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Healing News

Healing powers of Manuka honey explored in new study

A new investigation finds that Manuka honey could help with the recovery of patients from certain post-operative infections. This is due to the antimicrobial properties of the chemicals within the honey, confirming some earlier studies.

Fish skin aids burns victims

Brazilia - To help burns victims medics have turned to something unusual and quite novel: tilapia skin. Trials using the skin have taken placed in Brazil, with people who have suffered from second and third degree burns.

New stem cell therapy may regenerate lost limbs in a few years

A groundbreaking discovery from an Australian research team at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) may pave the road for the future of stem cell technology. Thanks to this new research humans may regrow their lost limbs in just a few years.

Tetris can help block flashbacks of traumatic events

A study has found that playing Tetris can help people recover from post-traumatic stress disorder and overcome the repeated flashbacks it triggers. In a new investigation, playing Tetris reduced the number of memories of the event by over 50 percent.

Alkaline based 'Healing Springs' said to hold curative powers

Barnwell County, SC may actually hold the "Fountain of Youth" that has been sought out for centuries, or at least the fountain of healing in its "Healing Springs."

New laser treatments improve mature burn scars

New research suggests that fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment appears to be a promising method for dealing with difficult lesions.

Helping children for over 50 years: The Have-A-Heart Campaign Special

Chiropractic colleges, hundreds of chiropractic clinics, and advocacy groups around the world are helping the non-profit Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center by participating in the Have-A-Heart Campaign during Valentine's Day week, February 7-15.

Healing in the name of Jesus Christ: The miracles Special

Are you sick? There is help and even healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. "I, the LORD, am your healer.” Exodus 15:26. — Kelli Biondich is a walking, talking, breathing miracle.

Mucus can help with wound healing

Mucus can help the human body maintain its equilibrium, prevent inflammation and reduce food allergy problems, according to a new scientific study.

'Electronic skin' developed

A flexible, pressure-sensitive, and self-healing plastic has been developed that has the potential to be used as an electronic skin.

Op-Ed: Music's Universal Appeal

The increased use of music therapy as a primary treatment and the combined use of music therapy with other therapies has helped treat a wide array of conditions and diseases.

Canadian veterans healing through art

Halifax - The bloody battle of Afghanistan is filling Canada with returning soldiers; shattered veterans with physiological and psychological damage, filling them with an emotional numbness. However, creative art has been proven to release this suffering.

Researchers find Monarch butterflies use plants to heal offspring

A research team based in the United States has published their findings into Monarch butterflies and how the insect uses medicinal plants to fight a parasite.

Girl Dies After Parents Pray for Healing Instead of Seeking Medical Help

An 11-year-old girl was dying because of a severe diabetic ailment. The parents, instead of seeking medical help, preferred to pray with others to help heal her. The girl, who was ill for more than 30 days, died today.

Reiki - The healing touch

Reiki is an intangible force that is hard to be described in words. It is a healing energy that is best experienced for oneself. Someone who is being treated with reiki might experience a spectrum of sensations.

Children in the Uk are going to be given massages in a bid to cut crime

Under a new £5 million scheme children will be given massages and accupunture to reduced crime and drug abuse.

Meditation-Not just for Buddhists anymore

For the past 40 years, meditation has been slowly joining the ranks of western medicine techniques to help the mind and the body. It is something that anyone can do and you don't have to be a Buddhist to get great results.

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