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Op-Ed: First ever aging reversal — But will the public ever have access?

Sydney - The only people who “like” aging are people who didn’t have lives to begin with. Age is the ultimate added insult. The first ever aging reversal proves that time isn’t unbeatable. The problem is that the public may never get access to it.

Study: Eating peanut butter could prevent future breast disease

Researchers in two major universities and a cancer institute in the United States have found a link between eating peanut butter and a lower risk of breast disease. The researchers found the link between peanut butter and benign breast disease.

Harvard to close monkey research center

Harvard Medical School has announced that it is to close down its primate research center. The move appears not to be motivated by concerns about animal testing (despite recent criticisms) but rather a consequence of a lack of funding.

Harvard - Abused women risk having autistic children

Boston - New findings from Harvard School of Public Health show that women abused physically, emotionally or sexually as youngsters are more likely to have children who are autistic. These findings confirm previous study results from Israeli scientists.

Prominent Boston pediatrician faces child pornography charge

Boston - After an investigation that was begun in 2010, Dr. Richard Keller was charged in federal court with one count of receipt of child pornography.

Lack of sleep can lead to euphoria – but there’s a downside

Scientists have found that, far from being moody after missing a night’s sleep, we can sometimes get a feeling of pleasant euphoria.

Virtual disease surveillance: Healthmap plots outbreaks around the world

Now here’s a first. Healthmap is able to produce a map of disease incidences, around the world, and track, in real time, about 95% of them. That’s a lot faster than existing systems, and could be a huge asset if there’s ever a global pandemic.

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MIT researchers have developed a stretchy optical fiber in which they have injected multiple organic...
MIT researchers have developed a stretchy optical fiber in which they have injected multiple organic dyes (yellow, blue, and green regions). In addition to lighting up, the dyes act as a strain sensor, enabling researchers to quantify where and by how much a fiber has been stretched.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor David Sinclair  an Australian scientist and entrepreneur
Professor David Sinclair, an Australian scientist and entrepreneur
Harvard College

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