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Review: Reality and fantasy are major players in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include several troubling true stories; animated masterminds; a shark that chews the scenery; a childhood favourite revitalized; and re-mastered action hits.

Review: New on DVD for October 13 Special

This week’s releases include witty and sarcastic television; horror movies unafraid of not-so-happy endings; everyone’s favourite blue genie; and a couple of excellent HBO Emmy nominees.

Mars covered in hidden water-ice glaciers

As evidence continues to mount that life once existed on Mars, scientists have found vast underground glaciers covering much of the planet, which are hidden under a thick layer of surface dust.

Dark matter may be inside Sun driving its processes

Scientists believe that dark matter may be present deep inside the sun's interior and could be responsible for processes in the solar body, which astronomers have so far been unable to explain.

Man who found $100,000 in disabled toilet allowed to keep $80,000

Cleaner Chamindu Amarsinghe found over $100,000 in cash in a disabled toilet he was cleaning and has been granted permission by a judge to keep $80,000 of his find.

Man faces felony charge because he had hidden compartment in car

A man in Northeast Ohio was arrested last Tuesday after police discovered a hidden compartment, which was emptied, and now he faces a felony charge.

Op-Ed: The Ij Hallen – Amsterdam’s biggest flea market

Amsterdam - The Amsterdam flea market takes place once a month across the IJ in Amsterdam Noord, where private (non-commercial) sellers rent a stand and put up for sale everything from clothes to junk to hidden treasures.

Universe getting more crowded: Ten 'shadow' galaxies discovered

The universe is getting more crowded by the day. New telescopes and technologies are allowing astronomers to discover new astronomical objects all the time, such as ten new galaxy clusters found recently by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT).

Criminals hiding drugs, weapons in new underwear with pocket

An underwear design came out just a few years ago that allows many things to be hidden away, including drugs and weapons, in a strategically placed pocket.

Statins and their hidden side effects

Doctors are being urged to consider with more caution before giving patients prescriptions for statins, a drug shown to have benefits in reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

British Farmer's Secret Castle to be Destroyed

A castle was secretly built on a man's farm and hidden behind bales of straw and tarpaulin to keep it from being discovered by planning authorities.

Tapes 'Hidden' From 9/11 Commission By CIA

A memorandum that has been leaked by the former 9/11 commission reveals that it had made numerous requests to the CIA for information with regards to the interrogation of Al-Qaeda suspects.

Connecticut Doctor Had Hidden Child Porn Stash

A homeowner in West Hartford,Connecticut got quite a shock while remodeling their basement. They found a hidden room with thousands of pictures of child pornography that had belonged to the houses former owner,a now deceased doctor.

The Dark Secrets Of The Dollar Bill

A fascinating piece of film showing the theories behind the simple dollar bill

Fat free foods contain hidden calories

Granola bars have 300 calories and 10 grams of fat!!!!

Chris brown- Hidden video

An awesome video by magician chris brown

Hidden Camera Exposes Illegal Search by Police

"A driver used a hidden camera mounted in the dash of his car to record instances with police as a protection against potential harassment or any violation of rights." In a 2002 incident, he managed to record an illegal search of his vehicle by a cop.

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Can you find the bird?
Can you find the bird?
Mars distinct polar ice caps  but Mars also has belts of glaciers at its central latitudes – betwe...
Mars distinct polar ice caps, but Mars also has belts of glaciers at its central latitudes – between the blue lines, in both the southern and northern hemispheres. A thick layer of dust covers the glaciers, so they appear as the surface of the ground, but radar measurements show that there are glaciers composed of frozen water underneath the dust.
NASA/Nanna Karlsson

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