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U.S. shale goes into overdrive as funds pull back from Permian

Production rose again in the Permian Basin in May this year. And while not a surprise, some investors are pulling away from the boom, fearful that shale will become a victim of its own success.

Tesoro oil's performance attracts hedge funds

Los Angeles - Tesoro Corporation performs better than the rest of the energy sector bringing hedge funds once again to their door buying large blocks of TSO shares.

Op-Ed: Tech and legislative disruptions hitting asset management

New York - What are the next disruptions facing the asset management industry? Financial experts from the alternative asset industry weigh in.

Tuberculosis drug price jumps 2,000%, alarms doctors

A huge overnight price increase of a drug to treat a dangerous form of tuberculosis has been rolled back on due to outside pressure.

Review: The most thought-provoking documentaries on YouTube

There are countless documentaries on YouTube. Here is a handful of some of the most thought provoking, from a purely subjective viewpoint.

Op-Ed: Financiers playing poker with chips and with the economy

Las Vegas - In the World Series of Poker, a hedge fund manager has been eliminated by another hedge fund manager. What does that tell us about the economy?

Op-Ed: Making money out of Greek misery — The hedge funds win again?

Sydney - While Greeks suffer for the greed and insanity of their former governments, some people are doing very nicely out of Greece’s horror story. The hedge funds, for instance, are making a few more billions so they don't get cold this Christmas.

Op-Ed: Where did those trillions go in the big crash? To the Caymans

The front page of today's 'Financial Times' has a story about the Cayman Islands. Do you know where they are? Who lives there? The population? Or how much of your money has been squirrelled away there by the parasites of international finance?

Hedge-fund manager gets longest sentence for insider trading

New York - Raj Rajaratnam, a self-made hedge-fund tycoon convicted of fraud and conspiracy in Wall Street's biggest trading scandal in a generation, will be serving 11 years in prison, which is one of the longest sentences on record in an insider-trading case.

Op-Ed: Financial products need 'health warnings’ - Aussie official

Sydney - At last, someone’s paying attention! An Australian official has flagged the idea of financial products having health warnings. OK, it’s taken about 5000 years since the invention of money to do this, but it’s still a very good idea.

Traders, hedge funds bet nearly $8 billion on euro decline

As debt problems in Greece, Portugal and Spain continue to undermine the strength of the euro, traders and hedge funds have taken positions against the currency worth $7.6 billion.

Hedge funds: The albatross of debt exposes a few turkeys

Exactly what was happening in the hedge fund sector was one of the imponderables of the subprime meltdown. The banks are now tightening the screws to support their big loans to hedge funds. Large amounts of awfulness may well hit the fan.

Op-Ed: Tyranny, and big money: the hedge funds invest in China’s surveillance regime

The hedge funds, those fun loving people who did so much to raise oil prices 200% in a year by cranking up oil futures prices, have found another hobby: tyranny. Rich trash at work.

Possible run on hedge funds- investors want out

This could get nasty. Hedge fund investors are bailing out of the market, spooked by the subprime situation. August 15 is the last date for notification to withdraw for the September quarter.

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