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Heritage News

UNESCO pulls Belgian carnival from heritage list over anti-Semitism charges

Apo - UNESCO on Friday withdrew an annual carnival in the Belgian city of Aalst from its heritage list over persistent charges of anti-Semitism.

Pompeii's grand baths unveiled, with hidden tragedy

Pompei - Magnificent thermal baths designed to be the jewel of Pompeii but destroyed by a volcanic eruption before they could be completed opened to visitors for the first time on Monday after a painstaking excavation.

From Goya to Rubens, visitors marvel at Spanish duke's art-filled palace

Madrid - Home to one of Spain's most important private art collections that includes paintings by Goya, Velazquez and Rubens, the Liria Palace was for decades Madrid's best kept cultural secret.

Robbers steal treasures in ram-raid on French cathedral

Oloron-sainte-marie - Robbers rammed a car into a medieval cathedral in southwest France early Monday, breaking windows and sawing through metal bars to grab silver chalices and other irreplaceable church treasures, local authorities said.

Day of the Dead: Mexico's colorful cult festival

Mexico - Death can be a morbid and solemn subject in many cultures, but in Mexico, it's a cause for celebration -- at least for two nights a year.

Fire engulfs World Heritage castle in Japan's Okinawa

Apo - A major fire devastated a historic Japanese castle on the southern island of Okinawa on Thursday morning, destroying large parts of the World Heritage site's complex, local authorities said.

Lebanon protest teach-ins revive pre-war landmarks

Beirut - The Lebanese capital's iconic egg-shaped cinema looming large behind him, Jamil Mouawad lectured around 20 students on the politics of public space, as demonstrations swelled in the streets below.

Vivid gladiator fresco discovered at Pompeii

Rome - A vivid fresco depicting an armour-clad gladiator standing victorious as his wounded opponent stumbles gushing blood has been discovered in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, Italy's culture ministry said Friday.

In Syria's Aleppo, reconstruction makes slow start

Aleppo - Among the destroyed buildings of Syria's Aleppo, a battered sign between two army checkpoints welcomes visitors to an area earmarked to become a beacon of post-war reconstruction."The industrial city of Aleppo thanks you for your visit," it reads.

Last German kaiser's heirs fight for riches lost behind Iron Curtain

Potsdam - A century after Germany's monarchy was abolished, some of its blue-blooded descendants are riding back into battle to reclaim what they see as their royal birthright.At stake are fabulous palaces and thousands of priceless artefacts and artworks.

Notre-Dame cathedral site, schools shut over lead fears

Paris - Work to shore up the fire-ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris was halted Thursday to stop workers being exposed to hazardous levels of lead hours after two nearby schools were also closed because of contamination fears.

Paris closes two schools over Notre-Dame lead fears

Paris - Paris authorities closed two schools Thursday amid fears over high levels of lead detected after the devastating fire that ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral in April.

Inside Notre-Dame: rubble, emptiness and an immense task ahead

Paris - Three months after a fire ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, a rare glimpse inside the burned masterpiece on Wednesday revealed it to be eerily empty and with rubble still littering the nave.

Hundreds of migrants occupy Paris landmark

Paris - Hundreds of undocumented migrants surged into the Pantheon in central Paris on Friday, briefly occupying the vaunted memorial complex to demand talks with the prime minister on regularising their status, activists said.

Italy's Prosecco hills join UNESCO World Heritage list

Rome - Italy's Prosecco hills northeast of Venice, which have been cultivated for centuries, were on Sunday added to the World Heritage list by the UN cultural organisation.

Frank Lloyd Wright buildings named UNESCO World Heritage sites

Washington - Eight masterworks by US architect Frank Lloyd Wright, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York, were selected as World Heritage sites Sunday, a first in the field of architecture for the United States.

Australian Aboriginal site gains World Heritage recognition

Sydney - An Aboriginal settlement older than the pyramids that provides evidence that indigenous Australians developed sophisticated aquaculture thousands of years ago has been granted World Heritage status, the UN has announced.

Water system of medieval German city gets world heritage status

Berlin - The German city of Augsburg was Saturday granted World Heritage status by UNESCO for its over 800-year-old water management system boasting an aquaduct, water towers, ornate fountains, canals and hundreds of bridges.

Babylon, world wonder and jewel of Iraq's national narrative

Hilla - Babylon was once hanging gardens and opulent temples before parts were excavated and smuggled to Europe. A bastion for Saddam Hussein, then the forces overthrowing him. A centre of enlightenment, repeatedly destroyed.

Replica clock find sparks hope for Notre-Dame restoration

Paris - An accidental discovery of a 19th-century clock in a dusty church storage room in Paris has sparked hopes that it can be used to replace a timepiece destroyed in the fire at Notre-Dame cathedral.

Paris authorities to remove Notre-Dame scaffolding after fire

Paris - Paris authorities will begin the delicate task of removing scaffolding from the collapsed spire of Notre-Dame cathedral in coming weeks after a devastating fire in April, a charity said Monday.

Versailles' Royal Chapel gets painstaking restoration

Versailles - The Royal Chapel at the Palace of Versailles, the final great building work undertaken in the reign of Louis XIV, is undergoing a painstaking restoration that is expected to be finished within 18 months.

Young, pregnant urged to take blood tests for lead after Notre-Dame fire

Paris - The Paris health authorities have urged children and pregnant women living around Notre-Dame cathedral to have the levels of lead in their blood checked amid concerns over the impact of the fire.

Eiffel Tower celebrates 130th birthday

Paris - The Eiffel Tower has celebrated its 130th birthday in Paris, with the city marking the anniversary with a light show at the famed monument.

Firefighters form human chain to rescue priceless treasures

Paris - Risking their own lives as they toiled through the night, firefighters formed a human chain to rescue a swathe of Notre-Dame's "priceless treasures.

'Legendary' Notre-Dame roof astounded Middle Ages: carpenter

Paris - The charred roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris was once a legend that "astounded the Middle Ages" and still fascinates master carpenters, Thomas Buechi of the Charpente Concept group told AFP.What does the roof represent for master carpenters?

Notre-Dame, loved through the ages yet neglected: historian

Paris - Notre-Dame Cathedral, ravaged by a huge fire which toppled its spire Monday before the gaze of shocked and helpless Paris residents and tourists, has been much beloved yet also neglected down the centuries, says a French historian.

Downtown Cairo battles to keep cosmopolitan heritage alive

Apo - Cairo's downtown, with its old European-designed buildings, is wrestling to preserve its cultural heritage as Egypt readies a new capital in the desert.

Digital archive on show in Berlin hopes to help rebuild Syria

Berlin - After eight years of brutal war in Syria, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Aleppo lies in ruins -- but a vast digital archive in Germany aims to keep its memory alive and help rebuild it one day.

Karl Marx memorial vandalised in London for second time

London - The memorial of German philosopher Karl Marx has been vandalised in London for the second time in two weeks, the cemetery that manages the site said on Saturday.
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