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Heath ledger News

Depp, Law, Farrell finally speak out about Ledger, Imaginarium

Actors Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell have just released statements on their motivations behind filling the role left vacant by Heath Ledger in the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Tapes claim Lindsay Lohan dated Heath Ledger

According to surfacing media reports, Dina Lohan told her husband Michael their daughter, Lindsay was dating Heath Ledger at the time of his death in January 2008.

Op-Ed: Heath Ledger Lights up The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Heath Ledger's final film is a creative blend of fantasy, romance, deals with the devil and Terry Gilliam's wild vision for the unusual. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, opening December 2009, features remarkable performances, notably Ledger as Tony.

Ledger's Modest Mouse Video Released

A music video that had been directed by the late Heath Ledger is finally being released online. Modest Mouse's "Rat King" was released on We Are The Masses.

Op-Ed: The Dark Knight: A Victory For Ledger?

The Dark Knight is an action packed drama unlike many of the genre. A super hero and a super villain fight it out as people around them die. It was the final full performance for Heath Ledger and one that could garner him an Academy Award.

Who Gets The Statue If Heath Ledger Wins At the Oscars?

On Sunday Heath Ledger could win the Oscar for his role of the Joker in "The Dark Knight." If he wins the legalities of the statue will be stretched to the limits. When Ledger died last year he was unmarried and his oldest child is now three.

Heath Ledger Life Insurance Settlement Reached

ReliaStar Life Insurance Company has settled a claim for the estate of Heath Ledger. It has agreed to pay on the $10 million policy claim that is due to Ledger's two-year-old daughter Matilda Rose.

The Oscars Name Their Contenders

'Benjamin Button' leads the pack this year with 13 Oscar nominations. Heath Ledger is also in the mix, something that is not a shocker to anyone. The Pitt-Jolie pair both could bring a statue home.

Insurance Company Has Yet To Pay Life Insurance Policy To Matilda Rose Ledger

An insurance company is being sued over a $10 million dollar life insurance policy that has yet to be paid out. The lawsuit has been filed on the behalf of a man who died of "accidental causes on January 22, 2008. That man was Heath Ledger.

Actors Donate Money to Heath Ledger's Daughter

When Heath Ledger died in January he hadn't updated his will to include daughter Matilda. Three actors took that into account and have given her their paychecks.

Mary Kate Olsen denies involvement in Heath Ledger's death

Mary Kate Olsen issued a statement denying any sort of involvement she might have had in the death of the Dark Knight star, Heath Ledger, as a result of drug overdose.

Why Does Mary-Kate Olsen Need Immunity To Speak To Police About Heath Ledger's Death?

Reports show that Mary-Kate Olsen is refusing to provide investigators with information about Heath Ledger's death unless they give her immunity. Immunity from what?

Op-Ed: Why The Dark Knight Works

The film that has broken all records in its opening weekend, surging past Star Wars, Iron Man or Hulk. The film is not as much about the hero as it is about the villain. Why The Dark Knight clicks and how the story of a dead man publicises the movie.

Scholarship Is Part Of The Heath Ledger's Legacy

A scholarship fund for Australian actors trying to make it in Hollywood has been established in the name of Heath Ledger. Ledger died at the age of 28 in January from an accidental overdose.

The Joker Goes Unchanged

Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in the upcoming Dark Knight movie will not be changed. No vats of chemicals will transform the criminal mind of the character, like in other productions.

Heath Ledger's Will Leaves All To His Family

Heath Ledger drafted a will in 2003 before he became a father leaving everything to his parents and siblings. The will was filed in his homeland of Australia according to the New York Daily News.

Feds Probe Doctors in Heath Ledger's Death

Doctors in California and Texas are under investigation by federal drug authorities for possibly providing painkillers illegally to Heath Ledger. The autopsy results of Ledger showed a combination of drugs in his system.

Heath Ledger's Final Role To Be Split Between Law, Depp And Farrell

Jude Law will take over the role in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" that Heath Ledger was working on at the time of his death. Law will appear in the fantasy film along with Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell. All three actors will play the role of Tony.

Heath Ledger's Father Visits Loft Where His Son Died

Kim Ledger visited the Manhattan loft that his son Heath called home before returning to Perth and Heath's funeral. He went into the building through a back entrance and left after an hour.

Ledger's Massage Therapist Called Olsen Twin Before Dialling 911

The massage therapist that discovered Heath Ledger was not breathing called Mary Kate Olsen three times before dialing 911. She spent a total of nine minutes dialing the actress.

Op-Ed: Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Ledger Funeral

The hate group masquerading as a church, Westboro Baptist Church has plans to picket Heath Ledger's funeral. They are saying his portrayal of a gay man in the movie Brokeback Mountain means that the actor is damned.

Newspaper: Ambien and pneumonia combination may have caused Ledger's death

Actor Heath Ledger had sleeping problems prior to his death yesterday. An Australian newspaper speculates that his sleeping tablets consumption in combination with his reported pneumonia condition might have led to his fatal death.

Heath Ledger's Death Is A Possible Suicide

Heath Ledger was found in his apartment in New York dead at the age of 28. Police sources have stated that there are signs that Ledger committed suicide or accidentally overdosed on drugs. (correction follows)

Actor Heath Ledger Dead In Manhattan Apartment

Just recently, actor Heath Ledger known for his roles in Brothers Grimm and Brokeback Mountain was found dead. His most recent notable role was that of the Joker in the Dark Knight, sequel to Batman Begins.

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