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Hodeida News

A year after Yemen's Hodeida truce, hopes for peace dim

Hodeida - A year after Yemen's warring sides agreed to a UN-brokered truce for the key port city of Hodeida and its surroundings, peace remains out of reach.

UN envoy to Yemen says there is growing momentum to end Yemen war

Martin Griffiths the UN envoy to Yemen claims that the he is seeing a growing momentum to reach a deal to end the long war in Yemen that has now lasted five years. He says that something is changing in Yemen.

For Yemenis, shaky truce not much different from war

Hodeida - Yemeni medics scrambled to save a 20-year-old woman after a sniper's bullet tore a gash in her scalp in the port city of Hodeida, where a fragile ceasefire has brought limited respite to war-weary civilians.

'Food is a weapon': Fight over Yemen granary tests truce

Hodeida - Gunshots reverberate through a battle-scarred granary in the port city of Hodeida, where a mountain of grain meant for starving Yemenis remains inaccessible as a hard-won ceasefire comes under strain.

Clashes erupt in Yemen's Hodeida despite truce

Hodeida - Clashes erupted between Huthi rebels and government forces in Yemen's flashpoint port city of Hodeida on Saturday, dealing a new blow to a fragile truce, an AFP correspondent reported.

Yemen rebels begin withdrawal from Hodeida port

Hodeida - Yemeni rebels have begun to withdraw from the lifeline port of Hodeida, under an agreement reached in Sweden earlier this month, a UN official said Saturday.

Yemen rebels begin withdrawal from Hodeida port: UN

Hodeida - Yemeni rebels have begun to withdraw from the port of Hodeida, the country's key aid lifeline, under an agreement reached in Sweden earlier this month, a UN official said Saturday.

'Uneasy calm' in Yemen's Hodeida as combatants await UN truce team

Hodeida - An uneasy calm returned to the battleground Yemeni city of Hodeida on Thursday after further overnight skirmishes as the warring parties await the promised deployment of UN staff to oversee a hard-won but fragile truce.

'Uneasy' calm in Yemen's Hodeida after overnight fire: govt source

Dubai - The battleground Yemeni port city of Hodeida was calm Thursday after a minor exchange of fire between the warring parties overnight, a pro-government official said.

Yemen govt allies urge swift UN deployment to save Hodeida truce

Sanaa - A hard-won ceasefire in Yemen's battleground city of Hodeida will collapse if rebel violations persist and the United Nations does not intervene, the Saudi-led coalition backing the government warned Wednesday.

Hodeida truce 'dead duck' if rebel breaches persist: coalition

Dubai - A hard-won truce in the battleground Yemeni city of Hodeida will collapse if rebel violations persist and the United Nations does not intervene, the Saudi-led coalition said on Wednesday.

Air strikes, clashes hit Yemen port city despite ceasefire

Dubai - The UN's envoy to Yemen called on Sunday for pro-government forces and rebels to respect a ceasefire in the Red Sea port city of Hodeida, after repeated clashes between the two sides threatened to unravel a hard-won accord hammered out in Sweden last w...

Air strikes, clashes hit Yemen's Hodeida despite ceasefire

Dubai - Air strikes and fierce clashes shook the outskirts of Yemen's rebel-held port city of Hodeida overnight, pro-government sources and residents said Sunday, despite a UN-brokered ceasefire.

UN envoy arrives in Yemen's Hodeida to encourage calm

Dubai - UN envoy Martin Griffiths arrived in the battleground Yemeni port city of Hodeida on Friday to encourage the warring sides to exercise restraint ahead of planned peace talks in December.

UN Yemen envoy to visit battleground Hodeida city: source

Sanaa - The United Nations envoy will visit Yemen's embattled city of Hodeida this week, a UN source said Thursday, ahead of peace talks set for December in Sweden.

Uneasy calm in Yemen's Hodeida as residents fear renewed violence

Hodeida - Yemenis in battle-scarred Hodeida had a brief respite Thursday as the port city remained calm -- but many fear that a return to violence is only a matter of time.

Pro-govt forces halt Yemen port offensive as UAE backs talks

Hodeida - Forces loyal to Yemen's government on Wednesday halted an offensive on the lifeline port of Hodeida as the United Arab Emirates, a key member of the pro-government coalition, threw its weight behind "early" UN peace talks.

Yemen rebels mine entrances to Hodeida port: employees

Dubai - Yemeni rebels are planting landmines around the key port of embattled Hodeida, employees said Wednesday, as a loyalist push to take the insurgent-held city appears to have stalled.

Port still running in Yemen's Hodeida after air strikes

Sanaa - Two Saudi-led air strikes hit the main entrance to the rebel-held port of Hodeida but the docks were still operating normally on Tuesday, the port's deputy director told AFP.

Yemen rebels battle to slow loyalist advance in key port city

Aden - Yemeni rebels battled Friday to slow an advance by pro-government forces deeper into Hodeida seeking to recapture the city's lifeline port, launching fierce barrages of mortar fire and aiming to cut off supply routes, military sources said.

Yemen troops advance deeper into rebel-held Hodeida

Hodeida - Yemeni pro-government forces backed by Saudi-led coalition warplanes advanced inside rebel-held Hodeida Thursday, leaving hundreds of thousands of civilians bracing for fighting in the streets of the Red Sea port city.

58 combatants killed in fighting for Yemen's Hodeida: medics

Aden - Dozens of combatants were killed as pro-government forces closed in on rebel forces in the heart of the Yemeni port city of Hodeida on Thursday, hospital sources said.

Battles rock Yemen port city as UN warns of 'living hell'

Hodeida - Intensified fighting shook a key rebel-held port city on Yemen's Red Sea coast on Sunday, leaving dozens dead as the United Nations warned that children in the war-torn country face "a living hell".

Dozens of Yemeni rebels killed in Red Sea port city: medics

Hodeida - Dozens of Yemeni rebels have been killed in battles and air strikes in Hodeida, medics said Sunday, as pro-government forces advanced in the insurgent-held Red Sea port city.

Yemen raids kill 79 rebels in 48 hours

Aden - Saudi-led coalition air strikes in Yemen have killed almost 80 Huthi rebel fighters over 48 hours in the western province of Hodeida, military and medical sources said Tuesday.

Yemen rebels accuse Saudi, allies of targeting food warehouses

Sanaa - Yemen's Huthi rebels accused the government and its Saudi-led allies on Tuesday of deliberately targeting food warehouses in Hodeida as they resumed an offensive on the rebel-held port city after an 11-week pause.

Yemen pro-govt forces renew assault on rebel-held Hodeida: coalition

Aden - The Saudi-led coalition said pro-government forces in Yemen launched a new offensive on Monday night against the rebel-held port city of Hodeida, after an 11-week pause during UN efforts to hold peace talks.

55 civilians killed in attacks Thursday on Yemen's Hodeida: Red Cross

Sanaa - A series of explosions Thursday on Yemen's rebel-held port city of Hodeida killed 55 civilians and wounded dozens of others, the Red Cross said, denouncing the "reprehensible" disregard for human life.

Coalition hits Yemen rebels outside Hodeida as push for city paused

Sana - Yemeni government forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have bombarded rebel positions outside Hodeida after pausing their push into the strategic Red Sea port city, government sources said on Tuesday.

Assault on Yemen's Hodeida halted as UN pursues talks

Abu Dhabi - The United Arab Emirates on Sunday announced it had halted the offensive it is backing against Huthi rebels in Yemen's port city of Hodeida to give a chance to UN diplomatic efforts.
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