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Review: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike masterful in 'Garden of Madness' Tour Special

Bronx - On November 2, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike performed a spectacular show at The New York Expo Center in The Bronx, for a sold-out crowd, as part of their "Garden of Madness" Tour.

Scientists say Earth in serious danger of being hit by comets

Scientists now believe we have a far greater chance of being hit by a comet than previously thought. They say that the possibility of a catastrophic impact, which would cause mass extinctions, has been seriously underestimated.

High school football players could face charges for tackling ref

Marble Falls - Authorities in a small Texas city said Monday they are considering charging two high school football players with assault for a blindside tackle of a referee in the closing minutes of a game last week.

Donlad Trump pinata is a huge hit in Mexico

Reynosa - A pinata that resembles Donald Trump was created by an artist in Reynosa, Mexico. The pinata even features Trump's signature hairstyle.

Joke app destroys App Store charts, nobody knows how

A fake app that allows you to supposedly see which of your parents you look most like has somehow managed to rise to the top of Apple's charts despite producing completely random results and having hundreds of one-star reviews.

Joe Nichols soars into the Top 20 with new country hit 'Yeah'

Red Bow recording artist and country singer Joe Nichols has soared into the Top 20 with his newest radio single "Yeah," from his "Crickets" album.

Man ordered by judge to write 'boys do not hit girls' 5,000 times

On Monday, Montana Judge G. Todd Baugh presided over Pacer Anthony Ferguson's sentencing. Baugh ordered Ferguson to six months in jail for an assault, as well as ordering him to write "boys will not hit girls" 5,000 times.

Op-Ed: Videos showing man hitting woman go viral

Washington - Two videos showing a man hitting a woman have gone viral, but the circumstances in question have provoked most of those leaving comments to say that she deserved it!

Teen hit by car, and then sexually assaulted by driver

Laurel - State police in Delaware say that a teenager was struck by a car, and then the driver forced her into the car and sexually assaulted her.

84-year-old accused of putting hit on prosecutor

An 84-year-old woman in custody for theft has been accused of hiring a hit man to kill the prosecutor handling her case and injure the District Attorney.

Man survives after being hit by 16-ton truck

A twenty-three year old man from the United Kingdom survived massive injuries after being struck by a sixteen ton truck.

Kid hit by bird whilst riding Kingda Ka roller-coaster

New York - A freak accident took place on the Kingda Ka roller-coaster, as Shane Matus was hit in the eye by a pigeon. Kingda Ka was closed for thirty minutes whilst it was examined, to see what had happened.

Drunk man hits nine year old girl over the head with a bottle

A drunk man randomly attacked a nine year old girl with a bottle. The man ended up hitting the girl over the head with the bottle.

Rock-throwing Palestinian boys hit by car in Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Two Palestinian boys who were part of a group throwing rocks at a car driven by the leader of a Jewish group were struck and injured in East Jerusalem.

New meaning to 'when pigs fly': Celebrity chef hit with ham

Food Network celebrity chef Paula Deen was the object of flying swine when she was hit in the face by a ham butt thrown at a charity event while handing out holiday hams.

Australian Man Has A Whale Of A Tale To Tell Friends And Family

Kite surfing got a bit hairy for one Australian man in October when a giant water buddy decided to make a statement of sorts. Although shark attacks are more common in Australia, this man got a tail of a Whale to tell the tale!

CCTV Video Catches Footage Of School Boy Being Hit By A Bus

Scottish police released disturbing CCTV footage of a school boy being hit by a bus after jumping over a safety barrier to cross the road, in the hope that it will teach children the importance of road safety

Man who wanted hit on family pleads

A man that tried to have his estranged wife, mother-in-law and 9-year-old daughter killed pleaded guilty on Wednesday to murder-for-hire charges in a deal that could put him in prison for 12 years.

Asteroid may hit Mars next month

Scientists say there is a 1 in 75 chance an asteroid flying by Mars will hit the Red Planet on Jan. 30. There is also a chance it may hit the place where one of the Mars rovers is, nearby.

Man breaks world record

A 29 year old man has broke the world record for distance thrown in a a car accident. He was thrown 118 feet after he was struck by a car that was going 75 miles per hour and lives to tell the story.

Millions Mysteriously Lured By Spiderman 3 reports that Spiderman 3 sucked in $151,116,516 during its opening weekend. And continues to gather amazing amounts of money. How does that happen?

Ancient California Hit by Giant Meteorite

A team of scientists, that includes a high school student, have determined that a Giant Meteorite may have hit Ancient California about 35 million years ago.

UNC mascot dies after getting hit by a car

The mascot of the University of North Carolina, recently died after getting hit by a car.

Girls charged after officer hit

Two teenage girls were arrested Tuesday after a police officer’s foot was run over and his cruiser smashed during a vehicle stop in Toronto.

Tornadoes hit Florida 14 dead

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes swept through part of Florida killing some and damaging homes.

Four-Year-Old Hit By Caddo Parish School Bus

A school bus hit a four-year-old girl as she was trying to cross the street.

Update: Parents of Child Hit By Bus Suing For Wrongful Death

Their 5-year old boy who was run over and killed by a school bus driver earlier this month and the parents are now suing the school system for wrongful death.

Child Hit By School Bus

A 5 year old Baton Rouge boy has been killed after being run over by a school bus he had just stepped off.

Terror Official: We Will Get Hit Again

Outgoing terror director at the State department, Henry Crumpton has made a stunning and sobering revelation that the US is not only likely, but it is almost guaranteed to be hit again by a terrorist attack.
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