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Healthy eating News

Healthy eating: Put flavor above nutrition, says expert

New research into healthy eating habits says that efforts to encourage healthy eating which attempt to emphasize nutritional information do not significantly alter habits. Instead emphasizing taste and positive experience are better persuaders.

Healthy butter developed, and it's almost entirely water

Food technologists have developed a low-calorie 'butter' spread formed primarily of water. One tablespoon of the low-calorie spread contains 2.8 grams of fat and 25.2 calories. This contrasts with butter - 11 grams of fat and nearly 100 calories.

Science keeps food tasting salty but with less salt

Seattle - Scientists have been developing ‘salt alternatives’ that taste like salt but which do not carry the health risks associated with excessive salt consumption. The aim was to provide an alternative to ‘reduced salt’ options.

Consuming mushrooms may help address cognitive decline: Study

Food and medical scientists based in Singapore have found that elderly people who consume more than two standard portions of mushrooms each week appear to have a 50 percent reduced chance of developing mild cognitive impairment.

Essential Science: Moderate carb intake is good for health

Boston - Contrary to some dietary advice, such as the Atkins Diet, a new tranche of research suggests that a moderate carbohydrate intake may be best for general health and well-being.

Shaping consumer eating habits with VR technology

Consumption of ‘unhealthy foods’ is a major societal problem, especially with spiraling obesity rates in so-called ‘developed countries’. Can consumer behavior be modified to eat more healthy foods through the use of virtual reality?

Do eggs really help to reduce stroke risk?

Eggs have had a bad press and a good press. Today the balance shifts towards the ‘good’, with research suggesting that around one egg per day reduces the risk of strokes. However, the study is not completely straightforward as Digital Journal reveals.

Social media helps drive healthy eating choices

Birmingham - Regular exposure to healthy eating and good food choices via social media drive changes to the eating habits of people, such as consuming more fruit and vegetables and eschewing fatty food. This is according to a new study.

Ways to get more fruit and vegetables into schools

The European Union is keen to reform the types of food young people eat in schools. The proposal is to increase the quantities of fruit, vegetables and milk consumed.

New call for healthy eating in schools

Politicians in Europe are calling for a new scheme to be introduced to promote healthy eating in schools throughout the European Union.

Gluten-free eating options made easy with food choice service Special

A Canadian start-up called E.A.T. Meal Planning Co. has produced an app that focuses on guiding the user through healthy meal options and special dietary requirements. Digital Journal has found out more details.

Op-Ed: Gadgets to make reaching healthy New Year's resolutions easier

Many over the holidays will be over indulging resulting in resolutions for the New Year to commit to getting healthy by feeding the body better options. Kitchen gadgets can make getting on a healthy track easier and habit forming for the entire household.

Fruit and nuts can help beat heart disease

Oxford - Heart disease takes more lives than any other illness every year, despite the wide range of modern treatments for the condition. But the newly released results of a seven-year study show that eating fruit cuts the risk of this deadly killer by 40 percent.

This is national nutrition month

National nutrition month has been running in the U.S. For this, people are encouraged to choose the most nutritionally-packed foods they can from each of five key food groups every day.

Patient of Burlington Medical Clinic Lands on the Dr. Oz Show Special

Burlington - Kerry Rommens has a pretty unique adventure story on how she lost nearly 100 lbs. The patient of Wharton Medical Clinic in Burlington, ON, set out to improve her health and appearance only a couple of years ago.

All-beef burgers taken off Fairfax County schools' menus

Fairfax - All-beef burgers are now off the menu for school cafeterias in Fairfax County, VA, following student complaints they were pink in the middle. The patties have been replaced by hamburgers with additives, containing up to 26 ingredients.

Starbucks to sell exclusive Dannon Greek yogurt in 2014

Seattle - The movement to get healthy doesn’t appear to be just a passing fad in the country; it’s developing into a legitimate lifestyle change for many people.

Op-Ed: Halloween treats with a healthy twist

Who doesn't love Halloween candy? Kids and grown ups alike. Enough said. But, if less than healthy ingredients hidden in common packaged foods has you concerned as a parent, fret not. There are a lot of creative (and healthy) options to try.

Consuming beans, chickpeas or lentils helps reduce heart attacks

Eating legumes (beans, chickpeas or lentils) as part of a low-glycemic index diet appears to improve glycemic control and reduce estimated coronary heart disease risk in patients with type 2 diabetes, according to new research.

Op-Ed: Making your own pumpkin spice latte

As the air gets cooler, sometimes there is nothing like being cozy with a nice, warm drink. While I'm a fan of seasonal lattes, my favourite coffee houses aren't always looking for my health. But in the spirit of moderation, I decided to make my own.

Denmark taxes fatty foods

Foods that may take a toll on one's health are now also going to be tougher on people's wallets in Denmark. The Nordic country has begun a 'fat tax' on items such as butter and oil, in order to promote healthier eating habits.

Taking the worry, hassle out of back to school lunches Special

School is back in session, which for many parents means the start of some major checklists: from shopping, to homework help and remembering to reset the alarm for the following day. Forgetting something? Oh right, lunches!

Study: Working out to build muscle mass could lower diabetes risk

Los Angeles - The key to reducing your risk for developing diabetes may be as simple as building more muscle mass through resistance training. A new study shows higher muscle mass is associated with better insulin sensitivity and a lower risk of pre-diabetes.

Op-Ed: Parents should do more to get kids to eat more fruits, vegetables Special

Statistics Canada reported that only 43 per cent of Canadians over 12 years old ate fruits and vegetables more than five times daily in 2010. This is down from 46 per cent the year before, the lowest number in the last decade.

Eat well, exercise for a long and healthy life

Scientific research is reinforcing what common sense has been telling us for sometime now. Eat right and shake a leg if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Earth's Best A Baby Food For Organic Gourmets

You and your husband like gourmet but what about baby? Baby food used to be bland and boring. There's a reason of course. Babies should be able to learn the taste of each new food. Also it's easier to see if a single food gives baby problems.

Does this taste sweeter than usual to you or am I just imagining things?

If you think so-called healthy foods are tasting sweeter than ever these days, it isn't all in your mind!

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A healthy  well-balanced meal goes a long way in maintaining a child s health
A healthy, well-balanced meal goes a long way in maintaining a child's health
Mary Bushong
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Vegetables on sale in a market in Bohol  Philippines.
Vegetables on sale in a market in Bohol, Philippines.
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