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Heart News

Investigating chemotherapy related heart damage

A major risk with chemotherapy is the increased chance of developing heart disease. One of the side-effects of treating cancer through chemotherapy is the potential damage to the body. Researchers have been looking at why this happens.

World’s smallest pacemaker is successful

Medtronic’s Micra has achieved U.S. market approval for what is being heralded as the world’s smallest pacemaker. This represents an innovative leap in pacemaker technology.

Gender differences with heart attack survival rates

A global review of gender disparities among patients in relation to heart attack survival has shown that women have double the mortality rate of men.

Surgeon accused of malpractice Special

A law suit has begun relating to the chief of cardiac surgery at Northwestern University. Here Dr. Patrick McCarthy is accused using an unauthorized medical device.

Heart to kick off 'The Rock Hall Three for All' tour this summer

Ann and Nancy Wilson from the rock band Heart will be touring this summer with Cheap Trick and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts to tour with Heart and Cheap Trick

Wantagh - Rock goddess Joan Jett will be embarking on a summer tour with her band, The Blackhearts, along with fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Cheap Trick and Heart.

Just how accurate is Fitbit?

A class-action lawsuit has been taken out against the company Fitbit. The legal action alleges the company’s heart-rate monitors are inaccurate and, therefore, dangerous.

Research: Blood pressure meds should be given to all at risk

London - New research suggests medics should administer blood pressure drugs to all patients at high risk of heart disease. This applies even to those who have "normal" blood pressure.

Access heart health information online

The American Heart Association (AHA) has put copious amounts of heart health data online, with a view to encourage people to cut back a little over the Holiday season.

Sleeping aid helps with stroke recovery

A new study has found mice, conditioned to experience a stroke, recovered faster when given controlled doses of a sleeping aid called Zolpidem.

Can statins lower risk of artery atherosclerosis strokes?

Hiroshima - The results of a new Japanese study suggest statins could reduce the occurrence of strokes that occur due to larger artery atherosclerosis.

Heart beat rate predicts life expectancy

A study suggests how fast a person's heart beats, when resting, can help to predict whether they are going to die early.

Boy writes letter asking judge to keep his mother in prison

Middletown - A boy who watched his mother fatally stab his father in the chest with a knife has written a letter to a judge asking him to to keep her behind bars. Little Bradyn Takach, 10, was only four when he saw his mother, Shannon Smith, stab his dad to death.

Review: Ann Wilson from Heart fantastic on 'The Ann Wilson Thing' solo EP Special

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ann Wilson from Heart is back with her newest solo EP "The Ann Wilson Thing," which is a superb studio effort.

Ann Wilson from Heart to release 'The Ann Wilson Thing' solo EP

Rock queen Ann Wilson from the rock band Heart will be releasing her new EP "The Ann Wilson Thing" on September 18 digitally, as well as October 9 in stores.

Peanuts linked to better health

Amsterdam - Peanuts have been found to have the equivalent effects on health as tree nuts, although, unsurprisingly, peanut butter is not associated with the good health effect. This is based on a new study.

Review: Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart superb on 'Dog & Butterfly' book Special

Ann and Nancy Wilson from the acclaimed rock band Heart are delightful on their latest children's book "Dog & Butterfly."

Programmable robots can swim through arteries

Researchers have developed tiny robots (‘nanobots’) that can swim through clogged arteries, carrying out lifesaving medical procedures.

Review: Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart amaze at Foxwoods Resort Casino Special

Mashantucket - On July 3, Ann and Nancy Wilson from rock band Heart performed a concert at The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart to play Foxwoods Resort Casino

Mashantucket - Fans of rock band Heart in the East Coast are in for a real treat. They will be performing at Foxwoods Resort Casino on July 3.

Apple claims that Watch's erratic heart rate monitor is a feature

Since Apple updated the Apple Watch's software to 1.0.1, users have complained of erratic heart rate monitoring with infrequent measurements. Now, Apple has acknowledged the complaints - and responded by saying that this "feature" is normal behaviour.

Interview with rock duo V2's producer Ron Nevison Special

V2 are one of the most exciting new rock acts around at the moment and have recently released their debut album, produced by the very experienced Ron Nevison. He spoke to Digital Journal.

France's second artificial heart recipient says 'recovered'

Paris - A man who in August became the second person in France to receive a much-hyped new-generation artificial heart said in his first interview Sunday he had "recovered", to the point of going on bike rides.

Teenagers should eat more nuts for future health

A medical report suggests a low consumption of nuts each day correlates with an improved cardiovascular risk profile among teenagers. The study drew on medical records to reach its findings.

Six-day-old baby has youngest U.S. heart transplant

Los Angeles - A six-day old premature baby has become the youngest infant to receive a heart transplant at a U.S. hospital, doctors and her proud parents said.

Which is worse: Sugar or salt?

London - Which is worse for you: sugar or salt? Conflicting information is presented to consumers year-on-year. A new row has erupted on this issue within the scientific community.

Professor wins top award for heart research

Helsinki - The science company HyTest celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014. To mark this, the company launched the the HyTest Cardiac Marker Award for those who have improved cardiac disease diagnosis over the last 20 years.

Gut bacteria by-products can trigger heart failure

A chemical produced by intestinal bacteria has been linked to heart failure, according to a new study. The chemical and heart risk link has been established previously, but the association with bacteria is new.

Insight into how red meat harms arteries

According to an animal study, gut microbes produce an important metabolite that promotes atherosclerosis in association with the consumption of red meat.

Review: Heart delights on new 'Heart & Friends - Home for the Holidays' Special

Rock band Heart is back with their newest album "Heart & Friends - Home for the Holidays," where they cover many holiday favorites.
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Heart inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
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