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Homo erectus News

Oldest ever abstract art found

Archaeologists have declared that a shell with geometric engravings was carved by a Homo erectus hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is said to be oldest ever recorded example of "abstract art."

Video: Scientifically-accurate 'Flintstones' changes the story

"Flintstones. Meet the Flintstones..." is a familiar song from most peoples' childhoods. However, some experts decided to point out that the whole show is completely inaccurate scientifically and then corrected the issue in animated video form.

Op-Ed: Recent science discoveries confirm Neanderthal humanity

For many years, Neanderthal people were falsely portrayed as brutish and primitive ape-men, but with every new science discovery, anthropologists learn that Neanderthals were completely human.

Op-Ed: Early humans were more advanced than previously believed

For many years, Darwinian science illustrators depicted early humans as apelike and primitive. However, as paleo-anthropologists discover more information, their evidence points toward more advanced prehistoric human populations.

Scientists: Modern, archaic humans interbred

A study led by University of Arizona (UA) researchers found evidence archaic forms of the genus Homo, such as Homo erectus ("upright man") and Homo habilis ("tool using man"), and Homo sapiens interbred before any modern human migrations out of Africa.

Human ancestors crossed oceans more than 100,000 years ago

We all know about nifty sea-faring peoples like the Phoenicians who used ships to trade, explore and build an empire, but it now seems that even Homo erectus, ancestor to Homo sapiens, crossed the oceans to emerge out of Africa.

Peking Man is older than previously thought

New dating methods have shown that Peking Man, a Homo erectus discovered in 1918 in the Zhoukoudian caves near Beijing is at least 250,000 years older than previously thought.

Four skeletons of oldest proto-humans outside of Africa found in Georgia

Four of the oldest proto-humans outside Africa have been found in a small village in Georgia. It looks like a family of three adults and one adolescent who have been attacked by animals.

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Homo erectus Image

Homo erectus  Natural History Museum  Ann Arbor  Michigan
Homo erectus, Natural History Museum, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Homo erectus, Natural History Museum, Ann Arbor, Michigan
A  diorama showing Homo erectus  the earliest human species that is known to have controlled fire  f...
A diorama showing Homo erectus, the earliest human species that is known to have controlled fire, from inside the National Museum of Mongolian History in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Nathan McCord, U.S. Marine Corps

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