxer shorts’ protest against Putin’s homophobia

The Belgian designer Kristof Buntinx has found a unique way to add to the growing worldwide protests to Russia’s new anti-gay attacks on its citizens.

Transgender NYC woman dies after probable hate attack

New York - A transgender woman has died days after being attacked in Harlem, New York City in what police are investigating as a hate crime.

Protest against Russia's 'homophobic' law in Madrid, Spain

Madrid - The Russian embassy in Madrid, capital of Spain, saw around 100 people on Friday morning, protesting against President Vladimir Putin’s new law against homosexual propaganda.

Anti-gay family sets sail from US, trusts God, gets lost at sea

Ash Fork - A deeply religious Christian family from Arizona fed up with abortion, homosexuality, taxes and a "state-controlled church" decided to leave the US behind and set sail for the remote Pacific island nation of Kiribati.

France to ban extreme right Revolutionary Nationalist Youth group

Paris - France is to take steps to ban an extreme right wing group after a student died following an altercation in a Paris street last Wednesday evening with a group believed to have neo-nazi links.

Texas judge forces lesbian couple to live separately or lose kids

Mckinney - A lesbian couple has been forced to break up their happy home by a Texas judge who threatened to take their two children away if they continued to live together.

Rep. Louie Gohmert compares gay marriage with bestiality

A Republican US Congressman from Texas has become the latest prominent conservative to compare same-sex marriage with bestiality.

Op-Ed: LGBTQ+ — Because Homophobia, Homomisia and Anti-Gay are not Okay 

Journalists and other commentators are still scrambling ferverishly to come up with more precise, accurate and neutral descriptors to best characterize the diverse sentiments expressed about the LGBTQ community or towards LGBTQ behaviors and practices.
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Homophobia Image

Daniel Pierce (screenshot)
Daniel Pierce (screenshot)
Robbie Rogers
Robbie Rogers
Robbie Rogers
Kings of Leon in concert
Kings of Leon in concert
Creative Commons
eBay website
Symon Hyll at St Colombas – one stop of the many during his walk from Birmingham  UK  to London
Symon Hyll at St Colombas – one stop of the many during his walk from Birmingham, UK, to London
Andrew Smith (used with permission)
Peter Tatchell (right) pictured on a demonstration against homophobia in Uganda
Peter Tatchell (right) pictured on a demonstration against homophobia in Uganda
Picture: Brett Lock
Pilgrimage – Symon Hill along the way
Pilgrimage – Symon Hill along the way
Sharon Langdridge (used with permission)
Symon Hill at St Colombas – one stop of the many during his walk from Birmingham  UK  to London
Symon Hill at St Colombas – one stop of the many during his walk from Birmingham, UK, to London
Andrew Smith (used with permission)
Many Christians  especially fundamentalists  believe being gay is a  sin  and that  God  has condemn...
Many Christians, especially fundamentalists, believe being gay is a "sin" and that "God" has condemned unrepentant homosexuals to "hell."
Stephen Luke/Flickr Creative Commons
Protest outside Russian embassy in Madrid about homophobia.
Protest outside Russian embassy in Madrid about homophobia.
This is the note a father appears to have sent in support of his gay son.  It is drawing a mostly po...
This is the note a father appears to have sent in support of his gay son. It is drawing a mostly positive reaction on Facebook.
Photo courtesy
Any Given Tuesday (screencap)
Any Given Tuesday (screencap)
L. A. Gay Center


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