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Hepatitis News

New hepatitis drugs raise political pressure in Spain

Madrid - The arrival in Europe of better but pricier hepatitis C drugs has raised pressure on Spanish leaders over health spending cuts which sufferers say deprive them of life-saving treatments.

New study of hepatitis provides clues for fighting the disease

A new technique to sustain hepatitis B in liver cells has allowed researchers to study the immune response and drug treatments.

HIV, Hepatitis B and C exposure at Long Island Hospital

New York - South Nassau Communities Hospital is sending out 4000+ letters to patients recommending they be tested for hepatitis B, C, and HIV due to a potential risk of infection from an insulin pen.

Hepatitis B vaccine linked to infant deaths

The Chinese government is investigating a drug manufacturer to see if several recent deaths of babies were related to a hepatitis vaccine.

How hepatitis damages the liver

Viral infections are the primary cause of liver inflammation or hepatitis. These infections, which use the body's own immune system, can cause permanent damage to the liver.

Pregnant women can pass on a virulent form of hepatitis C

Infants who contract the virus hepatitis C from their mothers during childbirth are at risk of inheriting a more virulent form of the disease.

Dietary supplement linked to hepatitis

The FDA are investigating a growing number of reports of acute non-viral hepatitis in Hawaii. The cases are linked to a dietary supplement.

Genetics used to identify hepatitis infecting doctor

A few years ago a doctor was identified as being the source of a series of hepatitis infections. He was shown to be guilty through the use of advanced genetic techniques. The scientific inquiry has recently been published.

Frozen berry mix triggers hepatitis outbreak

A series of acute hepatitis A outbreak across five U.S. states have been linked with a frozen berry and pomegranate mix sold by Costco stores.

UK tattoo artists want better regulations across the country

A group of the UK's leading tattoo artists is calling for tougher regulations on the industry to make people more aware of "backstreet" or illegal parlors and at-home tattoo kits, which people can purchase online.

Blasting oysters with electrons to prevent food poisoning

Austin - Researchers have studied how electron-beam pasteurization of raw oysters may reduce the possibility of food poisoning through viruses like norovirus and hepatitis.

Illegal tattooists pose hepatitis risk

Council leaders in the U.K. have issued a warning over illegal tattoo parlors due to the risks of infections, including HIV and hepatitis.

Hepatitis scare at NYC restaurant prompts free vaccinations

New York - A recent hepatitis scare at a NYC restaurant prompted officials to urge vaccinations for those who dined at the eatery after an employee learned she was infected. Over the course of 10 days hundreds of people were potentially exposed.

Diners at restaurant in NYC at risk of getting Hepatitis A

New York - The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene found that an employee working in the Alta restaurant's pastry kitchen was infected with Hepatitis A.

Dentist's patients urged to get tested for HIV and hepatitis

Denver - Dr. Stephen Stein, a Denver, Colorado dentist, is accused of reusing needles on multiple patients over a 12 year period. Stein is also under investigation for prescription fraud.

Canadian science: Hepatitis C breakthrough

After many years of research a group of Canadian scientists have announced a possible breakthrough for the development of a vaccine for hepatitis C.

UK confiscates 'Baby Gaga' breast milk ice cream, health concerns

Covent Garden - The Icecreamists' popular new frozen treat made from a woman's breast milk has created a flurry of attention around the world, so much in fact that Bristish officials were forced to seize what remained of the concoction over public health concerns.

Toronto Public Health finds Hepatitis A in restaurant employee

Toronto - Toronto Public Health sent out a news release reporting that Hepatitis A was identified in a restaurant employee. The city is now urging customers who visited the restaurant Sunday to be vaccinated.

15 percent of Brazilian tribe wiped out by disease within decade Special

Almost 15 percent of a tribe of Indians in Brazil have died since 2000. The Korubo, who live in the Javari Valley in the Amazon, have suffered outbreaks of disease particularly Hepatitis B and D since some of the tribe were first contacted in 1996.

Baby Boomers play risky when it comes to their sex lives

Baby boomers may tell their children about the facts of life and safe sex but don't seem to be taking their own advice, according to a survey by the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF).

China develops 100% effective Hepatitis E vaccine

Hepatitis E is, for many poor and developing countries, a real concern that still takes thousands of lives each year. But the end of the deadly disease may be in sight.

VA hospital may have infected veterans with HIV and hepatitis

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs is looking into safety lapses at the John Cochran VA Medical Center in Missouri.

Hepatitis C Trust warns half of Scottish sufferers undiagnosed

The chief executive of the Hepatitis C Trust has voiced his concerns that many people in Scotland are living with undiagnosed hepatitis C. The warning comes as the trust opens its first office in Scotland.

Body Piercing Can Be Deadly

It’s one thing to have a ring through your nose, but how about an infection that gives you hepatitis? An ornamental needle through a belly button might seem sexy at first, but wouldn’t with skin infections later that can lead to death.

Hepatitis D strikes India, claims 12 lives

Deadly Hepatitis D struck India as the reports suggested that at least 12 lives were lost in the western Indian province of Gujrat. Further, 26 more people are reportedly affected.

Toronto Public Health Issues Warning: Restaurant Food Handler Had Hepatitis A

First it was rats, now it's Hepatitis A. Toronto health officials are warning Torontonians about the Sushi Haru restaurant -- anyone who ate at there on Sept. 30, Oct. 1-3 or Oct. 6-10, may have been exposed to the Hepatitis A virus.

Australian Family Flees So 2-Day-Old Son Does Not Have To Be Vaccinated

An Australian family is on the run because they refuse to allow doctors to vaccinate their 2-day-old son for hepatitis B. The child's mother was diagnosed several years ago with the virus.

Natalie Cole Diagnosed With Hepatitis C

Natalie Cole has been battling Hepatitis C with anti-viral medicine. Her publicist just announced that the Grammy Award winner has the virus which is thought to have been contracted from past drug use.

Hepatitis A Warning from BC Restaurant

Patrons of the Port Moody Boathouse Restaurant are being urged by the Fraser Health Authority, to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A, after a food handler was diagnosed with the highly contagious disease.

Hepatitis C Vaccine Possible

HCV virus infects 180 million people worldwide. Infection with the virus can lead to liver cancer, and is the most common reason for liver transplantation in both the UK and the USA. Hope may be near.
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