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Heart transplant News

Artificial heart implanted in a man in France can last 5 years

The French biomedical firm Carmat reports that it has implanted an artificial heart in a male patient and that he is doing well. The surgery took place in Paris last Wednesday at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital.

Doctors denied disabled baby a heart transplant

Maverick, six months old, was born with a severe heart defect. He has received two surgeries, but still went into heart failure. Doctors discussed a heart transplant with parents Autumn Chenkus and Charlie Higgs. However, Maverick ended up being denied.

Op-Ed: Cheney ordered docs to turn off heart device because of terrorism

Washington - While he was still vice president in 2007, Dick Cheney ordered his doctors to turn off the wireless component of the defibrillator attachment to his failing heart. According to an interview, he feared terrorists would use it to kill him.

15-year-old with only months to live denied life-saving surgery

Atlanta - Anthony Strokes, a 15-year-old boy in DeKalb County, Georgia was told that although he likely has less than six months to live due to an enlarged heart, he would not be placed on a transplant list.

Photo: Heart transplant patient holds her dead heart in her hand

The photo of a transplant patient holding her heart in her hands after a successful transplant surgery has been posted online. The photo shows a woman with a medical mask covering her face, holding her old dead heart while another beats in her chest.

World's smallest artificial heart gives infant new lease on life

Doctors implanted the smallest ever artificial heart into a 16-month-old baby, making it possible for the baby to survive for 13 days before the infant received permanent organ donation.

Video: Shaun Wilson-Miller's tragic farewell message goes viral

Melbourne - A terminally ill teenager has been catapulted to Internet stardom after he accidentally posted to YouTube a farewell message. Doctors had told him his body rejected a second heart transplant and that he has only a short time to live.

Dick Cheney shows heart during speech

Dick Cheney has returned to politics just three weeks after receiving a new heart and reportedly gave a long speech prompting a thunder of applause.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney receives new heart

Washington - Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is recovering in hospital following a heart transplant on Saturday. Mr. Cheney, 71, waited 20 months for a donor heart.

Freeze-dried heart valve structures to store, transplant

The biological scaffolds of heart valves with cellular materials removed can be freeze-dried and stored for transplanting later as tissue-engineered replacement valves, Leibniz University and Hannover Medical School researchers claimed.

Op-Ed: Mexican medics drop heart destined for transplant

Mexico - International media outlets are reporting that two medics in Mexico carrying a transplant-bound heart stepped off a helicopter, stumbled, and dumped the cooler and its contents onto the street.

Scientists grow live heart in lab from stem cells

In a major breakthrough for heart transplant availability, and for organ transplants in general, scientists have successfully grown a living heart from stem cells.

Local Toronto girl having fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital Special

Toronto - Little girls are supposed to play dress up. For little Zoë, 6, dress up includes wearing masks to protect her from germs most days. Zoë was born with Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome.

The heart transplant funded by UK's National Health Service Special

Right now in the United States, the current debate on universal health care has caused town hall meetings to become shouting matches and lobby groups to take special interests in the health care systems of other countries, particularly England.

New heart for girl, 14, who wanted to die

A teenage girl who fought for her right to refuse a heart transplant is reported to have finally undergone the operation, after being flown by helicopter from her home in the West of England to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Happy Ending to the Story of the Girl with Two Hearts

Hannah Clarke from Mountain Ash in South Wales was just approaching her first birthday when her parents had to rush her to hospital because, as it was to transpire, her heart did not have the strength to pump the blood around her body.

Heart transplant patient Eric De La Cruz dead at 27

Eric De La Cruz is one of the victims of the United States health care system. He died Saturday night from severe dilated cardiomyopathy.

No Insurance, No Chance of a New Heart

Eric De La Cruz, 27, needs a heart transplant to survive. Getting on the donor list though is proving to be a maze of red tape. Eric doesn't have private insurance. His state doesn't have a transplant center. State medicaid doesn't cross state lines.

D'Zhana Simmons Can Tell Her Friends She Really Once Was Heartless

D'Zhana Simmons walked out of hospital Wednesday with a beating heart. That's not unusual but what for more than 100 days the fourteen-year-old lived without a heart.

Heart Transplants May Be Personality Adjustments

David Silverberg "(imagined a heart carrying) its properties from donor to donor," after reading cgull and Susan's tale of the recipient of a heart, donated by a man who committed suicide, who marries the widow and commits suicide too.

Scientists Grow Human Heart Tissue Using Stem Cells

A new process where transplantable hearts using stem cells from the recipients has passed important lab tests according to researchers. Whole organ decellularization has been able to create functioning heart tissue.

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A normal heart is shown on the left compared to a heart with dilated
cardiomyopathy on the right. No...
A normal heart is shown on the left compared to a heart with dilated cardiomyopathy on the right. Note the increased dimensions of the left ventricle.
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Heart-lung machine in a cardiac surgery.
Heart-lung machine in a cardiac surgery.
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