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GM, Tesla activate features for EV owners in Florence's path

As Hurricane Florence approached the East Coast of the United States, both General Motors and Tesla remotely activated features in their cars that could be of use in an evacuation.

Criss Angel discusses Criss Angel HELP, charity event for son Special

Las Vegas - Superstar magician Criss Angel took some time from his busy schedule to chat with me about his Sept. 12 event at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Criss Angel issues 'Help' challenge to make cancer disappear

Las Vegas - Magician Criss Angel has issued a million-dollar challenge entitled "Help," in an effort to help make pediatric cancer disappear, which is a cause close to his heart.

Meet Spencer a humanoid robot who helps you get round the airport

Getting around a busy international airport can be a stressful thing, especially if you aren't familiar with it or if you happen to be running late for the flight.

Google wants your help in making Translate work for refugees

Google is asking the public for help in making its Translate service work better for refugees. It says that the massive influx of refugees into Germany is causing it headaches as German to Arabic is one of the hardest translations for a computer to make.

Car thief gets stuck in the trunk, calls police for help

Missoula - A would-be car thief in Missoula, Montana, ended up calling the police after he got himself locked up in the trunk of a car.

Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to donate his wealth to charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that he plans to give much of his vast fortune away to charity in the near future, joining a list of tech executives including Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who enjoy sharing their wealth with others.

Anonymous 'OpDeathEaters' to combat child sex abusers online

High-profile hacktivist group Anonymous have announced that they are planning an action day to expose child abusers and those who cover them, freely publishing the information to inform the public of the scope of abuse.

Fund for pensioner mugged outside home raises £215k in three days

A donation fund set up to help a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his own home has drawn over £160,000 from gracious members of the public wishing to help the victim.

Miraculous help with depression from hallucinogenic drug

Potentially the "most exciting new treatment for depression in years" is how the New York times is reporting the results of a new, medical study to assess the effects of the popular, hallucinogen drug, ketamine, on mood disorders.

Man calls for help during home invasion, gets voicemail

Port Richey - When four robbers broke into his home, a man in New Port Richey, Florida, called police and was transferred to voice mail.

A look at Canada's 'eBay for services' Special aims to be the 'eBay for services' by allowing users to advertise jobs they need doing for completion by others in their neighbourhood for a set fee. The company recently raised $500,000 in seed funding.

Beatles jackets go for auction

Two jackets, worn by George Harrison and Ringo Starr in The Beatles' 1965 film 'Help!', are being put up for sale at an auction of Beatles collectibles.

Internet TV for the blind Special

Chicago - TV has become partially accessible to visually impaired people. Internet streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu continually refuse audio description for streamed content. A group of blind programmers set out to level the playing field.

Review: The Beatles 'Help!' is now available on Blu-ray Special

Fans have waited a long time for the Beatles much-heralded sophomore film outing to get the Blu-ray treatment. The exceptional quality of the print is proof that this was something worth waiting for.

Girl, 4, battles with Brittle Bone Disease — Family asks for help

Bella, who is 4-years-old, was born with a disease called Osteogenisis Imperfecta, which is also referred to as brittle bone disease. Bella's family is now trying to raise money to help with medical expenses.

How frozen sperm can help save coral

Researchers say that a sperm bank that has been gathered from reefs may be able to rebuild and restore damaged reefs one day.

Suicidal teenager pleads for help

Littlemore - A British teenager, who has already taken two overdoses this year, is pleading for more help as she battles suicidal thoughts.

Mother of tortured man says victims' services refused help

The mother of the 26-year-old man dumped at a hospital emaciated, with burn and stab marks, and missing part of his tongue and lower lip said that victims’ services said they were unable to help with rehabilitation costs.

Teen suicide rising, 4 times higher for gay youth

West Hollywood - Many teenagers have thoughts of death. These can stem from a variety of causes, and can result in actual attempts on their own lives. The National Institute of Mental Health warn that 25 teen suicides are attempted for each one that is successful.

Toronto's Homeless Need Help Special

On Saturday Digital Journal talked to the homeless in Toronto about their living conditions and what they need. The homeless deal with the cold, bed bugs and lack of resources.

Government aid for Scottish local high streets

Friday the 13th was very lucky day for 41 Scottish towns, as today they get government money to revitalise their town centres.

UK government steps in to help LDV

The government has stepped in to help save UK company LDV. They have loaned a Malaysian based company called Weststar £5 million to take over the company which is facing financial problems.

More assistance for homelessness and mental health needed

Homelessness charities based in the United Kingdom say that people living on the streets aren't getting the help they need to deal with mental illness.

Spring Breakers trading their bikinis for work clothes this March

The ideology of spring break may have some thinking about beer bongs, bikini contests and drunken sex in hotel rooms paid for by daddy. However, a new group of spring breakers has emerged this year in an effort to help out Ike victims.

A Modern Day Version of an Old-fashioned Barn-raising Party

In a scene reminiscent of barn- or house-raising back in the days of pioneers settling the old West, Leroy Price and his family looked on in awe as more than 100 volunteers picked up every tool imaginable to fix up his home.

Talking laptop shouts for help if stolen or lost

The talking feature of the Retriever laptop program can "shout" that the laptop has been stolen. Front Door Software Corporation promises a 97 per cent chance of recovery.

Georgia: 'We helped in Iraq and in Europe, now help us'

Georgians are being bombarded by Russian jets and tanks and have made a call to the world for help. Citizens are now asking, “Why won’t America and Nato help us?"

Lost a Glove Website May Help

If you have lost a glove or a mitten, you can use the Internet in your efforts to find the errant item. A student has created a website that displays found gloves. copycats sites are springing up.

A Village Offers Hope To Rwandan AIDS Patients

For the people of Rwanda you don't have to ask if a pandemic is possible. They live with one every day. Africa as a whole has at least 25 million victims. Rwanda is on to something though and it's reducing their numbers.
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