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Heatwave News

Wildfires in Middle East force evacuations, detonate landmines

Beirut - Wildfires around the Middle East triggered by a heatwave hitting the region have killed two people, forced thousands of people to leave their homes and detonated landmines along the Lebanon-Israel border.

California fire triggered by 'gender reveal firework'

Los Angeles - A firework at a gender reveal party triggered a wildfire in southern California that has destroyed 7,000 acres (2,800 hectares) and forced many residents to flee their homes, the fire department said Sunday.

Helicopters rescue over 200 trapped in California wildfire

Los Angeles - More than 200 people were airlifted to safety after being trapped by a fast-moving wildfire near a popular recreation area in northern California, officials said Sunday.

Heatwave and wildfires create hellish conditions in California

More than 200 people were airlifted to safety early Sunday after a fast-moving wildfire trapped them in a popular camping area in California’s Sierra National Forest amid record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures that are baking the state.

Heatwave, wildfires, power loss — California declares emergency

Governor Gavin Newsom declared a statewide emergency Tuesday to deploy resources to "combat fires burning across the state which have been exacerbated by the effects of the historic West Coast heat wave and sustained high winds."

California heatwave spurs first rolling power outages in 19 years

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) declared a statewide Stage 3 power emergency Friday evening as excessive heat drove up electricity use, forcing rolling blackouts across the state until the power grid stabilized.

Climate change made Siberia’s heatwave 600 times more likely

The intense heat wave that gripped Siberia during the first half of 2020 would have been impossible without human-caused climate change, a new study by researchers with the World Weather Attribution Network found.

Record-breaking heatwave in 2014-2016 killed one million seabirds

Between the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016, tens of thousands of seabirds washed up on Pacific beaches from Alaska all the way down to California in what scientists called an “astonishing” extreme mortality event for the species.

Deadly bushfires leave large swathes of Australia incinerated

Bushfires ushered in the New Year in Australia, with thousands of firefighters battling more than 100 blazes across much of the country. Australia deployed military ships and aircraft Wednesday to bring water, food, and fuel to towns cut off by the fires.

Historic Alaska heatwave is killing off thousands of salmon

Juneau - Unusually warm temperatures across Alaska this summer has led to die-offs of unspawned chum, sockeye and pink salmon, with the warm waters acting as a "thermal block," basically a wall of heat salmon don’t swim past, delaying upriver migration.

Heatwave in Japan kills 57 in one week with 18,000 hospitalized

Tokyo - Fifty-seven people died due to heat-related medical issues in Japan over the week starting July 29, the government said Tuesday, with the number of those taken to hospitals more than tripling from the previous week's 5,664 to 18,347.

Greenland's record-breaking ice melt is now everyone's problem

Greenland's ice sheet is in the midst of one of its most extreme melts ever recorded, with 160 billion tons of ice lost in July alone. What is happening in Greenland now affects all of us on the planet.

Europe's heat wave threatening world's 2nd largest ice sheet

The hot air that smashed European weather records this week looks set to move toward Greenland and could take the world's second-largest ice sheet close to or below the record low set in 2012, the United Nations said on Friday.

Wildfires and power cuts in Europe as heatwave breaks records

Hundreds of firefighters battled on Saturday to contain wildfires in southern France as a stifling heatwave brought record-breaking temperatures to parts of Europe, killing at least three people in Italy.

Spain battling largest wildfire in 20 years as Europe sizzles

More than 500 firefighters and soldiers are battling Spain's largest wildfire in two decades as Europe continues to wither under an extreme heat wave.

Baked Alaska? Not hardly, but Alaska is having a heatwave

Anchorage - Alaska residents accustomed to subzero temperatures are experiencing a heat wave of sorts that is shattering records, with the thermometer jumping to more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit (16.7 Celsius) above normal in some regions.

Australian towns among hottest spots on Earth as heatwave sizzles

Sydney - Australian towns were among the hottest places on Earth this week as a severe heatwave hit the continent's southeast, with forecasters warning of more record-breaking temperatures before the weekend.

New South Wales pumps oxygen into rivers as fish die in heatwave

With a second heatwave sweeping across Australia this week, New South Wales - in the clutches of severe drought - is going to extreme measures after close to a million fish have turned up dead.

Dire message left on stones in Czech river: 'If you see me, weep'

Ancient ominous warnings carved on usually submerged boulders along the Elbe River had for centuries driven fear into the hearts of Czechs, but their reappearance during this year’s drought is just a reminder of how tough people had it.

Spain heatwave death toll rises to nine

Madrid - Spain's death toll from a particularly virulent heatwave rose to nine in just one week, authorities said Tuesday, as the country suffers sky-high temperatures.

Drought and wildfires pose questions over Israel's water security

Jerusalem - For years, Israelis were hit with public service announcements to conserve water, and once Israel got into desalination technology, the government thought their water problems were solved. But that strategy is now at risk because of a 5-year drought.

N. Korea says 'unprecedented' heatwave causing heavy crop damage

Seoul - North Korea on Thursday warned that an "unprecedented" heatwave has caused heavy damage to crops as it urged citizens to "join the struggle" to prevent drought-like conditions from worsening and hampering food production in the impoverished country.

Carr Fire kills two firefighters as 'wall of flames' engulfs city

Redding - The Carr Fire in northern California grew dramatically Thursday night and Friday, killing at least two firefighters and injuring dozens of people as a literal wall of flames forced hundreds of people from their homes, destroying everything in its path.

Drought across northern and central Europe worst in recent memory

Farmers across northern and central Europe are facing crop failure and bankruptcy as one of the most intense regional droughts in recent memory strengthens its grip.

Shortages in U.K. food supply are now part of Brexit conversation

Britain’s prolonged heatwave will impact food supplies later this year and would exacerbate any disruption caused by a hard Brexit, an industry lobby group warned on Wednesday.

Heatwave grips northern Europe as Greece burns

Atenas - Scorching hot weather set the conditions for Greece's wildfires -- Europe's deadliest this century with scores killed -- while record temperatures in the north of the continent have also sparked blazes causing widespread damage in recent days.

'Unprecedented' Japan heatwave kills 65 in one week

Apo - An "unprecedented" heatwave in Japan has killed at least 65 people in one week, government officials said Tuesday, with the weather agency now classifying the record-breaking weather as a "natural disaster.

Record heat broils Japan, prompting warnings

Apo - Japanese officials issued new warnings Monday as a deadly heatwave blankets the country, producing record high temperatures in Tokyo just two years before the city hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Extreme heat sets records across the Northern Hemisphere

The northern hemisphere has been hit by extreme heat over the past two weeks, with record-breaking temperatures recorded in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

At least 8 people have died from heatwave in U.S. and Canada

Six people died in Montreal, Canada over the Canada Day long weekend, while in the U.S., two people died as an intense heat wave gripped large parts of North America.
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Heatwave Image

Satellite data of temperatures across Europe
Satellite data of temperatures across Europe
Harlow and Maverick are sister and brother yellow labs living in Southern California. During a heat ...
Harlow and Maverick are sister and brother yellow labs living in Southern California. During a heat wave last year, the two figured what better way to cool off than to take a dip in a cold jacuzzi.
Katie Albright Miller
Hay bales in Northamptonshire. Farmers normally complete harvesting around early October. A heatwave...
Hay bales in Northamptonshire. Farmers normally complete harvesting around early October. A heatwave would have made hard work for this farmers
The beach in Brighton  England during the 2013 heatwave.
The beach in Brighton, England during the 2013 heatwave.
Progress has been made on the Frye Fire with 39 percent containment seen on Sunday.
Progress has been made on the Frye Fire with 39 percent containment seen on Sunday.
KVOA News4 Tucson, Arizona
Clear blue skies have covered all of England and Wales and this scene looks more like Miami than Pen...
Clear blue skies have covered all of England and Wales and this scene looks more like Miami than Penzance in Cornwall in late September 2011
Deadly heat wave is shattering records in India
Deadly heat wave is shattering records in India
Mashable India
National Weather Service
Pierre Markuse
GOES Satellite image as of March 30  2019.
GOES Satellite image as of March 30, 2019.
The Brian Head Fire in Utah has grown to over 43 000 acres  while the Frye Fire in Arizona is now 39...
The Brian Head Fire in Utah has grown to over 43,000 acres, while the Frye Fire in Arizona is now 39 percent contained on June 26, 2017.
State of Utah Wildland Fire Hotshot Crew
Near Santa Barbara  the so-called Sherpa Fire in the Los Padres National Forest has expanded from tw...
Near Santa Barbara, the so-called Sherpa Fire in the Los Padres National Forest has expanded from two to six square miles (fifteen square kilometers), prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency and intermittently shut highways.
David McNew, AFP
WVOA News4 - Tucson, Arizona

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