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Op-Ed: Was shooting of 3 American Muslims a hate crime?

The bar is set high when it comes to proving hate crime in the U.S. but the Chapel Hill, N.C. police department say they will investigate hate as the motivation for the murders of three American Muslims. But we already know the answer, don't we?

Why did Craig Stephen Hicks murder three Muslim students?

Chapel Hill - Police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina say an ongoing parking dispute may have led a committed atheist to shoot dead three Muslim students on Tuesday.

FBI: Colorado NAACP bombing could be act of domestic terrorism

Colorado Springs - The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Tuesday's explosion outside a building housing the Colorado Springs office of the NAACP as a possible hate crime or act of domestic terrorism.

Swedish legislators plan to remove race from law

Legislators will be removing all references to race since it is simply a "social construct" made by humans. Government officials believe that this is a solid step towards ending racism.

Three men sprayed with ammonia in homophobic attack outside club

London - The London Metropolitan Police are seeking a man and two women after an acid attack on three men outside a London club. The assaults are being considered as hate crimes.

Sikh university professor attacked by gang of teens in NYC

New York - After yells of "get Osama," and "terrorist", the Columbia University professor was beaten as he walked down the street. Police are treating the attack as a hate crime.

Transgender NYC woman dies after probable hate attack

New York - A transgender woman has died days after being attacked in Harlem, New York City in what police are investigating as a hate crime.

Jackie Robinson statue in Brooklyn defaced with racial slurs

Brooklyn - The Jackie Robinson statue outside a ballpark in Brooklyn, NY was defaced after a Tuesday night Brooklyn Cyclones game outside MCU Park.

Toronto police investigate spitting incident as a hate crime

Toronto - Toronto police have begun an investigation into an alleged incident of spitting on a woman wearing a hijab. Police are investigating the occurrence as a hate crime.

White noise: Inside the 'hate music' industry

Washington - A fatal shooting this past August at a Sikh temple by a skinhead in a 'hatecore' rock band shocked the nation. 'Hate music' is little known to those outside of that dark world. What is 'hate music' and is there a link between it and actual violence?

Amish leader and 15 others found guilty of hate crimes

Cleveland - Sam Mullet, Sr, the leader of an Amish breakaway group in Ohio, and 15 of his followers, were found guilty of hate crimes for forcibly cutting the beards and hair of members of their own faith.

The other terrorism: Right-wing extremism's threat to America

Washington - Long overshadowed by the foreign jihadist threat posed by al-Qaeda and it's allies, the domestic terrorism threat in the form of shadowy militia groups and militant neo-nazis remains a potent and sincere threat to U.S. national security.

White supremacist couple indicted on murder charges

Portland - A federal grand jury in Portland indicted a militant white supremacist couple on murder charges this past Thursday after the pair allegedly unleashed a wave of terror across the Pacific Northwest region that left four dead last fall.

Lesbian teen couple shot in Texas

Portland - A 19-year-old is dead and her 18-year-old girlfriend seriously injured after being shot around midnight on Friday. They were discovered in a Portland, Texas park Saturday morning. Police believe it may be a hate crime.

Op-Ed: Hate Crime? What other kind is there?

The term “hate crime” has always puzzled me. It seems almost intuitive that any violent crime would be, by it’s very nature, a “hate crime”.

Anti-government 'Patriot' groups propagating at an alarming rate

The Southern Poverty Law Center releases "Intelligence Report" citing a 755% increase in (Patriot) anti-government hate groups in the United States.

George Zimmerman charged with murder by mass media

The killing of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012 brings forth a series of rallies, outcries of racism, and half-truths.

911 calls here - Parents of Trayvon Martin seek help from the FBI

Sanford - On February 26, 2012, the Sanford Police Department received a telephone call from neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, a 28-year old self-appointed captain to the unregistered neighborhood watch group in the gated Sanford community.

UK hotline established to report hate crimes against Muslims

Due to the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes reported in the UK, the government will provide funding for a hot line where concerned citizens can report Islamophobic crimes and related activities.

Mosque one of four buildings firebombed in New York City

New York - Police and fire officials report that four homemade firebombs were thrown at four buildings in Queens, New York. Police are investigating the firebombings as bias crimes.

Op-Ed: Student suspended for beating up gay classmate-punishment enough?

Chillicothe - Huffington Post is reporting on an Ohio school incident of a student who beat up another student because he was gay. The attacker was given a three day suspension from school, but is that enough of a punishment?

Two NYC children arrested for attack on Muslim girl

New York - A boy and a girl, both from New York City have been arrested for hate crimes after several alleged attacks on a female Muslim classmate.

Op-Ed: Toronto's METRAC holds rally on hate crimes and violence Special

Toronto - On Sunday the Ministry of the Attorney General supported a rally put on by The Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC) at Toronto's Gladstone Hotel to challenge hate crimes.

Tennessee man sentenced for hate crime of burning down mosque

On Thursday a Tennessee man was sent to jail for burning down an Islamic mosque. This comes on the heels of increased hate activities against all kinds of groups.

Students withdraw from Ohio college after possible death threats

Several students have withdrawn from an Ohio college after a threat to kill black students was written on a dorm's bathroom wall.

Christian Conservatives looking to toss certain hate-crime laws

Christian conservatives are attempting to kill a bill that would give gays and lesbian protection when it comes to hate crimes. The leaders are requesting that the hate-crimes laws be tossed in the trash can.

Are Attacks Against The Homeless An Act of Hate?

An article on touches ground on acts of violence committed against the homeless. It brings up a question: Is violence against the homeless an act of hate?

Pride Flags Filled Vancouver Streets For Sunday Rally Against Hate Crime Violence

Vancouver's West Side was filled with people marching hand in hand waving rainbow flags to show support for Jordan Smith, 27, who was beaten last month in what is being called a gay bashing.

Matthew Shepherd Died Almost Ten Years Ago, Has Anything Changed?

Almost ten years ago a young man was beaten and left to die lashed to a fence in Laramie, Wyoming because he was gay. On Saturday his mother was in the city again this time watching as the University of Wyoming dedicated a bench to her son.

Hate Message on Soldier’s Jeep

“Soldiers are murderers” was spray painted on an Army Reserves sergeant’s jeep at Dallas Baptist University yesterday. The vandal has not yet been identified.
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James Craig Anderson was brutally run over with a pickup truck and killed on June 26  2011.
James Craig Anderson was brutally run over with a pickup truck and killed on June 26, 2011.
screen grab
Sarah Graves  left  and Shelbie Richards  right  are facing prison after pleading guilty in connecti...
Sarah Graves, left, and Shelbie Richards, right, are facing prison after pleading guilty in connection with a series of attacks including the 2011 death of James Anderson in Jackson, Mississippi.
screen grab
Mary Chapa  18  (l)  and Mollie Olgin  19
Mary Chapa, 18, (l), and Mollie Olgin, 19
Deryl Dedmon pled guilty to the murder of James Craig Anderson in 2012  and gets two life sentences.
Deryl Dedmon pled guilty to the murder of James Craig Anderson in 2012, and gets two life sentences.
Police in London are seeking a man and two women after an acid attack on three men
Police in London are seeking a man and two women after an acid attack on three men
London Metropolitan Police

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