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Q&A: Why higher education needs data analytics Special

Many universities still are not embracing data analytics, and are instead making huge decisions based not on data, but on their gut or historical trends. Yet data analytics can assist with an array of higher-ed services.

Op-Ed: Government might sue student loan collector Navient

Washington - Student loan giant Navient Corp. told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sent it a letter claiming it has the legal grounds for a lawsuit.

Op-Ed: Competency-based college credit offers big benefits if done right

Competency-based college credit is poised to be the next big thing in higher ed. If regulation is maintained, competency-based college education is a great way to get the social, cultural, and financial benefits of nontraditional students on campus.

Op-Ed: Why concealed-carry on campus won't end college rape culture

The news cycle is abuzz with news that 10 states are proposing an end to banning firearms on college campuses. Some proponents of allowing concealed-carry on campus argue that it will help fight rape culture and protect women. Why they're wrong.

Op-Ed: Paul Krugman op-ed about income inequality is a must-read

Widely-known economist Paul Krugman has penned an op-ed in the New York Times asserting that increasing education attainment is not the key to reducing income inequality. Krugman is right on the money...and could save us billions in wasted funds.

Review: Archer School for Girls

Los Angeles - Archer School for Girls is a private school in California educating and training girls for the future. Using the latest technology and teaching techniques these girls are ready to be all they can be in life and their careers.

Op-Ed: Scott Walker serves as interesting higher education litmus test

While unlikely to gain any traction in the 2016 Republican primaries, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is starting a conversation we desperately need...but do not want to begin.

Op-Ed: How to boost U.S. high school graduation rate to Europe's level

The U.S. has just experienced an on-time high school graduation rate of 81 percent, which is a record. However, other G-8 nations are doing far better, with many enjoying on-time graduation rates of over 90 percent. What can, and should, the U.S. do?

Op-Ed: Want to end rape culture on campus? Dismantle the Greek system

As America continues to grapple with the alleged "rape culture" on college campuses, schools and the Greek system have been forced to alter their policies...but is the Greek system itself an incubator of rape culture?

Op-Ed: How to fix academic fraud in the NCAA

The NCAA academic scandal is continuing to gain ground in the news as a class-action lawsuit is filed in North Carolina. According to the plaintiffs, UNC and the NCAA failed to provide them with the education it promised. Want to fix the NCAA? Here's how.

Op-Ed: The Obama 'free community college for all' idea is doomed to fail

The White House has announced that president Barack Obama wants to make community college free for everyone "who is willing to work for it." This may be a noble idea...but it could wreck American higher education.

Op-Ed: 'Abolish West Point' prof actually condemns all higher education

West Point - In a controversial article in Salon, a U.S. Naval Academy professor argues that we should end our current use of the U.S. service academies (the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the Coast Guard Academy).

Op-Ed: What the MOOC should become

The end of the MOOC is significantly closer than more people realize or care to believe. It has been, charitably, a failed experiment, one at which some people threw a lot of money and to which were pinned far too many hopes.

Op-Ed: Why 'is college worth it?' is the wrong question to ask

Now that we're done with the 2014 midterms and are looking on to the 2016 presidential election, we see a new news blitz about the cost of college education, led by CNN asking "is college worth it?" Unfortunately, it's the wrong question to ask.

Op-Ed: Lawsuit against UNC raises big questions about higher education

Former UNC athlete Michael McAdoo is suing the university for allegedly depriving him of a quality education, which it promised when he signed. This first big lawsuit coming out of the UNC scandal promises to raise some big questions for higher education.

Op-Ed: Free college to foreign students? Germany challenges, leads world

Germany made the news recently for doing away with remaining college tuition fees and returning to a true state of free higher education...and now it is offering this tuition-free higher education to international students as well. Will the world follow?

Op-Ed: Reform needed — Study finds college debt costs housing market $83B

A new study finds that America's college debt burden is hurting the housing a tune of $83 BILLION annually. Finally putting a price tag on the student debt bubble should shock politicians into reforming higher education funding.

Op-Ed: New book signals immediate need for better teaching at colleges

A new book has provided a scathing critique of higher education in the United States, asserting that many college students learn very little during their undergraduate years. Perhaps it's time to change from "publish or perish" to, you know, TEACHING...

Op-Ed: Money magazine's college rankings need several adjustments

Money magazine is leaping into the college ranking fray, publishing its listing of America's best colleges according to their financial value. While the goal is noble, Money needs to make some adjustments.

Op-Ed: Rise of test-optional college admissions will backfire

With elite women's university Bryn Mawr College joining the ranks of "test-optional" colleges and universities, critics are split on the merits of allowing students to gain admission to universities without submitting either SAT or ACT scores.

Op-Ed: City Attorney files injunction on Accreditation board's sanctions Special

San Francisco - City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed a preliminary injunction upon the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) on Nov. 25 in an effort to stop the shut-down of City College of San Francisco.

Roles of today's college education: Professors talk Special

Dar Es Salaam - It has often been said that learning to learn is one of the most important life skills - but in today's world of information overload it is a truism that has grown increasingly relevant.

College education becoming too expensive for middle class

Middle class pocketbooks were hit hard by the Great Recession, and with the cost of attending a four-year university increasing faster than the rate of inflation, many have found that the price of attaining a college degree is simply out of reach.

Op-Ed: Is it time for the University of YouTube?

The old saying paying for your education has become an unfortunate truism with the replacement of student grants by loans, but is there a better way to study?

Op-Ed: Textbook buyback season is here — Where can you sell yours?

During textbook buyback season everyone is looking for the great deals, I'm going to let you in on a little known company that gives you more money back, 2x more to be exact!

Op-Ed: The Presidential Election is Over, Now What? Fixing Education.

The election is over, now what, the future of education, financial aid and student debt in President Obama's next term. How will we as a nation begin to fix the education system.

Op-Ed: The competitive advantage of higher education in America

With nations such as China, India and Japan using their competitive advantages of lower wages, Western nations such as the US are being rapidly replaced.

Op-Ed: Student pays for tuition with mail-in rebates

One 25-year-old Auburn University student came up with a unique, and affordable, way to pay his post-grad tuition. His approach? He paid almost a full semester's tuition from rebates.

Op-Ed: Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama ― A few questions

Though he still has to deal with the nuisance factor of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, and the potential for a divide at their convention in Tampa, it is a foregone conclusion that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee.

Bipartisan bill proposed to improve higher education access Special

Washington - With so much hype over the partisanship on Capitol Hill, it is easy to forget that there are efforts by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to help make life better for Americans.
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