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Homeless News

Homeless Poles hoist sails for around-the-world trip

Varsovia - Residents of a homeless shelter in Warsaw can already feel the wind in their sails as they work on the imposing steel hull of a majestic schooner, which they aim to take around the globe.

Tampa Food Not Bombs activists arrested for feeding the hungry

Tampa - Seven volunteers for Tampa Food Not Bombs, part of a loose-knit network sharing vegan and vegetarian meals with hungry people around the world, were arrested on Saturday for serving food in a park without a permit.

Homeless and migrants threatened as deep freeze grips Europe

Blizzards and icy temperatures in Europe have left over 20 people dead and even blanketed the Greek islands and southern Italy in snow, prompting Pope Francis to draw attention to the homeless suffering in the freezing cold.

Homeless have become targets for synthetic marijuana sellers

Our country's homeless have proven to be especially vulnerable to a new, synthetic marijuana making the rounds on city streets. There is only one problem —this stuff leaves the smoker so far out in left field that they have no idea where they are.

In Madrid, the homeless dine out... for free

Madrid - It is early evening at a restaurant in central Madrid and Jose Silva sits down for a meal of rice, meatballs and vegetables as waiters flit from one table to another. All very normal, except for one crucial detail: Silva, 42, cannot afford to pay.

Homeless get VIP treatment from Pope Francis

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Friday asked an audience of homeless people to forgive those Christians who "look the other way.

Illnesses among Los Angeles homeless blamed on 'spice' drug

Los Angeles - Synthetic marijuana is suspected to be behind an illness that has sent dozens of homeless people from a downtown Los Angeles neighborhood to emergency rooms in recent days, authorities said.

'Groundhog Day' for migrants in Rome cul-de-sac

Rome - Every night the same scene unfolds in Via Cupa near Rome's Tiburtina station: one by one, migrants take a dirty and battered mattress from a pile and place it against the wall, turning the small dark street into a star-lit dormitory.

Cold snap kills homeless in Sao Paulo, Brazil's richest city

S - Even under three blankets, Marcio Carvalho can't stop shaking as he seeks shelter on the streets of Brazil's biggest and richest city, Sao Paulo.

Number of homeless people increases in Los Angeles

Los Angeles - The number of homeless people in Los Angeles County jumped by nearly six percent over the past year to 46,874, in part due to a "historic" housing shortage, authorities said on Wednesday.

Hong Kong's working poor choose streets over dismal housing

Hong Kong - A plastic sheet, a blanket, a sleeping bag: a makeshift bed laid out in the shadow of towering apartment blocks by a man who would rather be homeless than cooped up in Hong Kong's cramped and overpriced housing units.

Breadwinners: French beggar gets a life after saving one

Dole - French baker Michel Flamant, who owes his life to the homeless man who begged for handouts outside his bakery, knows more than anyone that man does not live by bread alone.

Op-Ed: Bay Area raises smoking age while ignoring the homeless

San Francisco - As housing prices in the Bay Area skyrocket so high that many can’t afford to live in the community, local governments are failing to properly address the crisis while focusing on trivial issues.

Los Angeles passes $1.87 bn homeless plan

Los Angeles - Los Angeles, sometimes called the homeless capital of America, adopted a $1.87 billion plan Tuesday to help its 44,000 down-and-out people without homes.

McDonald's fires worker who threw water on Detroit homeless man

Detroit - A worker at a Detroit McDonald's who doused a homeless man with water after offering him a hamburger has been fired after the video went viral and stirred outrage.

Conor McGregor donates €50K to help the homeless in Ireland

Conor McGregor, the UFC interim featherweight champion, has donated €50,000 to help battle the homeless crisis in Ireland.

More than 500 dead as deadly heatwave bakes parts of India

Dehli - A blistering and deadly heatwave in India has so far taken the lives of over 500 people, and there are no signs of a let up. Temperatures in some places reached 118 degrees F. this past week. Weather forecasts call for another week of high temperatures.

Pope Francis greets homeless at Sistine Chapel

- Dozens of homeless people were on Thursday treated to a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel, complete with a surprise appearance by Pope Francis himself, in the pontiff's latest gesture towards the most vulnerable in society.

San Francisco church removes sprinklers soaking homeless

San Francisco - Outdoor sprinklers installed outside a San Francisco cathedral to discourage homeless people from sleeping there have been removed, church officials said Wednesday.

Protesters demand justice over LA homeless killing

Los Angeles - Angry protesters have hit the streets of Los Angeles demanding justice, two days after graphic video footage that went viral showed police shooting dead a homeless man.

LA police shooting victim 'tried to grab gun'

Los Angeles - The Los Angeles police chief defended officers who fatally shot a man in the Skid Row homeless district, saying the victim had tried to grab one of their guns.

Video shows Los Angeles police shooting man

Los Angeles - Los Angeles police fatally shot a man on Sunday in an incident that was caught on video and circulated widely online, with the department saying officers resorted to deadly force after the man had reached for one of their guns.

Squatters in vacant homes a growing problem in Detroit

For many of the 16,000 homeless people in Detroit, the vacant houses they find to live in are called "abandonminiums." But across the U.S. squatters are taking over empty homes with For Sale signs, causing a number of legal problems.

Winter Survival Kits to be distributed to Toronto homeless Special

Toronto - Around 100 volunteers will be preparing 3000 winter survival kits at a warehouse in Caledonia Road, Toronto, to distribute to agencies in the GTA this Saturday.

Two Toronto men dead as Arctic Air Mass settles on city

Toronto - As Toronto begins to settle into a week of freezing temperatures two homeless men died in the early morning hours Monday and Tuesday.

Get ready for freezing weather Toronto

Toronto - Sunday's mild temperatures are expected to plummet by the evening leading to a week of freezing temperatures. On Sunday temperatures rose to 3C by early afternoon but with an Arctic air mass on the way that warmth will soon leave the area.

Homeless in Detroit set up tent city in the shadow of downtown

Detroit - With Detroit, Michigan looking to the future after shedding a $7.0 billion bankruptcy debt, city officials are now going to need to address the tent city of homeless people that has been set up in the shadow of the downtown area.

Two Mississippi women plead guilty to hate crimes charges

Jackson - Two Brandon Mississippi women have pleaded guilty to Federal hate crime charges in connection with racially-motivated attacks on African-Americans that started in the spring of 2011, leading to the death of James Craig Anderson in 2011.

Authorities dismantle giant homeless camp in Silicon Valley

San Jose - Santa Clara County authorities began removing Thursday dozens of plywood shelters and ratty tents used by homeless people in Silicon Valley, the heart of the nation's high-tech industry.

Silicon Valley clears out homeless 'Jungle' camp

San Jose - Authorities began dismantling a notorious homeless camp known as "The Jungle" in the heart of California's affluent Silicon Valley, where skyrocketing rents have forced hundreds onto the streets.
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Homeless Image

Brian  a 26 year-old homeless man in Nashville.
Brian, a 26 year-old homeless man in Nashville.
Homeless in Toronto.
Homeless in Toronto.
Living on the streets of Toronto
Living on the streets of Toronto
Where Bill Buss s body was found in Toronto. Buss  a homeless man  died during 2012.
Where Bill Buss's body was found in Toronto. Buss, a homeless man, died during 2012.
A homeless man lives on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in 2009.
A homeless man lives on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in 2009.
Terabass/Wikimedia Commons
Homeless people in the streets of Athens  Greece
Homeless people in the streets of Athens, Greece
Video screen capture
Toronto s Project Water
Toronto's Project Water
Homeless person  Lyon France
Homeless person, Lyon France
 Home  for several in Nashville s community.
"Home" for several in Nashville's community.
Nearly everything Brian owns is in this shopping cart.
Nearly everything Brian owns is in this shopping cart.
Chuck kneels down to straighten his blankets before curling up to take a late afternoon nap.
Chuck kneels down to straighten his blankets before curling up to take a late afternoon nap.
Giving money to a homeless person  Lyon France
Giving money to a homeless person, Lyon France
Homeless person rough sleeping.
Homeless person rough sleeping.
born1945 via Flickr
American Red Cross volunteers provide blankets and pillows to passengers of a commercial airline fli...
American Red Cross volunteers provide blankets and pillows to passengers of a commercial airline flight taking shelter March 11, 2011, at Yokota Air Base, Japan.
US Air Force
A fishing boat is noticeably out of place after being swept ashore during a massive tsunami that imp...
A fishing boat is noticeably out of place after being swept ashore during a massive tsunami that impacted this Japanese fishing port.
Homeless in Toronto
Homeless in Toronto
As night approaches  Nashville s homeless build fires to try and stay warm.
As night approaches, Nashville's homeless build fires to try and stay warm.
The face of homeless and the people who help them at Toronto s Street Health
The face of homeless and the people who help them at Toronto's Street Health
Carlos  one of the men taking part in Underheard
Carlos, one of the men taking part in Underheard
Courtesy of Willy Wang
Tiny homes in the nation s capital face a number of legal challenges that may keep them out of the D...
Tiny homes in the nation's capital face a number of legal challenges that may keep them out of the District.
Meghan Ray

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