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Homophobic Texan arrested following violent airport attack

Dallas - An apparently intoxicated homophobic male was arrested Oct. 23 at a Dallas/Ft. Worth airport after he attacked another passenger over the color of the man's shirt.

Op-Ed: A good man with a gun wasn't enough

Las Vegas - The National Rifle Association wants the nation to believe that the only answer to a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.

'Knockout' attack suspect charged with hate crime denied bail

Houston - An elderly black man whose jaw was broken in two places after being attacked by a 27-year-old Texas man who prosecutors say was "hunting for African-Americans to prey on,” asked the judge at the accused attacker's bail hearing to grant one request.

Mosque fire bombing, former soldiers, sentenced to six years jail

Kingston Upon Hull - Two former British soldiers appeared at Hull Crown Court Friday where they were found guilty of fire bombing a Mosque, in the days following the brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Lee Rigby murder trial: Widow leaves court in tears

London - The trial of the two men accused of killing soldier Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich, London, in May continued Monday. Brutal evidence resulted in Lee's young widow leaving the court in tears.

Arizona teen says Confederate flag on his truck led to hate crime

Goodyear - An 11th grader at Millennium High School in Arizona says school officials are violating his rights by banning him from school.

Op-Ed: The Mona Nelson ‘hate crime’ case

Houston - The trial of a black woman in Texas for the murder of a young white boy has attracted little media attention, and in view of some of the comments especially by the police, maybe it shouldn't.

Spanish police detain owner of a xenophobic & anti-Semitic blog

Sabadell - On July 4, National Police agents arrested a 40-year-old man in Sabadell, Catalunya for running a blog able to publish ideas likely to cause discrimination, hatred and violence, on racist, anti-Semitic or ideological grounds.

Op-Ed: UK anti-‘hate crime’ industry set for massive expansion

Bacup - Six years ago, a Goth named Sophie Lancaster was murdered by a group of thugs, apparently because of the way she dressed and looked. Now, a new industry is being launched off the back of this tragedy.

Op-Ed: The case for zero tolerance of fanatics

Sydney - The case for describing fanatics as insane is pretty convincing. These people’s minds are totally subordinated. “Extremism” is a euphemism. This is brainwashing, perversion of minds, and historically it leads only to violence and suffering.

Abuse against goths and punks is now a hate crime in Manchester

A police force in Manchester, England, will now start treating violence and abuse against goths and punks as hate crimes.

NGO's cite opposition to mosque building as Islamaphobic

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) has called on the EU to recognise Islamophobia as a specific form of racism. ENAR claims that opposition to mosque building projects is a sign of hatred towards Muslims and is a manifestation of Islamophobia.

Video NSFW: Hitchhiker with hatchet saves hate crime victim

Fresno - A homeless hitchhiker identified only as Kai came to the rescue wielding a hatchet after a 54-year old man claiming to be Jesus Christ ran his truck into a PG&E worker.

Small town church has $50,000 worth of vandalism

Medical Lake - A small town church in Eastern Washington was vandalized and left tens of thousands of dollars in damages. No clear suspects yet.

Vandals draw Hitler-style mustache on nativity baby Jesus

Huntington Beach - Police in a Southern California city are searching for those responsible for drawing a Hitler-style mustache on the baby Jesus in Nativity scenes at a Catholic church and a home three blocks away.

Alabama woman savagely beaten, allegedly by girlfriend's brother

Mobile - Friends and family of a young Alabama woman who was brutally beaten, allegedly by her girlfriend's brother, on Thanksgiving claim she was attacked because the man did not approve of their lesbian relationship.

Calling someone 'fatty' could become a hate crime

A parliamentary report has recommended adding "appearance-based discrimination" to the Equalities Act, thus resulting in calling someone a "fatty" a hate crime.

Op-Ed: Pastor Sean Harris, remember his name

Fayetteville - Pastor Sean Harris of North Carolina makes news regarding his remarks advocating abuse by parents of children who exhibit homosexual tendencies. His sermon was in reference to the Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage in N.C.

Op-Ed: More hate crime nonsense — This time black on white

Chicago - The Trayvon Martin case has claimed another victim, a white youth has been viciously assaulted in Chicago by two black ones in a bizarre revenge attack.

Suspects arrested in Oklahoma killings

Tulsa - Tulsa, Oklahoma authorities have made a pair of arrests in the case involving three deaths and two injuries by gunfire today.

'Stand Your Ground' Law — In-depth Analysis

Sanford - The case of Trayvon Martin has become a national sensation that continues to flood the media even in the month following the killing.

Murder of Shaima Alawadi demonstrates hate in America

El Cajon - Shaima Alawadi, a 32 year-old Iraqi-American women was taken off life support Saturday after she was severely beaten. She was discovered beaten in her home four days ago by her daughter.

Op-Ed: Azhar Ahmed and the truth about free speech in Britain

The arrest of 19 year old Azhar Ahmed for “a racially aggravated public order offence” has provoked a flurry of controversy over the suppression of free speech. Sadly, one of the great myths of our age is that free speech ever existed in Britain.

Video: Police investigate Atlanta street gang anti-gay hate crime

Atlanta - Police are investigating a video showing members of an Atlanta street gang beating up a man they say is gay. The men filmed themselves punching and kicking brutally at their victim because they do not want gay men in their neighborhood.

Op-Ed: Amish accused of hate crimes

A rural Amish community in Southern Ohio has been shaken to its core after seven members of a breakaway sect were arrested for hate crimes.

Police arrest white supremacist on mission to 'kill more Jews'

Eureka - Police arrested a white supremacist couple Joseph Pedersen, 31, and Holly Grigsby, 24, in Northern California. According to police, they were driving to Sacramento from California to "kill more Jews."

Man stabbed because he is Muslim

Tampa - A Tampa man is recovering after being stabbed Friday night. The reason the suspect gave according to police is that the victim is Muslim.

Vandals desecrate praying Virgin Mary statue Special

Charlotte - A statue of the Virgin Mary was vandalized at a Charlotte church and police are trying to figure out who did it. Church members are outraged that someone would cut off the head and hands of Mary, who stands at the center of St. Matthew's garden of peace.

Gay-hate guide launched in UK

A plain-English guide for victims of gay hate crime has been launched in the United Kingdom, where one gay person in five has been subject to a homophobic incident in the past three years.

Hunt for hate perpetrators against Calgary's Jewish community

A hate crime against Jewish community facilities and a Holocaust Memorial has prompted police to release surveillance photos in the hope of identifying whoever painted Swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans on buildings and signs on Saturday in Calgary.
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Packing his concealed 9mm pistol  a self-appointed watchman George Zimmerman  shot dead 17-year-old ...
Packing his concealed 9mm pistol, a self-appointed watchman George Zimmerman, shot dead 17-year-old Trayvon Martin (right)
Justice for Trayvon Martin
This is the interior of a mosque in Shreveport  not unlike the one burned down in Tennessee.
This is the interior of a mosque in Shreveport, not unlike the one burned down in Tennessee.
One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi
Screenshot from video showing Russian men allegedly beating a homosexual man
Screenshot from video showing Russian men allegedly beating a homosexual man
YouTube screenshot
Spain s National Police arrested a man who ran a blog encouraging hate crimes  xenophobia and nazism...
Spain's National Police arrested a man who ran a blog encouraging hate crimes, xenophobia and nazism.
Policia Nacional
CCTV image of man wanted in connection with homophobic attack outside London club
CCTV image of man wanted in connection with homophobic attack outside London club
London Metropolitan Police