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Headache News

Doctors find huge spider in woman's ear after she napped outside

Hebbal - A 49-year-old woman took a nap on her veranda and she woke up with a headache. It turned out to be a large spider inside her ear.

Body Mass Index could be a migraine risk factor

There are multiple reasons for migraines, ranging from stress to genetics. A new factor to consider could be body mass index (height-to-weight ratio) according to a new study.

Why do migraines occur? Part 2: Migraines and anxiety

Researchers have discovered that anxiety disorder is more common among people who have migraines compared with than those without migraines. Our review of this research is the second part of a two part article looking at migraines.

Why do migraines occur? Part 1: The reward neural network falters

A new study shows that dopamine levels in the brain fall and fluctuates at different times during a migraine headache. The research suggests that migraines are linked to reward-motivated behavior. This is part 1 of a two-part feature.

Wireless patch shows success in treating migraines

As an alternative to taking potent medication to combat the severe pain associated with migraines, researchers have developed a wearable device that uses stimulation to help alleviate the condition.

Can we predict who may suffer from migraines?

Baltimore - Migraines are powerful and long-lasting headaches that can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. As a way of predicting whether a migraine is likely to occur, researchers have identified a marker.

Mysterious illness kills Atlanta mother of two after day at pool

Atlanta - She was just out for a day of fun with her two young daughters at a local pool in mid-July, but the next morning, Stefanie Ballard woke up with nausea, fever, and a headache. She began losing muscle control and fell. Then partial paralysis set in.

Tapeworm lives in man's brain for four years (video)

London - A man who suffered with headaches and seizures for four years finally found out why: a rare tapeworm was living in his brain. The parasite has now been removed by medics.

Migraine sufferers react well to placebo med

New research suggests that what migraine-headache sufferers think about their pills’ identities matters nearly as much as whether or not those pills contain active medication.

Migraines linked to different sizes of brain arteries

According to a new study, the network of arteries supplying blood flow to the brain is more likely to be incomplete in people who suffer migraine.

Chinese man's headaches caused by 6-inch parasite in his brain

A 60-year-old Chinese man Wang Ming, from Chengdu, had suffered "headaches, convulsions and even fainting" for more than six months before he went to see a doctor. An X-ray of his head revealed a six-inch long worm-like parasite lodged in his brain.

New treatment breakthrough for cluster headaches Special

A breakthrough procedure for the treatment of cluster headaches has been described in the medical journal of the American Association of oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. The treatment links such headaches to the skull.

Skin patch for migraines developed

The company NuPathe have developed an innovative skin patch for migraines, which may be more effective than other types of medication.

Brain freeze effect may hold clue to migraines

San Diego - Brain freeze. If you have ever experienced that sudden rush of cold and sharp headache when eating ice cream, or a frozen slush, you know the feeling. Now researchers think they know why.

Surgical procedure could give relief to some migraine sufferers Special

Figures from UK-based Migraine Action say that one in seven people in the United Kingdom suffer from migraines. The condition is said to cost the UK $17 billion a year.

Balloon Sinuplasty May Offer Relief for Chronic Sinusitis

New non-invasive surgery technique called Balloon Sinuplasty may offer an alternative to drug treatments for sinus sufferers.

Study: Two-thirds of married women opt for anything but sex Special

Sex is not a priority when it comes to personal time, a new study shows. Married women say their sex life is not only predictable but they would prefer to read a book, watch TV or catch up on much needed sleep instead of having sex with their partner.

Migraines give English woman Chinese accent

A 35-year-old woman from Devon county in South West England began speaking with a Chinese accent after suffering migraine headaches.

Study: Migraines Thicken the Brain

Migraine sufferers have different brains than others, scientists have discovered. A part of the brain’s cortex is thicker in people who endure migraines compared to those who live pain-free.

Your Wife With A Gun Can Give You A Real Headache

A 45 year old man from Florida had a bullet surgically removed from behind his ear after he went to hospital one morning complaining of a headache. His wife was later arrested for trying to kill her husband

Anesthetic jab treats headache in the ER

The painkiller bupivacaine injected into the muscles at the base of the neck provides safe and effective headache relief.

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