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Hawaii News

Drenched Hawaii on edge as Hurricane Lane takes its time

Honolulu - Torrential rain pounded Hawaii on Friday as Hurricane Lane crawled toward the island state, triggering landslides and "catastrophic" flooding, while forcing thousands to seek emergency shelter.

Hawaii warned of 'life-threatening impacts' of Hurricane Lane

Honolulu - Hurricane Lane's outer bands were pummeling parts of Hawaii's Big Island with rain Thursday, triggering landslides and threatening serious flooding as the Category 4 cyclone moved perilously close to the Aloha State.

Hawaii requests presidential disaster declaration as Lane nears

Honolulu - Hurricane Lane is set to ravage the islands of Hawaii this week and Governor David Ige has requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration in the light of the latest storm projections.

Pacific Ocean's warm waters spawn another big hurricane

La Jolla - Hurricane Lane is barreling west across the Pacific Ocean on a course that will bring it close to Hawaii next week. As of 8:00 p.m. PDT, Hurricane Lane is now a category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

'Lava bomb' from Hawaii volcano injures 23 on boat

Los Angeles - A projectile from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii struck a boat carrying people watching lava from the two-month-old eruption, injuring 23, the fire department said.

Dangerous 'laze' forms as Hawaii volcano lava reaches ocean

Los Angeles - Authorities in Hawaii have warned of dangerous "laze" fumes as molten lava from the erupting Kilauea volcano reached the Pacific Ocean.

Biggest eruption at Hawaii volcano since it became more active

Los Angeles - Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupted from its summit early Thursday, shooting a huge plume of ash miles into the sky and prompting authorities to urge area residents to take cover.

Red alert raised after ash bursts from Hawaii volcano

Los Angeles - A massive plume of volcanic ash burst from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on Tuesday, prompting authorities to issue warnings about air quality and the likelihood of a major eruption.

Hawaii volcano could be building up to big eruption: scientists

Los Angeles - A Hawaii volcano that has been oozing lava and burping steam for days may be gearing up for a huge eruption, scientists have warned, prompting the closure of Volcanoes National Park on Friday.

Thousands flee after Hawaii quake triggers new volcano eruptions

Pahoa - Thousands of people have been forced to flee after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake shook Hawaii's Big Island, triggering the collapse of a coastal cliff and prompting fresh eruptions of a volcano that has been spewing lava near residential areas.

Hundreds of residents flee Hawaii volcano eruption

Los Angeles - Hundreds of residents sought shelter on Friday after red-hot lava seeped from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano and plumes of ash and dangerous gases spewed into the air.

Hawaii fires warning officer who sent missile alert

Washington - The administrator of Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency has resigned and an officer with a track record of "poor performance" has been fired after triggering mass panic with a false alert of a ballistic missile headed for the Pacific islands, officia...

US official defends early-warning systems after Hawaii 'failure'

Honolulu - A top US official on Sunday defended government early-warning systems after a false missile alert terrified Hawaii, in what a congresswoman called an epic failure that emphasized the need for talks with North Korea.

Hawaii lawmaker Kaniela Ing to introduce pro-net neutrality bill

Honolulu - A Hawaii state lawmaker has announced he will introduce a bill encouraging publicly-owned local broadband networks days after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal Obama-era regulations protecting net neutrality.

Hawaiian canoe comes home after epic round-the-world odyssey

Los Angeles - A traditional double-hulled canoe has returned to Hawaii after concluding a three-year epic journey around the globe, the first trip of its kind by such a boat.

Worrying spread of parasitic worm in Hawaii

A parasitic roundworm that causes rat lungworm disease appears to be spreading on the Hawaiian island of Maui. During the past three months six people have become infected.

Hawaii wants to ban chemical sunscreens to save its coral reefs

Last month, a Hawaiian state senator proposed a bill that would ban the sale of chemical sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate across the Islands, although presscriptions would be allowed.

First wave-produced power in U.S. goes online in Hawaii

Hawaii has become the first state in the United States to make use of wave-produced electricity, thanks to the up-and-down and side-to-side motion of a large buoy swaying and bobbing in the waters off the coast of Oahu.

Meet the world's loneliest tree snail — Achatinella apexfulva

The one and only member of a species of land snail that called the Hawaiian island of Oahu home now lives quietly in the conservation lab of the University of Hawaii. Nine years old, the snail has not reproduced and scientists don't know if it ever will.

Madeline weakens to tropical storm as it passes Hawaii

Washington - Tropical Storm Madeline weakened from hurricane status as it passed south of Hawaii's Big Island overnight on Wednesday, but still threatens flash floods and mudslides, US weather officials said.

Hurricane Madeline weakening as it heads toward Hawaii

Miami - Hurricane Madeline flexed its muscles as it churned towards Hawaii Tuesday, peaking at a dangerous Category Four strength before slackening, US weather officials said.

Hawaii health officials identify cause of Hepatitis A outbreak

Hawaii health officials have identified imported scallops that were served raw at Genki Sushi restaurants as being the probable source of a Hepatitis A outbreak that has sickened at least 168 people.

With 168 cases of Hepatitis A, Hawaii no closer to finding source

In one week's time, the number of cases of Hepatitis A in Hawaii has jumped from 135 to 168 confirmed cases, and the source of the disease still remains elusive.

Hawaii has 135 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A — 39 hospitalized

The Hawaii State Department of Health issued an update Wednesday on the current Hepatitis A outbreak that seems to be centered on the island of Oahu. There are now 135 confirmed cases of the disease, and 39 people have been hospitalized.

Sanders trounces Clinton in Hawaii presidential caucus vote: Media

Los Angeles - Bernie Sanders trounced Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in Hawaii's presidential caucus to secure a clean sweep of all three election contests on Saturday, US media reported.

Feds: Dolphins in Hawaii need protection from swimmers, tourists

For many people, swimming with dolphins is an exhilarating experience, but for the dolphins, it can be very stressful, interrupting valuable time that they use for resting. This is why federal officials are considering banning the practice in Hawaii.

Salmonella contamination hurting Hawaii's macadamia nut industry

Hawaii's Big Island not only features black sand beaches and five volcanoes, but it is the home of world-famous Kona coffee and macadamia nuts.

Former Playboy Playmate and 'Baywatch' lifeguard Brande Roderick Special

The Californian actress, model and businesswoman (41) has a pivotal role in an upcoming John Schneider movie entitled 'Anderson Bench.' She tells Digital Journal all about it.

Hawaii declares state of emergency over fears of Dengue and Zika

Honolulu - Hawaii Governor David Ige has declared a state of emergency to fight mosquito-borne illnesses including dengue fever and the Zika virus.

US searching for 2 military copters after reported collision

Washington - The US Coast Guard was searching for two military helicopters that reportedly crashed off the Hawaiian island of Oahu while carrying a total of 12 people, officials said Friday.
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Protesters of Occupy Monsanto Maui
Protesters of Occupy Monsanto Maui
Occupy Monsanto Maui
Hawaii: APEC 2011
Hawaii: APEC 2011
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
Hawaii s coral reefs are home to some unique coral formations.
Hawaii's coral reefs are home to some unique coral formations.
The woman on the edge of the sidewalk on Kalakaua in Waikiki is on the beach side  one of a growing ...
The woman on the edge of the sidewalk on Kalakaua in Waikiki is on the beach side, one of a growing number of mentally ill on the streets in Hawaii's flagship tourist areas.
Anti-GMO protest in Kapaa  Kauai  Hawaii on February 13  2013
Anti-GMO protest in Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii on February 13, 2013
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
Anti-GMO protest in Kapaa  Kauai  Hawaii on February 13  2013
Anti-GMO protest in Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii on February 13, 2013
Screenshot from Youtube
Te Va Lowy is among the artists who create the Polynesian motifs for Na Koa wallets and leather craf...
Te'Va Lowy is among the artists who create the Polynesian motifs for Na Koa wallets and leather craft designs.
Courtesy of Na Koa
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
March against Monsanto on Maui  Hawaii - May 25  2013
March against Monsanto on Maui, Hawaii - May 25, 2013
Occupy Monsanto Maui
Monachus schauinslandi (Hawaiian Monk Seal) underwater at Five Fathom Pinnacle  Hawaii.
Monachus schauinslandi (Hawaiian Monk Seal) underwater at Five Fathom Pinnacle, Hawaii.
Kent backman
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
Niʻihau s dimensions are 6.2 miles by 18.6 miles  and its highest elevation is only 1 280 feet. The...
Niʻihau's dimensions are 6.2 miles by 18.6 miles, and its highest elevation is only 1,280 feet. The island has one extinct volcano that had a rather large landslide to the East.
Christopher P. Becker
B/W Nature
B/W Nature
The Solar Impulse landed in Nanjing on April 21. On May 13  it was rolled out onto the runway for a ...
The Solar Impulse landed in Nanjing on April 21. On May 13, it was rolled out onto the runway for a sunbath.
Solar Impulse
Maui  Hawaii beach. Maui s diverse landscapes are the result of a unique combination of geology  top...
Maui, Hawaii beach. Maui's diverse landscapes are the result of a unique combination of geology, topography, and climate.
Jawed Karim (CC BY-SA 3.0)
B/W Nature
B/W Nature

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