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Hibernation News

Kepler Space Telescope signals it's not finished with its mission

Despite a malfunctioning thruster and painfully low levels of fuel, NASA's Kepler Space Telescope is still soldiering on, collecting scientific data and looking for new exoplanets.

Food plus hibernation is the key to slowing down ageing

It was long-thought that hibernation was key for the slow ageing of the edible dormouse. It now appears that stocking up on food prior to the winter is also important. Well-fed dormice age slower.

White-nose syndrome has crossed the Rocky Mountains

Seattle - White-nose Syndrome (WNS) is a particularly nasty fungal disease that has so far killed off over 7 million bats in the eastern U.S. since it mysteriously appeared 10 years ago. Recent evidence now shows it has spread across the country.

Op-Ed: Occupation Hibernation's spring thaw and fair-weather protests

New York - Lacking a solid foundation for its embryonic social movement and branding itself as a “leaderless resistance movement,” Occupy This and Occupy That appears ready to emerge from a winter blunder and resume its fair-weather protests.

Black bears spotted in Clarington, Ontario

On Monday a black bear was seen looking for food in the Courtice Road north of Nash Road. On Westmore Street another bear was observed eating garbage inside a shed.

Hibernation Method Tested for Space Travel

Researchers are studying hibernation methods to help space travelers endure long travels. Without hibernation, it would cost too much to keep them alive.

Antarctic Fish Hibernate

Scientists have discovered an Antarctic fish species that adopts a winter survival strategy similar to hibernation.the Antarctic ‘cod’ Notothenia coriiceps effectively ‘puts itself on ice’ to survive the long Antarctic winter.

Experts: Keep tortoises in the fridge for winter

Warm winters may be good for humans but for tortoises, it is causing problems and threatening thei endangerment. Experts offer a solution: Keep tortoises in the fridge through the winter.

Yellowstone Bears are coming out of Hibernation

Yellowstone Bears are waking up. Grizzly Bear tracks were spotted February 28th in the southern part of the park; followed by other spottings.

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