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Op-Ed: Protein in a meteorite — Dithering about the obvious

Cambridge - A protein in a meteorite 4.5 billion years old, you say? Oh, what an opportunity for missing the obvious! Let’s babble for another 30 years, shall we? Fermi couldn’t be that wrong, after all.

Brynn Elliott talks new single, Harvard University graduation Special

Atlantic recording artist Brynn Elliott chatted with Digital Journal about her new single "Time of Our Lives," which was released on her graduation day from Harvard University.

Reverse aging? Eliminate disease? Bring back the Neanderthal? Special

New York - Why wait for evolution to act if genetic technology can accelerate the process, especially if it can give us longer and healthier lives? That’s the message the eminent Harvard geneticist George Church wants to get out.

Harvard University drops 'master' title

Harvard - The title "master" will no longer be used to denote senior academics at Harvard University due to connotations with the slave trade.

Researchers say stem cells could provide Type I diabetes cure

A team of Havard University researchers believe they have found a cure for Type I diabetes using stem cells to create the kind of insulin-producing cells that victims of Type I diabetes lack.

Op-Ed: 'Born to lead' gene? Could be, but some very vague mixed messages

Sydney - A "born to lead" gene has been identified. Going by the catchy name of rs4950, it appears to be a common, hereditary gene in leaders. This study is a new part of a series of leadership studies carried out by different colleges over the last decade.

Science denying Republicans may feel EPA's wrath

A small, vocal group of Republicans has accused the EPA of using "secret science" to push through clean air regulations. In response, EPA chief Gina McCarthy says the agency will come out swinging.

New study finds casual pot use alters the brain

Young adults who occasionally use pot show abnormalities in two key areas of their brain related to emotion, motivation, and decision making, new research reveals.

TERMES robots build structures without human guidance

Harvard - Termites are among the oldest forms of life. Their structures are ultra-efficient, air conditioned, and extremely durable. New robots developed at Harvard have successfully mimicked termite behaviour, with minimal software and no human help at all.

Harvard survey: American youth abandoning Obama and congress

According to Harvard University's Institute of Politics survey, America's youth are abandoning Obama and the two-party federal government in general.

Study: Students who cheat more likely to want government jobs

Bangalore - A new study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that people who cheat are more likely to want government jobs.

What did Kanye West say at Harvard?

Cambridge - Kanye West spoke to students Sunday at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. During the lecture, Kanye told the students he admires their work. He also shared his views about design.

Scientists win 'Ig Nobel' prize for dung beetle navigation

A Swedish research team has won a coveted "Ig Nobel" prize - awarded by Harvard University for quirky discoveries "that make people laugh and then think" - for finding dung beetles can navigate their way home in the dark using the Milky Way as a guide.

Spain's loss is Harvard's gain as scientist is offered position

After working for 18 months without pay at Jaén University in Andalucía, Spain, a Spanish researcher has landed a job at Harvard's prestigious medical school.

More than 30 injured as bus hits low bridge in Boston

Boston - A charter bus carrying 42 passengers tried to go under an overpass bridge that it was just too tall to navigate. At least 30 people were injured in the incident.

BDSM comes to Harvard as 'Harvard College Munch' is approved

Cambridge - Harvard now has a BDSM club as "Harvard College Munch" was one of the 15 independent student organizations to receive official recognition.

Discovery's Curiosity explores 'Brainwashed to Assassinate'

The Sunday edition of Discovery Network's Curiosity series airing 28/10/12 explores the dark realm of the mind when hypnotist Tom Silver endeavors to brainwash subjects using hypnotism. Can they be programmed to kill?

'Panic' at Harvard for Papandreou’s ‘Redesigning Europe’ Lectures

Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is about to lead the ‘Redesigning Europe’ study group at Harvard, that has organised a lottery to satisfy the high demand to attend the study group.

Harvard study: Fluoridated water lowers children's IQ Special

Researchers at Harvard University recently published the results of a long-term analysis that links fluoridated water to lower IQ scores in children.

North Carolina teen goes from homelessness to Harvard

Lawndale - She grew up moving from place to place with no electricity or running water. Then her parents abandoned her. She survived by working as a custodian at her school, got good grades, and will begin Harvard next fall.

Harvard develops cancer-killing nanorobots

Boston - The relentless pursuit of a cure for one of humanity's most devastating diseases took a rather large leap with a very small invention recently as Harvard develops cancer-targeting nanorobots that seek out cancer cells and kills them.

Full scholarship at Harvard awaits for Colombian science student

New York - When the stresses and strains of life get to us, we often want to give up, but if Carolina Salguero's story is anything to go by, it proves that we should never stop chasing our dreams.

Harvard says consuming brown rice reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes

Boston - Health food fanatics and vegans will rejoice in the fact that a recent study form Harvard University shows that eating brown rice reduces the risk of acquiring Type 2 diabetes.

Report: Canadian Internet performance lagging behind

Harvard University has released a report that puts Canada on a list of countries with the slowest and most expensive Internet access. Described as a "weak performer", the study placed Canada 19th out of 30.

Top Jobs in Math and Science—Where are the Women?

Why are there so few women in top academic jobs in math and the sciences? The proportion of women studying for math and science careers is nearly equal with men, but employment figures don't even begin to reflect that social change.

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Cultural historian Robert Darnton.
Cultural historian Robert Darnton.
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Police and bomb squad officers are searching the area
Police and bomb squad officers are searching the area
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Dawn Loggins  18  who used to be homeless but now attends Harvard
Dawn Loggins, 18, who used to be homeless but now attends Harvard
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