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Microsoft announces there will be seven editions of Windows 10

Ahead of its launch this summer, Microsoft has revealed what different editions of Windows 10 will be offered at release. This time around there will be six desktop builds with pricing to suit while the variant for smartphones will be "Windows 10 Mobile".

Plenty of gas in the tank for 'Furious 7'

It is nowhere near the finish line and "Furious 7" cruised in its second weekend out at the box office. It was the best second weekend total for April, too.

'Furious 7' will leave the rest in its dust

There is no question that "Furious 7" will win the weekend box office battle. In fact, there will be no battle. It will be so easy that the only thing to do is track how much it makes.

'Home' takes down 'Get Hard'

'Home' took down the comedy duo of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell at the box office. They made it looks easy, too. "Get Hard" is R-rated and in less theaters, but the animated flick overachieved.

Review: ‘Home’ relies on funny characters to alleviate predictable story Special

‘Home’ is a cute and simple animated comedy about an alien outcast who befriends an Earthling after his species invades her planet.

'Get Hard' takes on 'Home' and it should be close

When an animated movie gets released, it is usually an easy pick to win that particular weekend. But, not this time with "Home." It may win, but it will not be an easy one.

How smartphones can revolutionize the diagnosis of disease

Smartphones are revered for their huge range of capabilities, expandable via apps that use the potential of the hardware to maximum effect. One of the most intriguing possibilities being explored now is the ability to use a phone to diagnose illness.

Wirelessly charge your phone on your desk with new IKEA furniture

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea has announced that it is launching a new range of household furniture items with wireless charging functionality built in, making it easy to add power to your devices.

Family home destroyed by fire started by jar of Nutella

A warning has been issued after a family's home was devastated by a raging fire started by a Nutella jar that had been left by a window. It magnified the sun's rays and started the huge fire.

Fund for pensioner mugged outside home raises £215k in three days

A donation fund set up to help a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his own home has drawn over £160,000 from gracious members of the public wishing to help the victim.

Christmas day sales to hit $690k a minute online

A new study has shown that rather than taking part in the festivities or helping with the cooking this Christmas, many will be taking to their phones to participate in an online shopping frenzy as the sales open throughout the big day.

100+ snakes found in home in Canada

More than 100 snakes were found in a home in Canada. The garter snakes were first discovered in the basement, but they managed to make their way to other parts of the home.

Family gets $140K more for home after including cat in deal

Melbourne - Last weekend a family in Australia auctioned their home off for $2,060,000 Australian dollars, but they ended up selling it for $140K more after including their cat in the deal.

Johnny Cash's boyhood home opens in Arkansas

Dyess - The grand opening of the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home took place on August 18 in Dyess, Arkansas, and hundreds of fans and friends gathered for the occasion.

Man calls for help during home invasion, gets voicemail

Port Richey - When four robbers broke into his home, a man in New Port Richey, Florida, called police and was transferred to voice mail.

Hacker targets baby monitor and tells child to 'wake up, wake up'

A stranger has hacked into a couple's camera on their baby monitor in Ohio, USA, leaving the residents feeling 'violated'.

Naked man climbs tree and tells police he is making it his home

Over the weekend a 40-year-old man climbed a 40-foot pine tree in Arab, Alabama, with no clothes on. He told police that he was cleaning it up and going to make it his home.

High River couple gets new home after the flood - for free!

High River - A couple in High River, Alberta, has a new home thanks to the generosity of Calgary country singer Jason Hastie and his wife Gina.

New home sales hit five-and-a-half year high in January

Sales of new U.S. single-family homes surged to a 5-1/2-year high in January, possibly easing concerns of a sharp slowdown in the housing market.

Santa Ana 'House of Horrors' reveals hundreds of pythons (Video)

Neighbors in a Santa Ana, Ca. suburb had been complaining for some time about the dreadful smell emanating from the home of one William Buchman. Finally investigations revealed the source of the odious odor and neighbors will be able to breath easy.

What renters want most is for their apartment to feel like a home

When it comes to rental units, the number one thing that clients are looking for is a place that feels like home. Established property management companies weigh in on how to accomplish this.

Weird home invasion robbery ends with four people being arrested

On Saturday morning, four suspects were arrested in a bizarre home invasion Lincoln Heights. The incident ended with two of the armed men being tied up by the resident.

Review: Phillip Phillips is back with new video for 'Where We Came From' Special

American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips is back with a new music video for his radio single "Where We Came From."

Spain: Man with revolver breaks into house of former PP treasurer

Madrid - A 64-year-old man, armed with an antique revolver and dressed as a prison chaplain, broke into the family home of jailed former Partido Popular (PP) treasurer Luis Bárcenas on Wednesday afternoon.

Phillip Phillips garners 2013 American Music Award nomination

The 2013 American Music Awards (AMAs) has been announced. American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips garnered a nomination in the "New Artist of the Year" category, which is presented by Kohl's.

Lionel Messi happy with his new, football-shaped designer home

Barcelona - What better home can a famous footballer own than a house in the shape of a football? Barca star, Argentinian Lionel Messi had Valencian architect, Luis de Garrido, design his dream home in Barcelona and he is ready to move in.

800+ snakes found in man's home

Authorities say that more than 800 snakes, including two 6-foot Burmese pythons, which are illegal in the state of New York, were found inside a man's home, where he ran a side business selling them.

Phillip Phillips continues reign on charts with 'Gone Gone Gone'

American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips continues to reign supreme in the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Charts.

Spanish judge orders split of divorce couple's home

Seville - A judge in Seville has found the ideal way to settle a property dispute in a divorce case. She says that the property must be split into two separate living spaces - the wife upstairs and the husband on the ground floor.

Home renos taking the floor in Canada Commissioned

Flooring is Canada’s leading home renovation project, according to a survey from Houzz, an interior design database. But, what is it about flooring that attracts so many home reno customers?
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Example of a home office setup
Example of a home office setup
Easy Stock Photos
 Going down!
"Going down!"
Renovating a backyard deck
Renovating a backyard deck
Mark Drago
CPSC warns home repairs to cribs like this one can be deadly.
CPSC warns home repairs to cribs like this one can be deadly.
Consumer Product Safety Commission
The nails in the foundation sill plate were a clue to Prof. Kopp that the wall simply slipped free o...
The nails in the foundation sill plate were a clue to Prof. Kopp that the wall simply slipped free of its nails as the wall fell over. These nails did not say funnel cloud to the professor.
A kitchen under construction
A kitchen under construction
Via Flickr user erin williamson
 Home  takes the title.
"Home" takes the title.
Box Office Mojo
Home in foreclosure.
Home in foreclosure.
The Fed’s decision to continue its economic stimulus program unabated has sent fixed mortgage rate...
The Fed’s decision to continue its economic stimulus program unabated has sent fixed mortgage rates plunging to their lowest level in two months.
An intrepid  Owl Whisperer  removes an owl from his kitchen using a Swiffer mop.
An intrepid "Owl Whisperer" removes an owl from his kitchen using a Swiffer mop.
Home construction on a kitchen
Home construction on a kitchen
Via Flickr user Jesse Michael Nix
The launch of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium
The launch of Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium
Microsoft Canada
The most expensive house for sale in the United States: Palazzo di Amore. — For god s sake  someon...
The most expensive house for sale in the United States: Palazzo di Amore. — For god's sake, someone get a real designer involved, sometime!
screen shots from the movie  Home  by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
screen shots from the movie "Home" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Yann Arthus-Bertrand
This unfinished  two-storey home on Pleasantview Drive in London  Ontario  was brought to it knees S...
This unfinished, two-storey home on Pleasantview Drive in London, Ontario, was brought to it knees Saturday by mildly, gusting winds striking the row of unfinished homes when they were most vulnerable to a 'push-over' force. A neighbour who watched the homes collapse said, "It wasn't even that windy."