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Hasbro expands robotic pet line with darling golden retriever

With the apparent success of Hasbro's new robotic cat last year, the global toy company has added to their "Joy For All" robotic pet line that is targeted at seniors in need of companionship with the release of a robotic golden retriever puppy.

Op-Ed: Robot cats — New companion idea for elderly

Sydney - Game and toys giant Hasbro has been working for a few years on this idea. Currently, they have a robot cat range with cat behaviors which are instantly familiar and, well, furry and adorable.

Hasbro thinks robotic pets are great for lonely oldsters

Technological advances in robotics have produced some amazingly real-life creations, and one toy company is using the world's fascination with them to target a huge consumer-base, seniors. Hasbro suggests getting grandma a robotic companion pet.

Hasbro's Monopoly boardgame to replace iron with new cat token

Pawtucket - The polls are closed and Monopoly players have spoken: the boardgame will no longer have the iron token. Instead, it will be replaced by a cat. The feline design defeated four other contenders in the voting process.

Hasbro pegs new question: Which 'Monopoly' game piece should go?

Pawtucket - Hasbro is asking its players which one of the eight game tokens should get the boot? Players are getting asked to vote on Facebook as to which piece should be saved and what new one should be added to the popular board game.

Review: ‘Battleship’ is several explosions too many Special

‘Battleship’ is a long series of explosions, motivated by an alien invasion and inspired by the board game of the same name.

Pink Ouija Board game aimed at young girls prompts boycott

A pink version of the Ouija Board game, made by Hasbro and sold at Toys R Us locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, has been targeted by Christian groups concerned that it is encouraging young girls to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Hasbro to unveil new online Google Maps-based monopoly

Hasbro is reportedly preparing to launch a new version of their hit game "Monopoly" online later this week featuring close integration with the Google Maps API.

Op-Ed: G.I Joe film is endless action and nostalgia Special

If you expect G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra to be the typical summer blockbuster with masterful CGI and high-octane action, you'll be overjoyed. If you expect two hours of impeccable acting and suspense, you'll be very disappointed.

Hasbro drops 'Scrabulous' lawsuit, but game not back on Facebook

Hasbro has dropped its lawsuit against the “Scrabulous” game owners from India. It didn’t give any reason for withdrawing the suit.

Facebook Shuts Down Scrabulous For Good

Facebook has finally shut down Scrabulous after it received a DMCA takedown notice from Hasbro, which owns Scrabble's rights in the U.S.

Hasbro sends DMCA notice to Facebook to remove 'Scrabulous' application

Hasbro has sent a notice to Facebook to remove the popular Scrabulous application from the social network. Scrabulous is based on the well-known Scrabble board game.

EA and Hasbro Ink Video Game Deal

Electronic Arts and Hasbro are teaming up to bring casual games like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit to cellphones, consoles and online platforms. Is this partnership the real reason why Hasbro wants Scrabulous off Facebook?

Hasbro Attempts To Shutdown Another Facebook Application

Hasbro recently made attempts to force Facebook to shut down an online version of one of their board games (Scrabble). Now, the toy retail giant wants another Facebook App killed... this time it's Bogglific, an online version of Hasbro's Boggle word game.

Hasbro Tries To Shut Down Facebook's popular Scrabulous Game

Hasbro, owners of the popular game Scrabble, is taking action against Facebook’s most popular online game Scrabulous. Hasbro wants to shut down Scrabulous and gave notice to Facebook two weeks ago.

Mr Potato Head Move Over, It's the Spider Spud

Everyone’s favorite potato wants to be America’s favorite super hero! MR. POTATO HEAD, the iconic face-changing potato friend for kids, becomes the web-slinging hero, SPIDER SPUD, in a super hero make over.

Lucas Planning New Star Wars DVD

Lucas is planning a video release for this year's 30th anniversary, a Star Wars animated TV show next year and a live-action Star Wars TV show in 2009.

Hasbro Massively Mini Media Player

Ahh wouldn't ya know it, another item comes out just in time for Christmas... hehe

Tonka Inducted Into National Toy Hall Of Fame

SALEM, Ore.- TONKA, the name synonymous with tough, durable trucks and vehicles, will be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, housed in the historic Parrish House, part of A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village in Salem, OR. The National Toy Hall...

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Hasbro Image

JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats are designed to bring comfort  companionship and fun for your elder l...
JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats are designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones.
Hasbro s Joy For All golden retriever.
Hasbro's Joy For All golden retriever.
Hasbro s Joy For All golden retriever.
Hasbro's Joy For All golden retriever.
Hasbro asks if this robotic cat isn t the purr-fect gift for your favorite senior?
Hasbro asks if this robotic cat isn't the purr-fect gift for your favorite senior?
This robotic macaw is called  Squawker.
This robotic macaw is called "Squawker."
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