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Hen News

Chicken lays a close to 7-ounce egg, 'Popples clucking as normal'

Portsmouth - A massive egg was recently found in the chicken's run at a U.K. farm. The egg, which weighed in close to 7-ounces, amazed 8-year-old Harriet Whitaker and her family.

Colombian hen lays record-breaking egg

Bogot - Franciscana, a hen at Altamira Chicken Farm near Bogotá, Colombia, became the pride of the coop after laying an egg weighing 245 grams which is a record in Colombia and possibly a world record.

Ouch! Harriet might have laid the world's largest egg

Harriet the hen laid an egg three times the normal size. The egg weighed 5.75 ounces and was 9.1 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches long.

China: hen produces soft-shelled egg shaped like a figure eight

Hebei - After hearing a terrible ruckus outside, Mrs Dong went to investigate, finding that her hen had laid an egg shaped like a figure eight.

Balky b-w-a-a-a-king hen outwitted, reeled in by boy and his mom

A black hen that has been dodging traffic and eluding capture for two month, was finally outsmarted and netted by an eight-year-old and his mom, and all it took was a couple of fishing nets.

Real game of chicken: Hen dodges traffic, captors for two months

In a real life game of chick, a black hen has been dodging traffic and eluding her captors for a little more than two months.

Eastern India Village: Rare case of hen turning into a cock

So far this morning we’ve read about a cat who grew wings, frogs turning colours and now here’s a new one: A chicken goes through a rare, spontaneous sex change in Indian and becomes a male.

Guai Guai, the Hen that Can Do Math

A six-month-old hen in China has become a local celebrity because she can perform arithmetical calculations.

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