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No end to eyesores at Taj Mahal as repair work drags on

Agra - Tourist Muskan Mahuwakar pictured the Taj Mahal as a dazzling vision of symmetry and beauty but upon reaching the monument, she -- like thousands of other visitors -- was disappointed to find it covered in scaffolding, its once white marble now yellowi...

Macron wants French baguette to get UNESCO heritage status

Paris - President Emmanuel Macron on Friday joined calls by bakers for France's traditional baguette to be recognised as one of the world's cultural treasures on UNESCO's list of "intangible heritage".

Germans outraged as historic church makes way for coal mine

Frankfurt Am Main - The demolition of a historic German church to clear the way for the expansion of an open-cast mine this week has outraged locals and environmentalists, as politicians moot giving up their own clean energy targets.

India limits visitors to save Taj Mahal

Agra - India is to restrict the number of daily visitors to the Taj Mahal in an attempt to preserve the iconic 17th-century monument to love, its biggest tourist attraction.

In rubble of Aleppo souk, tablecloth shop makes solitary comeback

Aleppo - It used to be one of the most vibrant marketplaces in the Syrian city of Aleppo, but today, the bombed-out streets of Khan al-Harir are home to a solitary shop selling tablecloths.

Britain's iconic red phone boxes ring the changes

London - Facing extinction due to ubiquitous mobile phones, Britain's classic red telephone boxes are being saved from death row by ingenious conversions into all sorts of new uses.

Naples pizza twirling seeks nod as UNESCO 'intangible'

Paris - Naples' art of pizza twirling is a candidate to join UNESCO's list of "intangible heritage" next week along with a wealth of other cultural treasures such as Saudi Arabian wall painting and Bangladeshi cane weaving.

India's 'Miami': Putting Mumbai's Art Deco on the map

Mumbai - The seafront is lined with brightly coloured buildings boasting curved corners, stylish balconies and exotic motifs but this isn't Miami's famous Art Deco district -- it's Mumbai.

Macedonia targets 'grandiose' neo-classical monuments

Skopje - A massive urban makeover by Macedonia's former conservative government that covered the capital Skopje with neo-classical monuments will be reviewed by the country's new ruling party.

Climate change imperils one in four UNESCO natural sites

Bonn - Climate change imperils one in four UN-listed natural heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands -- nearly double the number from just three years ago, a report said Monday.

Climate change imperils one in four natural heritage sites: report

Bonn - Climate change imperils one in four natural World Heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands -- nearly double the number from just three years ago, a report said Monday.

Traditional carpet weaving in central Iraq unravels

- In the shadow of the Imam Hamza mosque in the region of the ancient kingdom of Babylon, a carpet market that was once bustling is now almost empty.

Britain's Big Ben to bong again but not on time

London - Big Ben, the bell inside London's iconic clock tower which has been silent since August, will chime again on key upcoming dates but the timing might be a bit off kilter, Britain's parliament said on Wednesday.

France, Qatar neck-and-neck for UNESCO chief

Paris - France and Qatar were running neck-and-neck in the race to lead the UN's troubled cultural body after a third round of voting Wednesday whittled the field down to five.

Qatari diplomat leads race for UNESCO chief

Paris - After two rounds of voting to pick the next head of the UN's troubled cultural body, Qatari diplomat Hamad bin Abdulaziz al-Kawari has emerged as the leading contender.

Troubled UNESCO begins picking new leader

Paris - The board of the UN's cultural body on Wednesday began vetting eight candidates vying to head an organisation accused of bias in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and foot-dragging on reforms.

Costs soar for renovating London's Big Ben

London - The cost of renovating the British parliament's clock tower, which houses Big Ben, has more than doubled to £61 million (69 million euros, $82 million), authorities said Friday.

Red faces as Russia's Kalashnikov monument shows Nazi gun

Moscow - Workers in Moscow have erased the illustration of a gun from a freshly-inaugurated monument of Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the legendary AK-47 assault rifle, after it was found that the drawing was of a Nazi weapon.

Christchurch's quake-hit cathedral to be rebuilt

Wellington - Heritage groups in New Zealand on Monday welcomed a decision to rebuild Christchurch's Anglican cathedral, six years after it was extensively damaged in a deadly earthquake.Much of the late 19th Century neo-Gothic structure collapsed in the 6.

Afghanistan's lost movies, hidden from the Taliban, go digital

Kabul - When the Taliban charged in to Afghanistan's state-run film company in the mid-1990s intent on destroying all the movies, Habibullah Ali risked everything to save them.

Britain's poetic shipping forecast turns 150

London - A weather forecast for sailors around British waters, which became an iconic radio broadcast that inspired poets and singers with its exotic names, celebrated its 150th anniversary on Thursday.

Bell tolls for Big Ben as four-year silence begins

London - London landmark Big Ben fell silent for four years in front of a reverential crowd on Monday amid an outcry over the temporary loss of a cherished symbol of stability at a time of national uncertainty.

Chimes of the times: UK frets over Big Ben silence as Brexit looms

London - London landmark Big Ben will fall silent for four years from Monday as a political revolt rumbles on over renovations that will rob Britain of a cherished symbol at a time of national uncertainty.

Bombed and looted ancient Cambodian city poised for rebirth

- It has survived centuries of monsoon rains, a US bombing campaign and rampant looting.Now the ancient temple city of Sambor Prei Kuk in Cambodia is finally ready for a renaissance -- and is teasing tourists to its forest-cocooned ruins.

Thieves target historic Portuguese decorative tiles

Lisbon - Gaping holes on the crumbling walls of an abandoned palace in the heart of Lisbon mark where decorative ceramic tiles have been yanked off, to the displeasure of passing tourists.

Archaeologists uncover 'little Pompeii' in southeast France

Sainte-colombe - A "little Pompeii" is how French archaeologists are describing an entire ancient Roman neighbourhood uncovered on the outskirts of the southeastern city of Vienne, featuring remarkably preserved remains of luxury homes and public buildings.

Ancient statue unearthed at Cambodia's Angkor complex

Phnom Penh - Archaeologists have unearthed a large, centuries-old statue that is believed to have once stood guard over an ancient hospital at Cambodia's world-famous Angkor temple complex.

Philippines' Duterte demands US return symbolic church bells

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has demanded the United States return church bells seized by American forces in a bloody campaign more than a century ago, in another blast at his country's traditional ally.

No visitors allowed on Japan's men-only UNESCO island

Toukyo - Visitors will not be allowed to set foot on a men-only UNESCO World Heritage island in Japan from next year, an official said Saturday.

Second time lucky: Spain's royal Ferraris finally get buyers

Madrid - The first time they went up for auction, there were no buyers. But on Thursday, two Ferraris gifted to Spain's former king Juan Carlos by an Arab sheikh finally went for nearly 444,000 euros, the government said.
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