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Researchers advance multiple therapies to improve brain function

They have enabled paraplegics to walk by sending computer-interpreted electrical signals from patients’ brains to motorized exoskeletons suits.

How memory loss is linked to schizophrenia

Columbia University researchers have found that deficits in social memory (which is connected with schizophrenia) is associated with a decrease in certain brain cells.

Here's how almost dying in a plane crash affects your brain

When a plane flying several thousand feet above the Atlantic ran out of fuel, everyone on board was afraid they were about to die. Air Transat Flight 236 developed a fuel leak in 2001, making an emergency crash landing after plummeting thousands of feet.

Can fear be prevented?

Scientists have identified neurons in the brain that are involved in encoding fear in mice. This has led to suggestions that it might be possible to "eliminate fear."

Brain region linked to schizophrenia

Researchers have identified a region of the brain which is sensitive to small changes in memory. The results provide a clue as to why this area is often found to be abnormal in people suffering with schizophrenia.

Is your liver eating your brain?

People with extra abdominal fat are three times more likely than lean individuals to develop memory loss and dementia later in life, and the reason appears to be linked to the liver.

Scientists explain how the brain 'rewires' itself after injury

A team of scientists say they have discovered the exact areas in the brain that take over when a brain injury occurs. These findings may lead to new treatments for several health issues.

Study: Can religion lead to brain shrinkage?

Does being 'born again' lead to atrophy in the hippocampus where learning and memory take place? That's a conclusion that has come from a recent study.

Multitasking could cause neurological damage

Time to stop being a multitasking super hero. A newly released study shows our brains tend to act like a zombie when it's dealing with different tasks simultaneously.

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