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Hd-dvd News

Netflix chooses Blu-ray format over HD DVD

Netflix announced today that it will no longer stock HD-DVD movies. The company issued a press release saying it will only ship Blu-ray high definition movies from now on. It's yet another blow for HD DVD in the format war.

Reasons why your HD-DVDs are still good

It is only the nature of technology to improve with more and better formats for entertainment. With two choices now (blu-ray and HD-DVD), there has to be one superior choice and for now it seems that Hollywood has cheated HD-DVD owners out of their money.

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Will Drown in Obscurity until March 2009, Study Predicts

Just like another war overseas that never seems to end, the high-def format conflict will continue to rage until March 2009 when a winner is crowned, a new study predicts. Blu-ray and HD-DVD simply aren’t turning on consumers today.

Sony and Blu-ray Get Down and Dirty With Porn Biz in Japan

Two things that have always had an impact on sales of Blu-ray and HD-DVD players are video games and porn. With so many people purchasing high-def content for both "vices," will Blu-ray see a sales boost for backing porn in Japan?

The Beginning of the End for HD-DVD?

The high-def battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is no longer about the consumer, but about partnerships. If you thought the choice was up to you, think again. The Blu-ray camp is playing its cards right, winning another hand that will hurt the competition.

Microsoft Hits Back with Price Cut to Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player

Microsoft plans to reduce the price of its Xbox 360 HD-DVD player to $179 in the U.S. beginning August 1. The company also plans to ship the units with five movies in an effort to give HD-DVD an edge in the format war.

Amazon to sell HD on-demand

In the latest battle of the high-definition DVD formats, Microsoft scored with a deal with The Web retailer will begin selling HD-format, on-demand films. Will this move help HD-DVD catch up to Blu-ray?

Sony announces cheaper Blu-ray player

Sony Corp. said Monday it is bringing out a cheaper player for Blu-ray discs early this summer, a crucial step in its battle to make the high-definition format the replacement for DVDs.

Top 5 Gadgets You Shouldn't Buy Yet

"ADMIT IT: It's fun to be the first on the block to own the newest gadget. If nothing else, you get serious bragging rights. But when it comes to actually using that product, many early adopters discover that some kinks still need to be worked out."

Porn Might Not Decide Next-Gen DVD Format War

Brian Braiker of Newsweek looks at why porn may not be the key decider in who wins the next-gen format war. Does the porn industry lack the influence it once had?

Will Blu-ray Suffer Betamax Fate?

Could it be true that Sony's Blu-ray high-def disc technology is being denied to the porn idustry? No, actually that's not true. And it's not true that Blu-ray is going to suffer the fate of Betamax, either.

Why HD-DVD Could Win the High-Def Format War

The DVD format war is one of the biggest pain-in-the-ass battles I've seen in years. But with a whole lot of news coming from the Toshiba and Microsoft camps recently, HD-DVD might just have the needed edge to take the war.

First pirated HD-DVD out on Bittorent networks

Even with these two new high definition formats out there had to be a matter of time before they got cracked. According to the link above there is a movie out on the bittorrent network at a whopping 19gb in size.

10 Reasons HD DVDS Formats have already failed

How many of you own a HD-DVD or Blueray player? or know two people that do?

No Porn on Blu-Ray?

A well-known porn movie producer 'Digital Playground' has revealed that they are forced to use the HD-DVD format as Sony refuse for porn to be published on Blu-ray. No Porn for you!

Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

"We don't want to charge customers $200 extra for something that may be the next Betamax," Henson [from Microsoft] told me. This is an except from Ars Technica.

Warner Bros. makes an HD disc that will play on both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players. Total HD.

With all the fuss about Blu-Ray and HD-DVD going on Warner Bros. decided to take a different approach and make a disc that will play both. The project dubbed Total HD will debute at this years CES.

Consumers favour HD DVD over Blu-ray due to negative perception of Sony

[i][/i]People are leaning towards hd dvd. Social media sites suggests that a major factor in consumer negativity about Bly-ray is a distrust of Sony and annoyance from some gamers that the PS3 has become embroiled in the Blu-ray launch. Market influ...

High-Def Robbery: Why You Shouldn't Buy High-Def DVDs

This holiday season, retailers will gleefully push expensive new high-definition DVD players and movies onto consumers. Forced to choose between two competing formats — Blu-ray and HD-DVD — smart shoppers should avoid both.

Hacking the 360 HD-DVD drive for the PC

Double Double toil and trouble, well more accurately it’s Torx 5 Torx 7 toil and lots trouble. Enticed by the $199 price, we set ourselves on a mission to find out if the Microsoft’s XBox 360 HD-DVD player could work on a normal PC. Now, this can’t

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player $159.99

$199.99 - $40 off $199 in-store coupon = $159.99.

Hands on with the Xbox 360 HD DVD unit

Well looky looky here, we landed an Xbox HD DVD drive. We're already all well aware of what it can and can't do; we just know you want the pics of the unboxing, it sitting next to the Xbox, and maybe a few bonus shots next to a real life HD DVD player. He

Toshiba Breathes Life Into Next Gen HD-DVDs and Shows Off Impressive New Features

With the choice between HD-DVD and Blu-ray still looming over consumers' heads for the upcoming holiday season, many tech analysts have simply advised the public to buy neither. But after meeting Toshiba today, I might at least consider HD-DVD.

Panasonic and Sony to Launch Hybrid HD-DVD/Blu-ray Drive?

Digital Journal ― I’m not a fan of crazy rumours, but when Gizmodo starts reporting that Panasonic and Sony are planning to launch a hybrid HD-DVD/Blu-ray player next year, you can’t help but say "holy crap" under your breath.

New Hybrid DVD Format Could Enrage Blu-Ray, HD-DVD

Digital Journal — Just when you thought the high-definition DVD war was going to get heated, along comes a company looking to end the big battle.

Will a Triple-Standard DVD End This Next-Gen Format Madness?

Digital Journal — In the war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, the customer comes out the loser. The public isn’t ready to replace their DVDs yet, and high-definition penetration has yet to reach saturation. So it only makes sense that a triple-standard .

Toshiba Set to Launch Next Version of HD-DVD, Giving it a Chance to Take the Industry

Digital Journal — Even before most Blu-ray companies get their first units out the door, sources are already telling Digital Journal the second generation of HD-DVD will be released before the holidays. “A lot of the glitches will be fixed,” one so

There's a Loser in the High-Def DVD Battle: You

Digital Journal — This year’s biggest tech battle, the feud between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, will likely end in a stalemate, according to tech analysts. But does that really surprise anyone? UK-based research firm, Screen Digest, has predicted that no cl.

Blu-ray Suffers Delays in Europe While Ricoh Announces Laser That Can Read Both New DVD Formats

Digital Journal — With the DVD format war just up and running since Samsung launched the world’s first Blu-ray player, the Blu-ray team could be facing yet another setback in Europe. Blu-ray supporter Pioneer has admitted it could be facing another .

Is Toshiba Prepared to Cut a Loss With Its HD-DVD Player?

Digital Journal — Selling at a loss in the electronics industry is as taboo as admitting you like Ashlee Simpson’s music. But Toshiba is losing $200 (US) for every HD-DVD player it sells, according to technology analysts at iSuppli. Toshiba’s HD-A1
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