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Health care costs News

Op-Ed: Is American conservatism a type of autism?

Washington - Autism is described as a medical condition whereby people are self-centred, uncommunicative and at a remove from their social environment. There are many different types of autism and degrees of it. A type of “social autism” is also quite possible.

Op-Ed: Sick enough? Debt collection in US hospital ERs pre-treatment

Sydney - The level of irrationality in US health care has gone up another notch. People are now being asked to pay pre-treatment, even in emergency rooms. This practice could involve serious medical risks for patients and major legal issues for hospitals.

Op-Ed: Obamacare at play in 2012 elections

While the Solyndra money-pit scandal deepens and America teeters on the edge of a double-dip recession, Barack Hussein Obama is angrily selling his new half-trillion-dollar stimulus/jobs program.

Could death visions help reduce health care costs? Special

The question people ponder, but experts say many reject because of fear, is when they'll die. But do people have premonitions, and could the costs of health care be reduced by knowing more about the process of death?

Cases of Autism Increase in US by 57% in Past 4 Years

Over the past four years there has been a 57% increase in cases of autism, according to recent research. This growth has scientists and citizens worried as the social and financial impact of it is serious.

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Health care costs

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The day after treatment at the ER at SF General Hospital  the ambulance bill arrived. $2 065.00 the ...
The day after treatment at the ER at SF General Hospital, the ambulance bill arrived. $2,065.00 the total and that is just for the ride to the hospital not the invoice from the ER itself.
Insulin supplies  as shown here  can be costly in the care of diabetes  a chronic condition that inc...
Insulin supplies, as shown here, can be costly in the care of diabetes, a chronic condition that increases health care costs.
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