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Homeless man News

Homeless man wins $500,000 on scratch ticket

Aspen - Michael Engfors has been homeless in Colorado for the last six years. After years of being down on his luck, he's finally gotten lucky.

McDonald's fires worker who threw water on Detroit homeless man

Detroit - A worker at a Detroit McDonald's who doused a homeless man with water after offering him a hamburger has been fired after the video went viral and stirred outrage.

5-yr-old begs mom to buy homeless man dinner, says grace with him

Prattville - A kind-hearted five-year-old Alabama boy, Josiah Duncan, begged his mother to buy dinner for a homeless man he saw outside a Waffle House restaurant; and he brought diners at the restaurant close to tears when he said a "blessing" with him.

Tim Hortons says sorry for dumping water, soaking homeless man

Vancouver - Tim Hortons has apologized and will try to make amends to a homeless man who was humiliated by an employee of a downtown Vancouver location on Friday morning. The man dumped a bucket of water at the man and his belongings, soaking him.

Canadian girl, 16, sentenced in beating of homeless man

North Sydney - A teen girl from North Sydney, Nova Scotia, was sentenced on Wednesday to an additional two months in custody alongside four months she has already served for aggravated assault in the beating of a homeless man.

Police flush out man accused of stealing restaurant plumbing

St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg, Fla. police have arrested a homeless man accused of stealing plumbing parts from toilets in a number of restaurants in the area. The alleged thief is one Brian Rinda, said to be 28 years old.

Homeless man's reward for good deed grows — $141,172 and counting

The return for a Boston homeless man, Glen James on his act of honesty keeps growing. James turned in a backpack he found with $42,000 in it and another man, impressed by the deed, set up a donation website for him.

Homeless Bill Ray returns diamond ring, nets $140K donations

Bill Ray Harris homeless panhandler from Missouri has had his life completely turned around by his act of honesty. He came to national attention earlier in the month when he returned a diamond ring that a woman mistakenly dropped in his change cup.

Video: CVS manager allegedly strangles toothpaste shoplifter

Surveillance footage has surfaced, showing an incident in which the manager of a CVS store in Chicago Pedro Villanova, chases a homeless shoplifter Anthony Kyser, 35, who stole a tube of toothpaste, to an alley and appears to throttle him to death.

Homeless man given boots by NYPD identified, and barefoot again

New York - Last week an image posted on Facebook that showed a NYPD officer giving a homeless man a pair of boots went viral. In the days following, little information was known about the recipient of the boots. He has now been identified.

Sarasota, Florida, charges homeless man for theft of utilities

Sarasota - A 28-year-old homeless man from Sarasota, Florida, was charged with theft of utilities when he charged his cellphone at a public picnic shelter, located at Gillespie Park. Darren Kersey spent the night in jail when he could not afford the $500 bond.

Toronto police investigate video of man urinating on homeless man

Toronto - A shocking video of a young man apparently urinating on a sleeping homeless man outside Toronto's Eaton Centre has got the attention of Toronto Police.

Homeless Texan man finds $70,000 in gold

Colorado City - This is a story I had to cover. It's the kind of story that only comes along once, or twice in a lifetime. One that warms your heart and makes you smile. It's the story of a man named Timothy Yost and how he found $70,000 near the Colorado River.

Op-Ed: No easy solution for the homeless Special

Baker City - For the last couple of weeks, I have personally observed the homeless population begin to increase in Baker City, Oregon. I see homeless people when I walk on the Leo Adler Memorial Trail between my apartment and the Baker County Public Library.

An interview with a homeless person in Manchester, UK Special

Manchester - We walk past at least one homeless person everyday, often with indifference, sometimes with contempt. Yet not all the homeless people on the streets are the same and there is more to them than meets the eye.

Innocent man's death in Montreal police shooting sparks protests

Montreal - On Tuesday two men were dead after Montreal police officers opened fire on a homeless man. One of the bullets hit an innocent bystander who died that evening in hospital. The incident has people protesting in the streets.

Life on the streets tweet by tweet Special

New York - Four homeless men in New York City have been given mobile phones and are using Twitter as part of a social media project to raise awareness about homelessness.

Ted Williams detained by Los Angeles Police

Los Angeles - Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man turned celebrity with a radio voice, was detained by Los Angeles police after a disturbance at a hotel in Hollywood, California.

Internet sensation Ted Williams could land in Super Bowl

Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, could end up at the Super Bowl soon with a possible video exposure in an ad during the game.

Police identify suspect truck in death of homeless man in B.C. Special

On Monday, a homeless man was found dead on the curb lane of a major roadway in Langley. His shopping cart lay near him, with articles he collected strewn around. Police found a business across the street which had video running. Now they have a suspect.

Sister Margaret Anthony Busted In Miami

When a homeless man with an icepick started a disturbance outside Miami's Missionaries of Charity Shelter police came to deal with the problem. Sister Margaret Anthony was on the case also as she got between the man and the police to calm the man down.

Woman Shoots Man Over a Quarter

Donald Francis, who police believe was homeless, stood outside a gas station late Monday asking people for money. Geraldine Beasley had complained about Francis to someone else, and when he approached her she pulled out a gun and shot him, police said.

Five Japanese teenagers arrested for setting fire to homeless man

A 52 year old homeless man was set on fire by five teenage boys at a park in Tokyo’s Kita Ward. He was severely burnt and hospitalized. The teenagers were quoted as saying, “Let’s clean up the garbage”.

Robert Baswell Lucky to Be Alive

Robert was trying to get a little bit of shut eye Sunday night when he almost was crushed to death. Baswell is homeless and his choice of a bed that night because of the rain was a dumpster.

10 Year Olds Beat Homeless Man With Concrete Block To Face

The violent seem to be getting younger and younger. Two 10 Year Old Boys, Together With a 17 Year Old Friend Have Been Charged With Beating a Homeless Man - Smashing His Face With A Concrete Block

Homeless man dumps 'human skull' outside 7-11

Investigators in the District returned to a wooded area across from a 7-Eleven in northeast Washington where what is believed to be a human skull was found. Police are waiting on a ruling by the D.C. medical examiner.

2 young teens beat a helpless homeless man are caught

A helpless homeless man is brutally beaten as 2 young teens gain pleasure from beating him severly with bats as a camera captures the sickening act which got them caught on tape

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Courtesy of Willy Wang
File photo: Homelessness in Toronto
File photo: Homelessness in Toronto
Officer Lawrence DePrimo and the homeless man were featured on the covers of local tabloids
Officer Lawrence DePrimo and the homeless man were featured on the covers of local tabloids
Newspaper covers
Carlos  one of the men taking part in Underheard
Carlos, one of the men taking part in Underheard
Courtesy of Willy Wang
Where is my home  photo by Danny Castillones Sillada
Where is my home, photo by Danny Castillones Sillada

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