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Heist News

Review: Mixing old and new keeps this week's releases fresh Special

This week’s releases include strong female characters with ambition and talent; a familiar war movie with uncommon participants; a set of older films that will thrill, repel and move audiences; and a trip down memory lane.

Review: ‘Heist’ plays to its actors’ strengths Special

‘Heist’ is the story of a good guy stuck on a bus in a bad situation, trying to keep it from getting worse and avoid jail time.

Review: ‘Tracers’ uses parkour to enhance the film’s appeal Special

‘Tracers’ is a high-speed action movie that gives audiences an up-close view of freerunning as its characters leap from one danger to the next.

Major virtual cash heist as bitcoins are stolen

More than $83,000 in virtual cash has been stolen by a thief who managed to hijack net traffic from 19 separate Internet service providers.

Massive art heist in Cuba

Havana - The Cuban government has confirmed the theft of around 100 pieces from Havana's National Museum of Fine Arts. The theft is the first disclosure of such an event since Fidel Castro took power in the late 1950s.

Mobster tied to the 1978 'Goodfellas' Lufthansa heist arrested

New York - More than three decades after the infamous $6 million Lufthansa heist that inspired the hit Martin Scorsese movie "Goodfellas," an aging mob boss accused of participating in the robbery and in a 1969 murder was arrested Thursday.

Spanish police solve major jewelry heist — arrest 17 suspects

Madrid - Spain's police have caught up with 17 suspects, part of one of the country's biggest-ever jewelry heists. The criminals stole luxury watches worth €23 million ($31 million) from a store in Serrano Street in Madrid.

Review: The gang is back in 'Payday 2' Special

Gamers who are seeking a crime-thrilled adventure but can't wait for 'Grand Theft Auto V' will take joy in organizing a major heist in 'Payday 2'.

$53 million worth of jewels stolen in Cannes armed robbery

Cannes - An armed man has robbed a jewelry exhibition at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes on the French Riviera on Sunday, escaping with a briefcase full of jewels worth around $53 million.

Bear suspected as culprit in sunflower seeds heist

Last week police looked into a garage break-in. Officers said that the thief responsible for the break-in was a real bear.

$70 million worth of stolen pharmaceuticals recovered

US law enforcement officials have successfully investigated and recovered more than $70 million in pharmaceuticals stolen from a distribution center located in Enfield, Connecticut.

How rapper T.I. made his voice heard in the heist film ‘Takers’ Special

Having taken the rap world by storm, his co-starring and major co-producing roles in director John Luessenhop’s action-packed, suspense-filled heist picture 'Takers' should help transform Tip “T.I.” Harris into one of Hollywood’s major players.

Paris Museum art heist includes Picasso, Matisse and more

Paris - A hooded thief has stolen five masterpieces including a Picasso and a Matisse in a dawn raid from a Paris museum today. The daring $123 million heist is set to be what may be one of the biggest crimes in art history.

Walmart heist first in company's history, $200,000 in cash stolen

Posing as a Walmart assistant store manager, a burglar entered a Walmart store in Orlando, Fla. and exited with more than $200,000 cash. Walmart officials say "it is the only crime of its kind" to happen at a Walmart store.

£40 million London jewellery heist

LONDON- It was reported that during a robbery in London two men have made off with 40 million pounds worth of jewellery.

Robbers Steal $163 Million in Art Heist

Three armed men in ski masks entered a Zurich museum and stole four paintings by Cezanne, Degas, van Gogh and Monet worth $163.2 million. Police say this is one of Europe's largest ever art heists.

Texas Man charged in Skittles Heist

Alan Chavez is charged for stealing a Truck trailer containing $250,000 worth of Skittles Candies.

Police Track $5 Million Diamond Heist At North York Firm

A Toronto jewellry outlet Gemstar was robbed of $5 million in diamonds.

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Matisse s  Pastoral  painted 1906
Matisse's 'Pastoral" painted 1906
VVS Films
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Dave Bautista star in  Heist
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Dave Bautista star in 'Heist'
VVS Films

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