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Hearing News

Essential Science: Ambient noise can address hearing loss

A new study shows how white noise can assist with certain types of hearing loss. This is evidenced by a continuous white noise background helping pure sounds to be perceived more precisely.

Think about it: Mind-controlled hearing aid developed

New York City - A new advancement with digital hearing aid technology, where the hearing device can be tuned in by thought, has been unveiled. The aim is to enable the hearing impaired to cope better with environments with high-levels and fluctuating background noise.

Turn down the volume: WHO takes aim at harmful smartphone use

Geneva - More than one billion young people risk damaging their hearing through excessive use of smartphones and other audio devices, the UN warned Tuesday, proposing new safety standards for safe volume levels.

Raw emotion, smattering of laughs at Kavanaugh hearing

Washington - Under the glaring lights in a packed room on Capitol Hill, Christine Blasey Ford -- hardly accustomed to the back and forth of a Senate hearing -- breathed deeply, cracked the occasional joke and asked repeatedly for caffeine.

Kavanaugh sex hearing echoes 1991 showdown, but is US set for replay?

Washington - In 1991, a visibly uncomfortable law professor named Anita Hill swore to tell the truth before an all-male panel as she levelled detailed allegations of workplace sexual harassment against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

Zuckerberg tells lawmakers 'I'm sorry' for data abuses

Washington - Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg offered apologies to US lawmakers Tuesday as he made a long-awaited appearance in a congressional hearing on the hijacking of personal data on millions of users.

In spotlight, a steely Comey unloads on Trump

Washington - James Comey may stand at the center of a political maelstrom, but the ousted FBI chief turned nemesis of the president did not flinch as he laid down devastating accusations against Donald Trump.

S. Korea court 'sets date for president's final impeachment hearing'

Seoul - South Korea's Constitutional Court will hold its final impeachment hearing to rule on the fate of President Park Geun-Hye at the end of the month, Yonhap News Agency reported Wednesday.

3D printing finds that spiders can hear

Scientists have discovered that jumping spiders, believed to have no hearing faculties, can sense sounds through the hairs on their legs, called trichobothria.

'Shadowy' doctors visited S. Korean president: hearing

Seoul - South Korea's embattled president was visited by "shadowy" doctors who injected her with human placenta extract, a parliamentary inquiry into a growing corruption scandal heard Wednesday.

Vitamin supplement helps with hearing loss

Vitamin B3 supplements could assist in preventing noise-induced hearing loss. This finding is based on new research using mice. The experimental finding could also be used to treat types of aging-related conditions that are linked to a protein deficiency.

Canadian boy regains hearing after receiving brain stem implant

Montreal - Auguste Majkowski can now hear sounds for the first time in his life. Three-year-old Auguste received surgery which connected an advanced form of hearing aid to his brain stem.

New implantable hearing device approved

The first implantable device for people with severe or profound sensorineural hearing loss of high-frequency sounds in both ears has been approved.

Hearing-aid apps pump up the volume, double as headphones

New smartphone apps that link to hearing aids are helping people with impaired hearing to pump up the volume on their devices or to use them as headphones to stream phone calls, YouTube videos and music...

Senate committee sets date for Comcast, Time Warner Cable hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hold a hearing on March 26 to examine how the proposed merger of Comcast Corp and Time Warner Cable Inc would affect consumers, the committee's chairman said on Monday.

Blindness boosts hearing ability

New research shows that hearing improves in mice that were deprived of visual stimulus for a week. The experiment was designed to measure 'sensory compensation'.

Scientists getting close to the genetic causes of deafness

Miami - A research team are seemingly getting close to identifying the causes of genetic deafness, following some recent advances in technology.

Scientists allow deaf mice to hear again

A science team have developed a drug that, when injected into the inner ears of deaf mice, partially restores their hearing.

Two men stabbed when sign language mistaken for gang signs

Hallandale - Two hearing-impaired men, who were out for a birthday celebration, were stabbed at a Florida bar when their sign language was mistaken for gang signals.

Panel Tosses Out Some Charges Against Sanford

The political battle in South Carolina has moved to an impeachment hearing. Today the panel decided to toss out some of the charges against embattled Governor Mark Sanford

Blue Whales Suffering From Hearing Loss

New research shows that blue whales have to 'sing' and 'chatter' longer and more often in order to compete with noise from ships, oil drilling and other forms of noise pollution.

Death row inmate will get new hearing

The US Supreme Court has today ruled that a Georgia inmate currently on death row should get a new hearing to establish whether some new evidence might clear the man of his conviction.

Sotomayor Confirmation hearing time and date set

The hearings for the next Supreme court Justice, Sotomayor, have been scheduled to begin next Monday, July 13 at 10am. This was announced by the senate Judiciary committee.

California Supremes to Hear Arguments on Same-sex Marriage Ban

It didn’t take long for the opposition to Prop. 8 that bans gay marriage in California and was passed by voters in November 2008, to get their army of protestors gathered and on the move.

Could golf clubs make people deaf ?

A study in the December issue of the British Medical Journal found that the sonic boom produced using thin-faced titanium drivers can cause hearing loss to players.

Public Blocked From Hearing on Traffic Shaping, Comcast Paid People to Fill Seats

Comcast has admitted to paying people to fill the seats in a federal hearing on how it manages its broadband network. Accused of blocking interested parties from attending, Comcast is now being blamed for stifling debate over a free Internet.

McCartney's Battle it Out in First Day of Divorce Hearing

It is judgment day for the former Mrs McCartney today as the pair prepare to battle out their millions in the divorce courts in London starting from this morning. They both arrived at the High Court this morning all fired up and raring to go

Smoke Gets In Your Ears - How Our Teenagers May Not Be Ignoring Us After All

According to a new study out this week, the points in favour of smoking appears to have taken yet another dive as experts have now found a strong link between smoking and the problems people have with their hearing and comprehension

Brain 'closes eyes' for music

No, music lovers, you’re not imagining it. The brain actually reduces inputs from visual sources to listen to music. That may explain the relative immunity of some people to visual spam, but it’s also a fascinating study in relative priorities.

FBI Has Been Assigned Blackwater Investigation

Investigations into Blackwater's Iraq dealings have been handed over to the FBI, the State Department has said. The FBI bridges the process to its next stage, which will be in the hands of the Iraqi ministry of Justice or the US Justice Department.
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Hearing Image

BP CEO Tony Hayward testifies before Congress
BP CEO Tony Hayward testifies before Congress
Congressman Steve Scalise from Louisiana holds up a photo of a pelican covered in oil during a congr...
Congressman Steve Scalise from Louisiana holds up a photo of a pelican covered in oil during a congressional hearing with BP CEO Tony Hayward. Throughout the day-long questioning, Hayward was constantly criticized for refusing to provide direct answers.
A toddler hears for the first time
A toddler hears for the first time
A megaphone
A megaphone
Bart Stupak (D-Mich.)  the chairman of the Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee of the House Ene...
Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), the chairman of the Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Screenshot from congressional hearing
During a hearing in front of Congress June 17  BP CEO Tony Hayward said he was  personally devastate...
During a hearing in front of Congress June 17, BP CEO Tony Hayward said he was "personally devastated" and "deeply sorry" for BP's catastrophic oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
Screenshot from congressional hearing

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