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Healthcare News

What changes can an Amazon-backed healthcare company make? Special

Amazon made waves when it announced that it was planning to disrupt American healthcare the same way it’s disrupted so many other industries. But what changes can an Amazon-backed healthcare company actually make?

How to reduce the risk of healthcare data loss: Interview Special

The amount of data flowing in and out of hospitals is massive, and this puts it at risk from cyberattack. MediaPro’s Colleen Huber, Director of Cyber Education Strategy looks at what healthcare organizations can do to protect themselves.

Italy's country doctor making house calls on horseback

Verduno - Through vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see and shrouded in fog, the thud of hooves pounding the loose earth grows louder. A man on horseback gallops into view.

Interview: Health technology can transform healthcare industry Special

The company Health2047 is working in partnership with the American Medical Association to use technology to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. Dr. Jack Stockert tells Digital Journal how this works.

Amazon and Co. set to disrupt U.S. healthcare

Healthcare insurance in the U.S. is set to undergo a significant reduction with news that major companies Amazon, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan are to come together to launch a type of health insurance plan.

Amazon, Warren Buffett join forces to tackle health care

Washington - Retail behemoth Amazon has joined forces with two other titans of American business -- Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase -- to tackle one of the most enduring problems in the country: quality affordable health care.

New healthcare technology to reduce diabetes costs: Interview Special

Many employers and health plans are looking to integrate coverage for innovative healthcare technology solutions. One platform is provided by WellDoc, which has partnered with a leading analytics company to address diabetes management and costs.

Interview: New network-as-a-service platform for healthcare Special

The company Akiri recently launched a network-as-a-service platform to the entire healthcare industry, called the Akiri Switch, a subscription-based data network. Digital Journal speaks to Akiri CEO, Adriaan Ligtenberg.

New AI system for lung cancer and heart disease

Artificial intelligence is gradually being adopted by health services to assist medics with the diagnosis of serious diseases. In one new development, scientists in Oxford, U.K. have launched an AI system for heart disease.

Lithuanian doctors rally for pay rise to halt exodus

Vilnius - A thousand young Lithuanian doctors rallied in Vilnius on Thursday demanding faster wage growth that would stop their exodus from the Baltic eurozone state to richer western European nations.

Internet-testing for sexually transmitted infections success

London - For those worried about the possibility of having contracted a sexually transmitted disease but worried about a visit to a clinic, a digital service might be the answer. Such services are proving increasingly popular.

Essential Science: Delivering drugs via nanoscale emulsion

Researchers have used nanotechnology to improve drug delivery. This is in the form of tailorable nanoscale emulsions which effectively interact with their intended targets.

Microsoft announces preview of AI-powered health chatbot system

Microsoft's launched a private preview of a new AI-powered health chatbot system. The company said intelligent healthcare assistants could "empower" users to access medical info from their smartphone, cutting the time and cost of obtaining healthcare.

CVS Health and Aetna come together for big data for healthcare

CVS Health and Aetna have come together to form a new organization that aims to restructure healthcare. The deal between the two enterprises is valued at $69 billion.

Rapid methods needed to help safety of medicines Special

Oxford - Pharmaceutical organizations need to embrace rapid methods in order to protect patients, obtain faster results, and help to address inventory issues. This was a key message delivered at the annual Pharmig conference.

Medicare and Medicaid set to expand telehealth

The telehealth remote medical practice received a boost recently with a strong indication that the U.S. health schemes Medicare and Medicaid are set to endorse the practice, especially for elements of the population residing out of town.

Pope denounces healthcare inequality in rich countries

Vatican City - Pope Francis on Thursday took wealthy nations to task over unequal healthcare and systems which increasingly penalise all but the very wealthy.

Questions for healthcare artificial intelligence to answer

Artificial intelligence is being adopted by healthcare, albeit at different rates and in differing areas. One reason for the erratic pace is due to the medical and ethical questions that the technology brings with it in related to the use of digital data.

Interview: Flu outlook and predictions for 2017 Special

Memphis - The official start of flu season 2017 has arrived with some cases of flu already reported. Dr. Richard Webby is responsible for determining which flu vaccines will be put into circulation. He spoke with Digital Journal about this process.

Google’s new accelerator focusses on AI health startups

Google’s growing focus on healthcare artificial intelligence has been crystalized through its new accelerator program. The scheme is aimed at fostering startup enterprises that are set to introduce technological solutions for healthcare.

Rebuilding the pharmacy from shop to digital: Interview Special

Washington - CaryRx is a pharmacy startup that has set out to rebuild the pharmacy concept from the ground up, through the use of a mobile app. To hear more about this next generation approach to pharmacies we spoke with company co-founder Areo Nazari.

How blockchains can help healthcare: Interview Special

A new survey shows that the overwhelming majority of healthcare managers see blockchain as contributing to activities like connection, privacy and patient record sharing. To find out how blockchain works with healthcare we spoke with Ammon Fillmore.

Alternative PA's save healthcare dollars: Interview Special

Medical scribes can reduce the amount of administration that physicians have to cope with on a daily basis. A new service called ScribeCanada Healthcare aims to provide clinicians the support they need. To find out more we spoke with Dr. Michael Murphy.

Microsoft enters race to find cancer cure

Microsoft’s diversification strategy includes utilizing some of its resources to help improve the diagnosis of cancer to find cures for certain cancers. The research is based at Microsoft’s ‘biological computation’ labs in Cambridge, U.K.

Changing how healthcare professionals communicate: Interview Special

One limitation with delivering effective healthcare is the uneven process by which healthcare professionals communicate with each other. To breakdown such barriers, Dr. William Winkenwerder has led a team at Cureatr that developed an app.

Microsoft pushes on with Healthcare NeXT

Microsoft's strategy of adding more to its portfolio to create a gap away from the consumer market includes moving into healthcare technology. The latest initiative is Healthcare NeXT.

Interview: time-tracking software saves healthcare time Special

Boomr builds innovative time-tracking software to save businesses time and money. The company has recently expanded out into healthcare. To find out how time-trackers work, we spoke with company co-founder Matt Bowersox.

How telehealth is disrupting healthcare: Interview Special

Telehealth is changing the way many people access health services, especially in remote areas. What does it take to deliver telehealth and how effective it? To answer these issues we spoke with Teresa Gardner Tyson, Executive Director, The Health Wagon.

A fifth of women over 65 in Europe disabled by 2047: study

Paris - More than one in five women and a sixth of men in Europe over the age of 65 will be afflicted by serious physical disabilities before mid-century, according to a study published Tuesday.

Why data integrity is essential for the pharmaceutical sector Special

Otocec - Data integrity is necessary for ensuring the safety of medicine, helping to assure that release tests are correct and have not been corrupted. This was a key message at a recent Pharmig conference held in Slovenia.
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Doctor Examines Patient
Doctor Examines Patient
National Cancer Institute
Keoni Cabral
Diagram of the Four Pillars of Linkage for PPPs in PRS
Diagram of the Four Pillars of Linkage for PPPs in PRS
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: the healthcare IT industry in Berlin
Crowdsourcing pioneers Jeff Howe and Rahaf Harfoush joined Saint Elizabeth s President and CEO Shirl...
Crowdsourcing pioneers Jeff Howe and Rahaf Harfoush joined Saint Elizabeth's President and CEO Shirlee Sharkey for "What crowdsourcing can do for health innovation"
Rahad Harfoush
Rahad Harfoush
Left and Right squared off at the Intelligence Squared debate at New York University.
Left and Right squared off at the Intelligence Squared debate at New York University.
Martin Health System
The infographic shows a comparison of air in a toilet washroom after hand-drying by different method...
The infographic shows a comparison of air in a toilet washroom after hand-drying by different methods.
University of Leeds
The use of an electronic medical prescription service.
The use of an electronic medical prescription service.
MC4 Army
Jeff Howe
Jeff Howe
Dr. Meghana Kambham  the app s creator
Dr. Meghana Kambham, the app's creator
Dozens gathered on the steps of San Francisco s City Hall to demand that a Community Benefits Agreem...
Dozens gathered on the steps of San Francisco's City Hall to demand that a Community Benefits Agreement be added to the contract with the City before the $2 million new hospital can be built.
The Care N Grow app
The Care N Grow app
The Ambra app is action.
The Ambra app is action.
Ambra health
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin
CohIT: The healthcare IT industry in Berlin