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Hemp News

Op-Ed: Report: U.S. narcs hid study showing marijuana destroys tumors

Denver - A pro-marijuana site is reporting the U.S. government shut down a study in 1974 when it showed marijuana destroyed brain tumors. Other work has been quashed.

Hemp batteries could be a reality

Researchers have found a way to boost the energy density of supercapacitors through the use of more sophisticated electrodes. These electrodes are composed of hemp fibers, and they have a high energy storage capacity.

Hemp nanosheets rival graphene for conductivity

Scientists have reported that fibers from hemp can pack as much energy and power as graphene, which is known as the "wonder" model material for making supercapacitors.

Op-Ed: One in ten working class adults die from booze abuse

Atlanta - There is no sign that the federal government will unban marijuana even as evidence grows of the deadliness of alcohol. Money likely will eventually level the playing field for the two drugs.

Industrial hemp will be big as soon as legal seeds are plentiful

A recent bill allows for limited industrial hemp production. Long associated with weed, hemp could save the world, but there are a lot of legal hurdles with the plant.

Tennessee lawmakers seek to nullify federal hemp ban

Nashville - This week lawmakers in Tennessee completed the final step before a bill legalizing the production of hemp could be sent to the Governor. If signed, the bill could nullify federal laws banning its production, depending on how the state law is implemented.

Colorado's marijuana firms booming but banks won't touch cash

The state of Colorado legalised marijuana at the beginning of the year, and new enterprises and start ups trying to keep pace with demand are doing a roaring trade.

Op-Ed: Washington falling behind states on marijuana reform

Denver - The federal government is rapidly falling behind states on marijuana reform. More than 20 states have legalized medical marijuana and nearly 30 have reforms in the works.

Op-Ed: Cannabis is cool, hemp is hot, but Obama isn’t on board

Half the states in the country now allow the production and distribution of cannabis for medicinal use, or they have laws waiting to take effect that will allow it.

Op-Ed: Heroin deaths spike as narcs continue war on marijuana

New York - The Prohibition Industrial Complex has mobilized the hundreds of thousands of workers who depend on enforcing anti-marijuana laws to slow a groundswell of support for legalizing it.

Op-Ed: Legalization of marijuana biggest yawn in Colorado since Y2K

Denver - Neither Denver nor Colorado has been ablaze with police cruiser lights since marijuana was legalized on Jan. 1. News wise it could be compared with Y2K.

Medical marijuana already available throughout U.S.

Denver - For more than a year medical marijuana has been available online throughout the nation from websites. Just call it hemp, not weed.

Vermont 2013: A good year for drug policy reform

Now that the 2013 session of the Vermont legislature has been over for almost a month and the last of the bills have been signed into law, one thing has become clear for those Vermonters who smoke marijuana or use drugs--2013 was a good year.

Will Vermont move forward with commercial hemp?

Teo Zagar is a representative from the state of Vermont that spoke recently about the progress that the state has made in moving towards commercial hemp production, and gives a few reasons why there is a good chance commercial hemp may be legalized.

Op-Ed: How America can get itself out of the recession

How to balance the federal budget, secure our ports and borders, and boost the economy without raising taxes or cutting services.

Kentucky Senate passes bill to license industrial hemp farming

The Kentucky Senate passed a bill to license legal farming of industrial hemp, should the crop be legalized by the federal government.

New Colorado pot measure gives hemp the green light

Denver - On Election Day, Colorado voted to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. Also legalized was hemp, a material which may benefit the farm industry.

Snoop Dog to release book that you can smoke

Snoop Dog isn't shy about letting the world know he enjoys smoking marijuana. He's about to release Rolling Words, A Smokeable Songbook that is made with a hemp cover, a match striker spine and pages that can be ripped out, rolled and smoked.

Car made of hemp being developed in Canada

Hemp is the material of choice for an electric car now being developed in Canada. The Kestrel will hold four people and travel at speeds up to 90 kilometres per hour.

Montel Williams lights up the Maine Medical Marijuana Conference

Portland - Montel Williams spoke at yesterday's medical marijuana conference in Maine. In tears as he shared his pain with the audience, he was encouraged by one attending Sheriff to take his medicine, prompting Montel to light up a joint and take a few puffs.

Farmers Arrested for Planting Hemp on DEA Headquarters Lawn

In an act of civil disobedience led by Dr. Bronner (yes, the soap guy), farmers planted hemp seeds on the lawn of DEA Headquarters.

Hemp Houses Could Help Combat Climate Change

According to Researchers at the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials, houses made of hemp, timber or straw could help combat climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of building construction.

Hemp May Help Everglades

Sunn hemp is a plant with many uses and scientists working with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and University of Florida have found another one. Sunn hemp used as a cover crop can reduce the negative impact of atrazine a herbicide.

N.D. issues nation's first hemp permits

North Dakota issued the nation's first licenses to grow industrial hemp Tuesday to two farmers who still must meet federal requirements before they can plant the crop.

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A book consisting of pages made from cotton  on display at the conservation center.
A book consisting of pages made from cotton, on display at the conservation center.
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Hemp farm
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