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Hate speech News

New AI aims to remove racism online

A company is making it their mission to remove racist words from the web. The firm UserWay has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence tool called Powered Content Moderator Tool, designed to remove inflammatory speech from the Internet.

One Canadian firm is redefining what hate speech is all about

Policing hate speech is something nearly every online communication platform struggles with. But in order to police hate speech, you first have to understand it before you can detect it. This is where Toronto-based Hatebase enters the picture.

Op-Ed: Twitter to ban dehumanizing speech

Twitter executives Del Harvey and Vijaya Gadde call the new proposed rules part of a continuing effort to promote healthy conversations on Twitter and limit harms caused by talk on the platform.

Op-Ed: Twitter said to suspend 70 million accounts in just two months

In just the last two months alone Twitter has suspended 70 million accounts. This is part of a crackdown on malicious activity by users on the Twitter platform.

Op-Ed: Twitter asking for outside help to help remove 'toxic material'

Twitter has responded to criticism that it has not done enough to remove "toxic" material in a number of ways. Now the company is asking for suggestions from the public to help promote healthy, open and civil conversations online.

Facebook states its commitment to stamping out 'all' hate speech

Facebook has explained how it responds to and removes hate speech while moderating its network. The company outlined how it defines hate speech and treads the fine line between thwarting abuse and censoring the right to free speech.

U.K. MPs want social media companies fined for illegal material

A Commons committee is recommending social media companies be fined for not removing illegal material from their platforms quickly enough or at all. The report also recommends these firms be required to pay policing charges regarding illegal content.

Microsoft makes it easy to report Xbox Live, Skype hate speech

Microsoft has launched a new website for Xbox Live, Skype and other users to report hate speech and to reinstate posts that were wrongly deleted.

France wants to make Facebook, Google accountable for hate speech

France is hoping to make internet companies such as Google and Facebook accountable for social media posts promoting terrorism, Bloomberg reports.

Op-Ed: Feds creating database to identify and isolate 'hate speech'

Taking a page straight out of George Orwell and bringing it to life, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is paying Indiana University to develop, and bring online, software which will flag "misinformation" and "hate speech" on Twitter.

Pussy Riot member held too long in isolation

Regional Russian prosecutors claimed on Wednesday that the prison camp, where Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina is currently serving her two-year sentence, broke the law by keeping her in isolation for an excessive period of time.

West Virginia newspaper publishes reader's shockingly racist rant

Hamlin - A West Virginia newspaper has raised eyebrows and ire by publishing a transcript of a reader's racist and homophobic rant that critics are calling hate speech.

Whatcott case changes definition of hate speech in Saskatchewan

Freedom of speech and religion helped found North America. When those freedoms impede on others though in a hateful matter can a person hide behind religion?

Op-Ed: Hungary's Jews face rising anti-Semitism

On Friday, independent parliamentarian Balazs Lenhardt was arrested by Budapest police for burning an Israeli flag at an anti-Zionist demonstration taking place in the Hungarian capital.

Op-Ed: The Council of Europe and hate speech online Special

Hate speech targeting minorities, immigrants, religious and other groups is becoming an increasingly widespread phenomenon within Europe, both in the online as well as offline spheres.

Anti-Jihad ads heading for Washington, DC

Washington - In a court ruling, it was decided that anti-Jihad adverts could be displayed in the Washington, DC metro, as has already been done in New York City and San Francisco.

DNC delegate wants to kill Romney

A Puerto Rican emigre, now living in New York, and who is a delegate from New York has been shown on video stating she would like to "kill Romney'

Canada's top court weighs hate speech vs. free speech

Ottawa - The Supreme Court of Canada is hearing a critical case that weighs the protections of free speech against protection from hate mongering. The outcome of this trial will have lasting implications for how provinces define both concepts in future.

Judges to be replaced in trial of Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Amsterdam - For a second time, the lawyer defending Geert Wilders has called for the judges to be dismissed because of apparent partiality. This time, today, an independent appeals panel agreed with him and the trial will have to start all over again.

Exclusive Interview: Westboro Baptist Church Shunned by West Va. Special

What if you held a parade or a protest and no one was there to watch? Well that's exactly what happened at some locations in Charleston, WV when Westboro Baptist Church staged hate protests, hoping for a reaction from the miners grieving families.

Op-Ed: Rush Limbaugh To Leave New York, Not a Moment Too Soon

Being referred to as loud, mean spirited, and uneducated would be compliments to a man as notorious as Rush Limbaugh. With the announcement that he is leaving New York, Limbaugh finally allowed its citizens to do what he finds difficult: breathe easy.

Op-Ed: Louisiana City One of Many Facing High-Tech Hate Speech

Natchitoches, Louisiana is a small Southern town. It is a microcosm of the world, however, in some respects. It is here that hate speech, intolerance and high tech lynching has occurred, just as it has in other places.

South African newspaper stops using 'xenophobic' language

JOHANNESBURG -- The Daily Sun, with nearly 4-million readers the biggest daily newspaper in South Africa, has promised to stop using terms such as 'aliens and evil aliens' when reporting about foreigners.

Hate Message on Soldier’s Jeep

“Soldiers are murderers” was spray painted on an Army Reserves sergeant’s jeep at Dallas Baptist University yesterday. The vandal has not yet been identified.

'Distasteful' Recruitment Tactics of Calgary, AB White Supremist Group

Possibly the most disturbing method of recruiting new members to a White Supremacy group may tarnish the reputation of Calgary, Alberta.

Op-Ed: Free Speech under the microscope with 'The Freedom To Offend' question

It’s an argument you could only have in a democracy. The US defence of free speech, as embodied in its unique First Amendment, is becoming progressively more divergent from the rest of the world. The issue is protecting the rights of offensive views.

Op-Ed: French Screen Icon Brigitte Bardot Latest Victim in Hate Speech Wars

Former French Siren of the Screen Brigitte Bardot has been fined $23,000 for inciting hatred against Muslims for what Americans may consider mild remarks. This war has also been raging in Canada and, surprisingly, here in America as well.

Kenya To Investigate Cases of Hate Speech Over Radio Waves

With radio as the most important outlet of communications of Kenya, the government has issued an order to investigate claims of hate speeches being broadcast by radio stations on the day of the disputed elections that caused the country to go into chaos.

Op-Ed: Spin Cycle Christian Values or Hate Speech?

The 9th Circuit Court has the Conservative Spin machine in overdrive. The court, by a unanimous decision, ruled that a flyer announcing that “Marriage is the foundation of the natural family and sustains family values,” constituted hate speech.

Recalling Don Imus's 2004 Racist Slur Against Palestinians and the Call for Death of all the people of Palestine

Sabrina Jalees" tries to figure out the double talk of government regulators re. hate speech over the airwaves.

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Screenshot of Terry Earsing s comment that appeared under his photo of two Muslim women wearing trad...
Screenshot of Terry Earsing's comment that appeared under his photo of two Muslim women wearing traditional garb.
Minneapolis  Minnesota: March against Islamophobia and hate speech on  September 17  2016.
Minneapolis, Minnesota: March against Islamophobia and hate speech on September 17, 2016.
Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA
European Commission and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech - Brusse...
European Commission and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech - Brussels, 31 May 2016 -

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