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Heart attacks News

How stress on the brain triggers heart attacks

Scientists have confirmed the link between stress, a region of the brain and heart attacks. The research shows why stress can sometimes lead to a heart attack.

Having a heart attack during the work week helps you survive

Kansas City - Multiple factors contribute to this from less responsive care by weekend staff to long wait times but they all point to one thing; having a heart attack on a weekday helps you live through it.

Tis the season for 'holiday heart syndrome' and heart attacks

Christmas is almost here! Excited? Well, I hate to shatter your spirits. I feel almost mean reporting this, but according to studies, heart troubles surge this time of year.

Mediterranean diet can reduce heart attacks

Spanish scientists have shown that the Mediterranean diet may counteract the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke in people with type 2 diabetes.

Tomato skin pill could cut risk of heart attacks and cancer

Scientists have claimed that a new trial into the tomato skin pill Ateronon shows that it could cut the risks of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

Large-scale Denmark study links cellular health to heart attacks

Copenhagen - Scientists in Denmark have just published the results of a long-term and large-scale study that examined the cellular health of 20,000 individuals for almost 19 years.

Elderly woman seriously injured in Pit bull attack

Surprise - An unidentified 72-year-old woman was viciously attacked as she sat in front of her home Monday night in Surprise, Arizona.

Report shows that Canadians in denial about heart disease risks

Canadians may know that they can help prevent heart disease and stroke by reducing risk factors but that knowledge doesn't stop denial threatening their health, according to a new report.

Risk of heart attacks higher for poor Canadian neighbourhoods

Your income and your address are two key factors that play a role in the health of your heart researchers learned. Researchers learned that people who live in poor neighbourhoods are most likely to suffer a heart attack.

Survival Tip: Heart Attack Patients Need To Be Cooled Special

In what could seem like a tale from of a science fiction book. the best way to protect a heart attack patient is by putting them on ice. Many hospitals have not begun to practice the procedure though.

Study Says Non-Q-Wave Silent Heart Attacks Happen More Often

Silent heart attacks may happen much more often than was commonly thought. That may mean that more people are at risk of a deadly heart attack than was previously suspected according to Duke University experts.

Will you pop the polypill sometime soon?

New research in India suggests that a cheap pill combining six different drugs designed to protect against heart attacks and strokes may become a reality.

Study shows women more likely to die after a heart attack

According to a study women are less likely to receive the same treatment that a man does after having a heart attack. If it is severe they are more likely to die.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Could Be Factor In Night Time Heart Attacks

Sufferers of sleep apnea may have a risk of heart attack during the night. A new study out shows that the changes brought on by the disorder to blood pressure, nerves and hormones can be a factor.

Regular teeth cleanings prevents heart attacks and other chronic disease

Recent research shows regular teeth cleanings not only provides you with a pretty smile but will also help you save your life. Cleaning those pearly whites can helps prevents heart disease and reduce tooth loss for diabetics.

Is Your Heart Healthy?

A study recently found one in four people can recognize the five major warning signs of a heart attack. Here is another scary fact: you might just be one of the unfortunate three out of four.

Researchers Say The Super Bowl May Trigger Heart Attacks

Major sporting events can produce stress and excitement for their fans to such a degree that it can trigger a heart attack for those with heart conditions. Being in the heat of the moment may cause those with heart conditions to have some health concerns.

Could Blood Transfusions Cause Heart Attacks?

Could the life saving blood we donate be causing heart attacks and strokes to those who receive it? When blood is stored it loses a very important component called nitric oxide that is vital in oxygen delivery to the tissues.

Flu triggers heart attacks

Flu season increases heart attack risk.

Drug-coated heart stents carry higher risk: study

A study released on Saturday says that drug-coated heart stents carry a small but significantly greater risk of blood clots and heart attacks compared to the older bare-metal medical devices.

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