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Harvard News

Trump sees crimson as Harvard receives millions in virus aid, wants it back

Washington - US President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday that Harvard, the world's wealthiest university, pay back millions it received under a massive government stimulus package meant to cushion the economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

Beyoncé's father talks Solange, Destiny's Child, career, Harvard Special

Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles, chatted with Digital Journal about launching Beyoncé and Destiny's Child to international fame, and about Solange's new album. He founded Music World Entertainment, which is celebrating over 25 years in the business.

Germany's Merkel to deliver Harvard commencement address

New York - German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be the commencement speaker at graduation ceremonies for Harvard University in May of next year, the university announced on Friday.

VC firms should diversify to improve financial performance

A Harvard University study on diversity's effect within the venture capital industry, focusing on measures of financial performance, has found that having diversity on a team improves a VC firm's overall fund returns, among other things.

Harvard University drops 'master' title

Harvard - The title "master" will no longer be used to denote senior academics at Harvard University due to connotations with the slave trade.

Former publisher campaigns for free tuition at Harvard

Harvard alumnus Ron Unz — the former publisher of The American Conservative — received some good news on Wednesday. Harvard University sent word that he had qualified to be a candidate for the Board of Overseers.

Op-Ed: SF Conservatory composer finds universal theme in The Mass Special

San Francisco - Within the tradition of concert and orchestra music, there has always been a sense of the sacred, whether it is Handel's "Messiah" or Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," regardless of being religious or not this link still exists.

Op-Ed: Privacy is dead, Harvard professors tell World Economic Forum

Davos - Privacy as we know it is dead, never to return, a group of concerned Harvard University professors told a session of the global business, political and technology elite at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Harvard email threats may not be 'credible'

Harvard - Hundreds of emails were sent to students and staff members at Harvard University Friday, threatening to shoot them on Saturday. The emails were probably sent from outside the U.S., but university and law enforcement officials are taking them seriously.

Possibly habitable planet spotted 500 light-years away

Mountain View - An earth-size planet orbiting in its sun's habitable zone has been spotted for the first time, U.S. space scientists announced Thursday.

New study finds casual pot use alters the brain

Young adults who occasionally use pot show abnormalities in two key areas of their brain related to emotion, motivation, and decision making, new research reveals.

Sir Alex Ferguson, former Man United manager, to teach at Harvard

Sir Alex Ferguson is switching from lecturing footballers, the likes of Wayne Rooney, to university students. The 72-year-old Sir Alex has signed to teach at Boston's Harvard University. He gave lectures on coaching at the Ivy League school last year.

Harvard library reveals rare books bound in real human flesh

Cambridge - A 2006 article from the Harvard Crimson about three antique books discovered in Harvard's library bound in real human flesh has resurfaced and is rapidly trending throughout Facebook.

Op-Ed: Why online schools could be the future of education

You hear the controversy in the news on an almost daily basis. The cost of a four-year university degree continues to rise at rates unimaginable by the middle class, often sending it out of range for many.

Op-Ed: Saturated fat OK? Do Harvard and Cambridge include feet in mouth?

Sydney - What the world really needs now is a really 200 percent contradictory health message, overturning years of medical advice and research. New Harvard and Cambridge research says that saturated fats are not “linked to a greater risk of heart disease.”

Op-Ed: Microbe eats electrons- At a distance? Big deal on micro scale

Harvard - A microbe called Rhodopseudomonas palustris uses natural conductivity to obtain electrons from subsoil. This is roughly the equivalent of humans eating by email. Harvard has discovered a new, fascinating process with a lot of questions attached.

Rockit! Herbie Hancock appointed Harvard professor of poetry

U.S. jazz musician Herbie Hancock has been appointed as the 2014 Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard University. He is the latest in a long line of poets and artists to be appointed to this honorary post.

Harvard University fined for animal cruelty

Harvard Medical School has been fined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for animal welfare violations involving monkeys used for research.

Online job ad offers $40k per year to pose as 'Harvard student'

Cambridge - An alleged "Harvard student" is offering a payment of $40,000 per year to a qualified candidate willing to pose as him while attending classes at Harvard University.

Harvard sophomore charged with email 'bomb hoax'

Cambridge - Monday Digital Journal reported an evacuation at Harvard University following an email bomb threat. Later in the day it turned out to be a hoax and Wednesday one 20-year-old student, Eldo Kim, is accused of being responsible and charged.

Harvard evacuated over hoax 'explosives' on campus email threat

Cambridge - As students at Harvard, an Ivy League University, sat Examinations Monday morning police received an email warning of explosives on site. The bomb threat was taken seriously and an evacuation quickly took place.

Does smoking marijuana cause schizophrenia?

Boston - Marijuana, the most commonly abused illegal drug used worldwide, has long been considered an environmental risk factor for developing schizophrenia. A new study from Harvard University tells a different story.

Op-Ed: Harvard students don't know capital of Canada

Cambridge - The Harvard Crimson, the newspaper of the Ivy League School, asked Harvard students on camera what was the capital of Canada.

How drinking coffee reduces suicide risk

Drinking coffee can block suicidal thoughts, a new Harvard University study revealed. Caffeine may act as a mild antidepressant by boosting production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, researchers say.

Hamburger flies into space

Five students from Harvard sent a hamburger into space in what they call "Operation Skyfall". A camera attached filmed its space mission.

Rapper Nas honored with fellowship at Harvard

Cambridge - Hiphop legend Nas has been honored with "The Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellowship." The fellowship has been established to fund scholars and artists who demonstrate "exceptional scholarship and creative ability in the arts," HipHopDX reports.

Scientists use 3D printer to create tiny, powerful battery

3D printers are continuing to find more everyday uses, and a team at Harvard have now created a lithium-ion battery the size of a grain of sand that could greatly benefit medical and communications technology.

Harvard robotic insects make first controlled flight

Aerial drones aren't a new concept, but in fact has been researched and developed for quite some time. While they are becoming smaller and smaller, the roboticists over at University of Harvard developed the smallest aerial drone so far.

Harvard to close monkey research center

Harvard Medical School has announced that it is to close down its primate research center. The move appears not to be motivated by concerns about animal testing (despite recent criticisms) but rather a consequence of a lack of funding.

Metrics Mania & March Madness seek to find the best university

A project “Metrics Mania” will compare the institutional research productivity between the 64 colleges and universities from across the U.S. The 64 institutions are each competing in the 'March Madness' of college basketball.
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