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Herbicide News

Farm herbicide Roundup could increase antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance is causing significant medical problems and while a key factor is over-prescription of antibiotic medications, there are other factors. Once factor, according to new research, could be common agricultural herbicides.

Is glyphosate carcinogenic or not? EPA takes its report offline

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed a report from its website where it concluded that glyphosate was "not likely to be carcinogenic to humans." The report was pulled offline on May 2, 2016 along with 13 other documents.

Essential Science: What is the concern about glyphosate?

Washington - After years of debate and lobbying, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to begin testing foods for the controversial herbicide glyphosate. What is this chemical and why might it be a problem?

Should a leading weedkiller be banned?

A debate is taking place about the use of glyphosate-based weedkillers. This is in relation to the possible carcinogenic effects of this widely used farm product.

Texas’ emergency herbicide request refused by EPA

Houston - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has denied the emergency use request filed by the state of Texas to use hazardous herbicide propazine to kill superweeds infesting the state’s cotton.

Study confirms global risks of herbicide overuse

A new study provides evidence that herbicides alter ecosystems around the world and that as the use of herbicides rises, the risks to the planet's ecosystems similarly increase.

Crabgrass could be used to make a new herbicide

Crabgrass has been shown to produce a powerful herbicide which is capable of killing other plants. This discovery could lead to the development of a natural herbicide.

Study: Health dangers linked to Roundup, Monsanto-made herbicide

A new study suggests heavy use of a popular brand of herbicide could be linked to several health issues and diseases. The report on the herbicide, Roundup, was published last week.

Review: The film 'Genetic Roulette' — gambling with our lives on GMOs

Jeffrey M. Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology has brought out another excellent film on the dangers of genetically modified food.

GM crop technology backfires as farmers need more pesticides

A newly-released, peer-reviewed study reveals that the cultivation of genetically engineered crops has increased pesticide usage by hundreds of millions of pounds.

New bill could make biotech companies immune to federal courts

An amendment to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill would not just allow, but would require the Secretary of Agriculture to grant permits for planting of GM crops, even if a federal court has given an injunction against it.

Roundup herbicide linked to Parkinson’s-related brain damage

Monsanto's controversial herbicide, Roundup, has now been linked to Parkinsonism related disorders according to research reported in the Neurotoxicology & Teratology journal.

Coalition demands probe on Dow & Monsanto GMOs & pesticides

Farmers and food industry representatives are demanding a probe into the potential outcome of a new genetically modified crop in combination with the usage of the 2,4-D pesticide.

Scientists warn EPA about Monsanto 'rootworm resistant' corn

Scientists have warned the Environmental Protection Agency that Monsanto's "rootworm resistant" seed is now losing its resistance and is liable to cause crop failures.

Auburn official: Reaction to tree poisoning was ‘mostly shock’ Special

Auburn - An Auburn University spokesperson says in an interview that she's seeing a mix of shock and determination on campus following the poisoning of two cherished oak trees. But experts believe “the prognosis is not good” for the oaks.

Alabama Crimson Tide fan arrested for poisoning Auburn's oaks

Auburn - Has a 62-year-old become a botanical assassin in the midst of the heated rivalry between Auburn University and the University of Alabama? Two 130-year-old oak trees on the Auburn campus are not expected to survive "lethal dose" of herbicide.

VA to Allow Retro Agent Orange Claims for 86,000 Vietnam Vets

The VA has opened the door for retroactive disability compensation for about 86,000 Vietnam war veterans, their surviving spouses or their estates by expanding the number of diseases presumed caused by herbicide exposure during the Vietnam war

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Enlist Duo has again gained approval from the EPA  despite troubling questions over chemical interac...
Enlist Duo has again gained approval from the EPA, despite troubling questions over chemical interactions.
Enlist Duo - How it works
A National Police OV-10 plane sprays herbicides over a coca field in Colombia.
A National Police OV-10 plane sprays herbicides over a coca field in Colombia.
Molecular structure of glyphosate.
Molecular structure of glyphosate.
The Enlist Weed Control System  an advanced herbicide and trait system.
The Enlist Weed Control System, an advanced herbicide and trait system.
Dow AgroSciences
Auburn University  Auburn  Ala.
Auburn University, Auburn, Ala.
Auburn University Facebook photo
Screen grab from a A demo video on the Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer.
Screen grab from a A demo video on the Roundup Extended Control Weed Killer.
Netman 88
Monsanto s glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup
Monsanto's glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup
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