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Healthcare News

Global trend: Gonorrhea becoming very hard to treat

Geneva - Rates of gonorrhea are increasing around the world, fueled by oral sex and a decline in the use of condoms. Worryingly this includes several variants of the genus that cannot be easily treated with existing antibiotics.

Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, Gen Z: healthcare expectations

A new survey of the U.S. healthcare system suggests that different generations, grouped into different sociological and demographic clusters, have varying attitudes to healthcare and there are some significant differences.

Google DeepMind's NHS deal was illegal under U.K. privacy law

Google DeepMind's data sharing deal with the U.K.'s NHS was illegal under domestic privacy laws. The finding was confirmed by the U.K.'s Information Commission today which ruled patients should have been fully informed of how their data was being used.

Apple and Nokia abandon patent dispute to work together again

Apple and Nokia have announced a mutual agreement to put aside all their ongoing litigation regarding a patent dispute initiated last year. The companies have come to a "meaningful agreement" after deciding to put their customers first.

Which countries have the best healthcare?

Paris - Neither Canada nor Japan cracked the top 10, and the United States finished a dismal 35th, according to a much anticipated ranking of healthcare quality in 195 countries, released Friday.

Apple purchase hints at sleep tracking mode for next Apple Watch

Apple has purchased Beddit, a Finnish manufacturer of connected sleep-tracking devices designed to work with iOS products. The acquisition strongly hints that the next Apple Watch will include a built-in sleep monitoring mode, a top user request.

In the US, health care a privilege, not a right

Washington - In 1944, president Franklin Roosevelt urged Congress to pass a "second bill of rights." Number six on the list was "the right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.

Best and worst U.S. states for nurses revealed

If you're living in or planning to visit the U.S., where are the best places to receive nursing care? Wisconsin is one of them. How about the worst? Best to avoid the District of Columbia.

Belgian MPs demand better help for terror victims

Brussels - Belgian lawmakers on Tuesday demanded that authorities overhaul the way victims of terrorism are treated, after widespread criticism of insensitivity in the wake of last year's attacks in Brussels.

Two months on, a Trump supporter mired in doubt

Owego - He traveled from rally to rally with his guitar in tow, crooning pro-Donald Trump tunes and hailing the then Republican candidate as the answer to the US heroin epidemic that took his son's life.

Use of Google's DeepMind questioned for U.K. healthcare

London - A university-led inquiry has raised concerns about a deal between Google's artificial intelligence company DeepMind and the U.K. National Health Service. This relates to so-termed serious "inadequacies."

'World's heaviest woman' to fly to India for surgery

Mumbai - An Egyptian believed to be the world's heaviest woman will fly to India for weight reduction surgery Saturday after intervention from the country's foreign minister ensured her a visa.

A third of Americans don't know Obamacare and ACA are the same

A sizable chunk of the American public seems to have some confusion about the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law better known as Obamacare.

Ebola detected in lungs of healthcare worker

With Ebola virus infection, with those who survive the virus, is proving very difficult to get rid of. The virus, in those who appear symptom free, has been found in the eyes, semen, amniotic fluid, and so on. A new case adds to this concern.

Canada police raid Montreal pot stores after Trudeau's warning

Montr - Police in Montreal raided six cannabis shops one day after they opened, following a warning by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Canada.

Google helps to drive paperless healthcare

London - Many health systems remain reliant upon paper records. This leads to problems with security and archive retrieval. One such area is the U.K. health service and here Google are assisting with digitalization.

Op-Ed: Are Trump’s health plans dangerous for health protection?

Vaccination is, in some quarters, a controversial subject in the U.S. It need not be, with the safety and efficacy of vaccinations well-established. Some worrying comments from President-elect Donald Trump suggest vaccination goals could be unraveled.

Growth in e-learning for developing world healthcare workers

In many parts of the developing world, especially areas where pathogens pose a significant risk, resources are scarce. To help with medical training, e-learning platforms provide a way forwards.

Trump vows to scrap Obamacare as costs to jump 25 percent

Washington - Donald Trump vowed Tuesday to overturn President Barack Obama's signature health insurance program after the government announced Americans will see costs jump an average of 25 percent next year.

Invasive insects costing the world at least $100 billion a year

An international research team says invasive insects cause over 69 billion euros ($77 billion) in economic damages worldwide every year, with the greatest portion going to healthcare and agriculture.

Startup designed to sell Obamacare is quitting Obamacare

Harken Health Insurance, a startup and part of UnitedHealthcare that offered low-cost health plans through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges, is leaving the marketplace.

Op-Ed: Can Hillary Clinton win over millennial voters?

This November is the first election in which the millennial generation makes up an equal portion of the vote as the baby boomers. Such a shift in demographics has already radically reshaped the face of politics.

Iran govt says to cover infertility treatment costs

Tehran - Iran will help couples meet the cost of infertility treatment as the government tackles a growing crisis that has seen millions of couples failing to conceive, the government announced Tuesday.

Apple's latest purchase hints at a health-focused Apple Watch 2

Apple is expected to launch an upgraded version of its Apple Watch wearable later in the year. Today it revealed it has acquired Gliimpse, a personal health data startup that hints at Apple's plans for the new device, suggesting it will focus on health.

Gabon's mentally ill 'treated like animals'

- The buildings are decrepit, the lawns unkempt, the patients left to shuffle alone and unwatched among weeds -- welcome to Gabon's sole psychiatric hospital.

B. Braun settles tainted syringes lawsuit

The medical device manufacturer B. Braun has paid out $7.8 million to settle a U.S. criminal case in related to faulty syringes. The irony is the company did not make the syringes; however, its brand name was on them.

Dirty and dangerous: Strike exposes Haiti's crumbling hospitals

Port-au-prince - When a pregnant woman died outside one of Haiti's major public hospitals in Port-au-Prince last week, her family and neighbors lashed out in despair and anger.

Advanced medical technology on show at digital healthcare summit

Healthcare technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. Some of the latest inventions were showcased at the Wired Health exhibition.

The battle for birth control: Afghanistan's new fight

Balkh - "Four children is enough," says the young Afghan woman as she examines a box of contraceptive pills.

Op-Ed: Trump unveils flawed healthcare reform plan

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has finally unveiled a detailed policy platform for reforming healthcare in the United States.
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Left and Right squared off at the Intelligence Squared debate at New York University.
Left and Right squared off at the Intelligence Squared debate at New York University.
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
Rahad Harfoush
Rahad Harfoush
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
Doctor Examines Patient
Doctor Examines Patient
National Cancer Institute
Keoni Cabral
Diagram of the Four Pillars of Linkage for PPPs in PRS
Diagram of the Four Pillars of Linkage for PPPs in PRS
Crowdsourcing pioneers Jeff Howe and Rahaf Harfoush joined Saint Elizabeth s President and CEO Shirl...
Crowdsourcing pioneers Jeff Howe and Rahaf Harfoush joined Saint Elizabeth's President and CEO Shirlee Sharkey for "What crowdsourcing can do for health innovation"
Dozens gathered on the steps of San Francisco s City Hall to demand that a Community Benefits Agreem...
Dozens gathered on the steps of San Francisco's City Hall to demand that a Community Benefits Agreement be added to the contract with the City before the $2 million new hospital can be built.
Martin Health System
Jeff Howe
Jeff Howe
The infographic shows a comparison of air in a toilet washroom after hand-drying by different method...
The infographic shows a comparison of air in a toilet washroom after hand-drying by different methods.
University of Leeds