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Hawaii tourism authority reveals record numbers

When you think about Hawaii your mind shifts to warm beaches, beautiful weather, ancient volcanoes, and unique culture. It’s the combination of these things that keeps tourists returning each year.

How to make the most of visiting Hawaii Special

Visiting Hawaii or planning to tour the islands one day? Then you need to know the dos and don'ts of this very special place.

Huge crab caught walking down road in Hawaii

Cars braked when a giant "coconut crab" sauntered down a main road in Hawaii. According to local resident Holly Cantere, surprised drivers stopped in their tracks upon seeing the over-sized creature.

Obama's golf game disrupts soldier's wedding

President Barack Obama reportedly issued a personal apology over the weekend after his golf game forced a pair of Army captains to relocate their wedding on a military base in Hawaii.

Canadian woman gets $950,000 medical bill after Hawaiian vacation

Regina - A Saskatchewan woman, Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel, went on a holiday to Hawaii in October 2013 while she was pregnant. She ended up giving birth nine weeks prematurely in Hawaii.

Hawaii braces as twin storms blow in

Kihei - Tropical Storm Iselle lost steam as it lashed Hawaii with strong winds and heavy rain early Friday, as a second, more powerful weather system headed for the holiday paradise.

Hawaii braces for double storm hit

Honolulu - Hawaii on Wednesday braced for a walloping by a rare duo of storms headed for the holiday paradise, with local residents rushing to stock up on water and flashlights.

Guardians of the Galaxy hero came from zero

Los Angeles - Years from now, Hollywood actor Chris Pratt may look back on his life and decide the weekend of August 1st, 2014 was the very best 48 hour period of his life.

'Here we come, Mars' NASA testing its own UFO

Mars is still a realistic dream, not only for Mars One, but the European Space Agency and NASA. NASA has taken a giant leap forward in developing what they are hoping will be a viable flying-saucer shaped vehicle capable of withstanding Mars atmosphere.

Track whales in the Hawaiian Islands online

Every year whale watchers from all over the world visit Hawaii to see the endangered humpback whales. However, there are other endangered species that need just as much attention, hence the introduction of a new online whale tracking map.

California stowaway survives Hawaii flight in wheel well of plane

Kahului - An extremely lucky 16-year-old boy survived after deciding to run away from home this weekend, stowing away in the wheel well of a plane, in sub-zero temperatures, on a flight from California to sunny Hawaii.

Undercover cop 'sex exemption' under fire in Hawaii

Cops working secretively on investigations involving encounters with prostitutes are fighting new legislation that plans to outlaw having sex with prostitutes while working these cases.

Hawaii cops urge lawmakers to let them have sex with prostitutes

Honolulu - Under existing Hawaiian law, it is legal for undercover police officers to have sex with prostitutes during criminal investigations, and police in the Aloha State's largest city are lobbying lawmakers to keep it that way.

Hawaii braces for massive waves triggered by 'super swell'

Forecasters are predicting waves of up to 50 feet in height to lash the shores of the Hawaiian islands this week, due to a "giant northwest swell."

Hawaii time-lapse night sky video goes viral (video)

A graduate student in astronomy at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, has made a stunning time-lapse video depicting the Milky Way over Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Facebook comments by Hertz employees prompts lawsuit

Kahului - Allegedly racist and derogatory remarks made on Facebook by a number of Hertz Rent-A-Car employees about an African-American customer are described as a "violent and dehumanizing, racist attack" and have brought about lawsuit.

Hawaii legalizes gay marriage

Honolulu - Hawaii became the 15th US state to achieve LGBT marriage equality as Governor Neil Abercrombie signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage on Wednesday.

Hawaii's surf season begins

November marks the beginning of Hawaii's surfing season. If you're a surfer at heart, now is the time of the year to go to Hawaii and live your passions.

Lonesome sunless planet spotted by astronomers

Humankind may have taken small steps to explore the heavens but our knowledge remains limited. As for planets, discoveries are being made all the time. Wednesday astronomers discovered a new planet. One with no Sun.

Dietary supplement linked to hepatitis

The FDA are investigating a growing number of reports of acute non-viral hepatitis in Hawaii. The cases are linked to a dietary supplement.

Rise in shark attacks around Hawaii spark study

A sharp rise in the number of shark attacks in the waters around Hawaii has sparked a study that will last two years. The study will determine what actions can be taken to make the waters safer. In an attack in August, one woman lost an arm.

New water jetpacks spark concern in Hawaii

Honolulu - Being strapped to a water propelled jetpack and launching nine meters into the air can be one of the best adrenaline rushes a person can get. But to others it sparks a couple of concerns.

The key to the Great White Shark’s power: a fat liver

The fuel source that allows the white shark to embark on incredibly long migrations through the world’s oceans has been identified as its liver, which is relatively large and fat compared with other creatures.

Review: Mahalo! Makana's new album 'Ripe' will soon be ready for picking

With the help of Kickstarter members and fans, Makana, the well-known singer, song-writer and Hawaiian slack key guitar player has now produced his new album "Ripe." It will be ready for purchase in September or October this year, and it is so good.

March against Monsanto: In the streets of Maui & Oahu, Hawaii Special

Kahului - Around 1,000 people marched in Maui and Oahu, Hawaii alike on Saturday against the seed giant, Monsanto and GMOs, with banners reading "Seeds of Peace are GMO free" and other strong messages.

TIME publishes Obama prom photos, yearbook message

TIME published exclusive photos of a 17-year-old Barack Obama celebrating his high school prom in Hawaii. Obama wrote in schoolmate Kelli Allman's yearbook: "You are extremely sweet and foxy."

Video: Military training area in heart of ancestral Hawai'i

On the island of Hawai'i, right in the heart of ancestral lands, lies the Pohakuloa Training Area. Depleted uranium is present in this area, as well as at the Schofield Barracks on O'ahu. Something needs to be done to stop this.

Owner of camera which traveled from Maui to Taiwan has been found

On March 23, Hawaii News Now published an article with photos, looking for the owner of an underwater camera which had traveled on its own from Maui all the way to Taiwan. The happy owner has now been found, and five years later can see her photos.

Anti-GMO protests in Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii on Wednesday (Video)

Kapaa - Hawaii's own Makana gives a great backing to this video showing an enthusiastic Occupy Monsanto anti-GMO protest on Kauai, Hawaii on February 13. GMOs are not welcome in the Aloha state.

Video: Humpback whale gets up close and personal with canoers

A couple on vacation in Hawaii thought a leisurely canoe ride would be fun and relaxing, never once thinking they would meet a humpback whale up close and personal.
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Hawaii Image

Garden of the Gods  Lanai  Hawaii
Garden of the Gods, Lanai, Hawaii
Halibut Thyme
Sean Goebel put together a time-lapse video of the night sky over Mauna Kea in Hawaii.
Sean Goebel put together a time-lapse video of the night sky over Mauna Kea in Hawaii.
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
Activists on the island of Mokokai  Hawaii staged a  Decontamination Event  along the side of the ro...
Activists on the island of Mokokai, Hawaii staged a 'Decontamination Event' along the side of the road to warn drivers of Monsanto’s toxic ways.
Occupy Monsanto Hawaii
Green sea turtles and people share Hawaii beaches.
Green sea turtles and people share Hawaii beaches.
A camera traveled from Maui to Taiwan where it was found - the photos survived.
A camera traveled from Maui to Taiwan where it was found - the photos survived.
Video screen capture
Obama s 1979 prom photos  published in TIME
Obama's 1979 prom photos, published in TIME
March against Monsanto on Maui  Hawaii - May 25  2013
March against Monsanto on Maui, Hawaii - May 25, 2013
Occupy Monsanto Maui
Makana  singer  songwriter and slack key guitar player from Hawaii.
Makana, singer, songwriter and slack key guitar player from Hawaii.
Makana Music
Patrick Doyle  president of the turtle monitoring group  Malama na Honu  reports the condition of a ...
Patrick Doyle, president of the turtle monitoring group "Malama na Honu" reports the condition of a turtle to researchers at NOAA.
A camera traveled from Maui to Taiwan where it was found - the photos survived.
A camera traveled from Maui to Taiwan where it was found - the photos survived.
Video screen capture
An Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 at Honolulu International Airport  Oahu  Hawaii
An Hawaiian Airlines A330-200 at Honolulu International Airport, Oahu, Hawaii
Pamphleteers solicit both Japanese and American tourists  wearing tee shirts with signs on the back ...
Pamphleteers solicit both Japanese and American tourists, wearing tee shirts with signs on the back advertising shooting guns for gun in Waikiki, Hawaii's fabled tourist destination.
Aerial photo of Hilo Bay  Hawaii.
Aerial photo of Hilo Bay, Hawaii.
Kanoa Withington
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
Protesters of Occupy Monsanto Maui
Protesters of Occupy Monsanto Maui
Occupy Monsanto Maui
Photo by Candace Calloway Whiting
Photo by Candace Calloway Whiting
Screenshot from Youtube
Hawaii: APEC 2011
Hawaii: APEC 2011
B/W Nature
B/W Nature