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Heart News

Blood test can forecast heart attacks

Boston - A new blood test has the potential to predict some types of heart attack. It has been developed at by Prevencio Inc. and evaluated at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Healthiest people in the world are the Tsimane

Medical scientists have identified the healthiest people in the world, or at least the people with best heart health. These are the Tsimane from the forests of Bolivia.

New detector leads to early atherosclerosis detection

A new, non-invasive method to assess inflammation has been developed. The aim is to use the device for the early identification of atherosclerotic plaques before they rupture. Early detection helps to treat heart disease.

Medical technologists investigate irregular heartbeats

Investigative medical technology could change the way doctors treat an irregular heartbeat condition called atrial fibrillation.

Review: Heart's Nancy Wilson forms new band ROADCASE ROYALE Special

Nancy Wilson from the acclaimed rock band Heart has formed a new band ROADCASE ROYALE. They released a new empowering song "Get Loud."

Essential Science: Heartburn drugs may raise stroke risk

Copenaghen - A recent concern has been raised about heartburn drugs and a connection to an increased risk of stroke. This follows earlier studies linking this type of medication to dementia, kidney and heart problems. Digital Journal looks into the issue.

Shift work sleep deprivation affects the function of the heart

A new study, looking at the effects of insufficient sleep (as might occur with jet lag or shift work), indicates that the heart can be adversely affected.

Healthy lifestyle can help fight inherited heart disease

Where heart disease is inherited, and is a product of genetics, leading a healthy lifestyle and making appropriate lifestyle changes can help to combat the condition, according to new research.

Review: Heart dazzles at Royal Albert Hall live DVD & Blu-ray collection Special

Rock band Heart will release their "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" DVD and Blu-ray on December 2, and it is a stunning collection.

Serious health warning about NSAID medication

London - A study by published by the British Medical Journal has found that people who had taken any NSAID in the previous 14 days had a 19 percent elevated risk of heart failure.

Heart defects stem from complex mutation web

New research suggests that pinpointing the cause of congenital heart defects will be very difficult, given that the condition relates to a complex web of genetic mutations from across the entire body.

Op-Ed: Top female concerts of 2016

Digital Journal ranks its greatest concerts of 2016, featuring female performers. These concerts are arranged in no particular order, since they were all impressive in their own, unique ways.

Review: Ann Wilson from Heart back with new solo EP 'Focus' Special

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ann Wilson has released her newest EP, the four-track "Focus," via Rounder Records. It is available in digital and hard copy formats.

Review: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts captivate Jones Beach Theater in NY Special

Wantagh - Rock queen Joan Jett performed with her band, the Blackhearts, at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh on Long Island.

Review: Heart amazing at Jones Beach, NY for 'Rock Hall Three for All' Special

Wantagh - On July 28, rock band Heart performed at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, as part of the "Rock Hall Three For All" tour.

Heart's Ann Wilson to release The Ann Wilson Thing! #2 — Focus EP

Rock queen Ann Wilson, from Heart, will be releasing her second solo EP "The Ann Wilson Thing! #2 — Focus" on Rounder Records.

Newborn heart defects linked to environmental factors

Scientists have discovered several types of birth defects that are triggered by environmental factors which lead to cellular stress.

Review: Rock band Heart outstanding on new album 'Beautiful Broken' Special

Rock band Heart is back with their newest album, "Beautiful Broken," and it is an outstanding studio effort by two rock queens.

Omega-3’s lower heart attack risk

A new study suggests that taking omega-3 fatty acids on a regular basis lowers the risk of having a heart attack. This is when the food supplements are taken over the longer term.

Rock band Heart to release new studio album 'Beautiful Broken'

Ann and Nancy Wilson from the rock band Heart will be releasing their latest studio album, "Beautiful Broken," on July 8.

Rock band Heart reissues 'Dreamboat Annie' for 40th anniversary

Ann and Nancy Wilson from the acclaimed rock band Heart have reissued their album 'Dreamboat Annie' for 40th anniversary.

Investigating chemotherapy related heart damage

A major risk with chemotherapy is the increased chance of developing heart disease. One of the side-effects of treating cancer through chemotherapy is the potential damage to the body. Researchers have been looking at why this happens.

World’s smallest pacemaker is successful

Medtronic’s Micra has achieved U.S. market approval for what is being heralded as the world’s smallest pacemaker. This represents an innovative leap in pacemaker technology.

Gender differences with heart attack survival rates

A global review of gender disparities among patients in relation to heart attack survival has shown that women have double the mortality rate of men.

Surgeon accused of malpractice Special

A law suit has begun relating to the chief of cardiac surgery at Northwestern University. Here Dr. Patrick McCarthy is accused using an unauthorized medical device.

Heart to kick off 'The Rock Hall Three for All' tour this summer

Ann and Nancy Wilson from the rock band Heart will be touring this summer with Cheap Trick and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts to tour with Heart and Cheap Trick

Wantagh - Rock goddess Joan Jett will be embarking on a summer tour with her band, The Blackhearts, along with fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick and Heart.

Just how accurate is Fitbit?

A class-action lawsuit has been taken out against the company Fitbit. The legal action alleges the company’s heart-rate monitors are inaccurate and, therefore, dangerous.

Research: Blood pressure meds should be given to all at risk

London - New research suggests medics should administer blood pressure drugs to all patients at high risk of heart disease. This applies even to those who have "normal" blood pressure.

Access heart health information online

The American Heart Association (AHA) has put copious amounts of heart health data online, with a view to encourage people to cut back a little over the Holiday season.
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University of Western Ontario
Heart to perform at Jones Beach  New York
Heart to perform at Jones Beach, New York
Photo Courtesy of Norman Seeff
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The picture heart on my wall.
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The AliveCor EKG app  yet to be made available to the public
The AliveCor EKG app, yet to be made available to the public
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A brooch of a white rose, symbolising love and peace
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Nancy and Ann Wilson from rock band Heart
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Heart inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Photo Courtesy of Norman Seeff
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Ann Wilson from Heart
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A normal heart is shown on the left compared to a heart with dilated cardiomyopathy on the right. Note the increased dimensions of the left ventricle.
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Real meaning behind Valentine s Day
Real meaning behind Valentine's Day