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High blood pressure News

Op-Ed: Is coronavirus infectivity linked to blood pressure medication?

London - As part of the review into why some people are more prone to contracting a coronavirus infection, some scientists are finding a connection with high blood pressure medication. Other researchers, however, have yet to find evidence.

Mobile app aids lowering blood pressure: Interview Special

Adults with hypertension and prehypertension can lower their blood pressure by using a mobile health app. A new study shows patients can lower their blood pressure and return to a normotensive status.

Essential Science: Gut microbes cause your blood pressure to rise

Unhealthy gut microorganisms can trigger a rise in blood pressure and this can trigger the unhealthy effects of hypertension, according to new research. The research further reinforces the role the balance of human microorganisms play in disease.

Montreal teen invents $500 dialysis machine for home use

Montreal - While volunteering at her local hospital, Anya Pogharian, 17, found out how difficult it is for many patients to go to the hospital when they need help, something she especially noticed of kidney dialysis patients coming in three days per week.

Op-Ed: The dumbest argument against Hobby Lobby

It might seem hard to be too critical of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to allow Hobby Lobby to deny its female employees insurance that covers contraception.

New guidelines out for treating hypertension

Blood pressure can be difficult to understand because it means more than just a set of numbers. We have been told for years that a measurement of 120/80 is the ideal that is considered normal. But now, there are new guidelines for clinicians to follow.

Telemonitors the new blood pressure controller?

Patients who discuss their blood pressure results with a pharmacist make better progress against high blood pressure, according to a Minnesota study. The study is charting a new way of treating the disease.

The health benefits of a cuppa — made from insect droppings

All the best teas made from faeces, it seems, come from China. The latest to hit the headlines is tea made from insect excrement which Chinese scientists believe reduces hypertension and improves digestion.

People worldwide living 'longer but sicker'

London - Nearly everywhere around the world people are living longer, but are coping with higher levels of sickness, according to the largest study ever conducted on the global burden of disease.

Popular blood pressure drug linked to symptoms of celiac disease

Rochester - A report from researchers at the Mayo Clinic suggests that a popular blood pressure medication, olmesartan (Benicar), may be associated with severe gastrointestinal issues similar to celiac disease symptoms.

Duke Univ. Hosp. does first multiple live donor transplants in NC Special

Durham - Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC performed their first live kidney donor multiple patient transplant, becoming the first hospital in North Carolina to successfully master this medical technique, opening the door of possibilities for patients.

Op-Ed: Cut out salt, live forever

Warwick - New medical research published August 12 suggests that reducing our salt intake could have drastic effects on our health and mortality, but haven’t we heard it all before somewhere?

Diabetes doubles risk of heart attack and/or stroke

A new study reveals that diabetes' sufferers have double the risk of developing serious blood vessel diseases and life-threatening events like strokes and heart attacks.

A popular blood pressure drug may be upping the risk of cancer

Cleveland - Could a blood pressure drug used by millions of adults worldwide actually be causing cancer in some of them? The findings are reported in Sunday's Lancet Oncology Journal.

High Blood Pressure May Protect Against Migraine

People with high blood pressure appear to be less likely to have migraine than those with low blood pressure. Researchers say stiff arteries associated with high blood pressure may play a role in protecting against migraine.

David Cook Of 'American Idol' Seeks Medical Treatment For High Blood Pressure

"American Idol" contestant David Cook was treated at an area hospital for high blood pressure on Tuesday night according to show producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Hormone Found in Human Urine Could be High Blood Pressure Treatment

For more than 40 years, researchers have suspected there must be a natural hormone that could safely flush sodium out of the body and could be harnessed to develop more effective and safer treatments for high blood pressure, or hypertension.

Hot Flashes Linked to Higher Blood Pressure

A recent study by New York's Well Cornell Medical College found a relationship between high blood pressure and hot flashes. The find may lead new understanding and better treatments.

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