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Facebook plays to social ties with Portal smart-screen

San Francisco - Facebook on Wednesday unveiled second-generation Portal smart screens, touting them as a way to stay connected to loved ones at the leading social network.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ adds faster networking for Pi Day

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new model of the diminutive single-board computer which iterates on 2016's Raspberry Pi 3. The updated Model B+ adds a faster processor, modern networking and official support for Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Google uses machine learning to make computers faster as they age

Google has released a research paper which details how computers could be sped up as they age. The technique uses machine learning to enhance the performance of "prefetching," a mechanism used to pull information out of memory in advance of its use.

Microsoft and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI, the cloud and hardware

Microsoft and Xiaomi have announced an expanded strategic agreement to collaborate on cloud technologies, AI and hardware products. The companies will be working together on projects including a smart speaker, "laptop devices" and improved AI services.

Tim Cook doesn't 'give a rats' about being first to AR glasses

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said augmented reality glasses won't be around anytime soon. Cook said he doesn't think the concept can be created in a way people would be "satisfied with." The company would rather ship a polished product than be first to launch.

Google says it's now 'committed' to building AI-centric hardware

Google has expanded its range of hardware products with several new devices, including the Pixel 2 smartphone and additional Google Home variants. The common theme in the line-up is AI, a technology Google said should be "at the core" of modern hardware.

Roku's IPO popped nearly 70 percent - 'even investors watch TV'

The stock, which was priced at the top of its range at $14 a share, surged on its opening day and finished Thursday's regular trading session up nearly 70 percent at $23.50.

Microsoft won't hold its annual hardware launch event this year

For the last several years, Microsoft has thrown a splashy New York City event in late October to introduce new Surface computers and other gadgets into the world.

Microsoft aims to recapture power users with new Windows version

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows 10 designed specifically for users of high-end workstation PCs. The company said it had listened to feedback from customers asking for a desktop operating system tailored to server-grade hardware.

NVIDIA hands out free Volta graphics cards to top AI researchers

NVIDIA has taken the unusual step of giving away 15 of its brand-new datacentre-grade Tesla V100 graphics cards. The highly advanced accelerators were handed out by company CEO Jensen Huang to representatives of 15 top AI research institutes.

Dell launches new Alienware PCs, laptops and monitors at E3

Dell's Alienware gaming division has announced several new products at the E3 gaming show today. The revised line-up includes more powerful desktop computers, upgraded laptops and new monitors built for high frame-rate gameplay.

Samsung unveils giant 49-inch ultrawide monitor for gamers

Samsung has unveiled a new computer monitor with a huge 49-inch diagonal size. The gigantic screen has an ultrawide aspect ratio of 32:9 and takes in a slight curve to fill your vision. Samsung hopes to convince gamers to try out the monitor.

Liquid helium lets Intel's Core i7-7740K hit record 7.5GHz speeds

A team of boundary-pushing overclocking enthusiasts at PC gaming hardware company Gigabyte has broken records by using liquid helium to get Intel's new Core i7-7740K processor to run at 7.5GHz. It went on to set several benchmarking records.

Leak: Microsoft creating Windows 10 edition for 'Advanced PCs'

A leaked build of Windows 10 has revealed Microsoft is working on three new versions of the operating system designed for "advanced PCs." The company looks set to revive its Workstation branding last used over 20 years ago to offer extended features.

Microsoft thinks the smartphone is 'already dead'

Microsoft believes smartphones are "already dead" and is moving forward to the next big thing, one of the company's senior technical fellows has said. Microsoft intends to progress beyond mobile to a mixed reality future where smartphones are redundant.

Spotify building its own 'category defining' music hardware

Spotify is planning to launch a hardware device that will change the way in which "the world" experiences music. The company's ambitious aims are said to be early in development. It's an unexpected expansion of Spotify's business, moving beyond apps.

This tiny $10 computer comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has celebrated its fifth birthday by launching a new product, the successor to the highly successful Raspberry Pi Zero computer. The $10 Zero W adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the tiny form factor, making the Pi more versatile.

Acer unveils the world's first curved laptop, offers insane specs

Acer has unveiled what is possibly the most overkill gaming laptop ever created, a 21-inch curved goliath featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards and five cooling fans to keep it all running.

Report: The iPhone 7 will have three new features

With the launch of the iPhone 7 only weeks away, Apple is close to finalising the hardware of the new phone. According to a credible new report, it will feature the long-rumoured dual-lens camera, no headphone jack and a capacitive home button.

OnePlus denies it's behind a tiny powerhouse phone spotted online

A phone that observers claim could be the OnePlus 3 Mini has appeared on an online benchmarking tool. The device has extremely high performance specs in a small chassis, packing 6GB of RAM and a flagship processor into a very compact 4.6-inch form factor.

HP website slip-up advertises £2k laptop for less than £2

HP has apologised to customers after the UK version of its online store inadvertently listed a laptop worth more than £2,000 for just £1.58 over the weekend. It admitted its mistake but said it will not honour the sales.

NVIDIA unveils world's fastest GPU, tailored to virtual reality

NVIDIA has unveiled a pair of new workstation graphics cards that are the most powerful models ever built. They are designed to enable artists, graphic designers and developers to work faster and with more creativity than before, building new experiences.

HTC and HP building VR-ready computers approved for the Vive

HTC is reportedly going to start building capable gaming computers designed for virtual reality. Branded as Vive PCs, the systems will allow gamers to buy an off-the-shelf PC and be certain it supports the Vive. Rival Oculus already has a similar program.

Google reportedly building its own Android phone from scratch

Google is reportedly planning a move to disrupt the Android ecosystem by launching its own smartphone developed entirely in-house. Its current range of Nexus handsets are built by external companies. Google now wants control, abandoning the Nexus name.

OnePlus unveils the OnePlus 3: Cutting-edge hardware for $399

After months of teasing and leaks, OnePlus has officially launched the OnePlus 3, its third flagship handset. Like its predecessors, the phone aims to be a premium phone at a low price, featuring very high-end specs and a lightweight design for $399.

Moore's Law ending as Intel abandons 'tick tock' CPU cycle

Intel is changing the way it releases new processors, an alteration that could end Moore's Law. It will extend the lifetime of each process it releases instead of following its traditional "tick tock" cycle. Three phases will now be involved.

Sony building an updated 'PlayStation 4.5' with 4K games support

Sony is working on a significant mid-life refresh for its PlayStation 4 games console, according to a report that claims to have knowledge of the company's plans. Currently dubbed the 'PlayStation 4.5,' the updated model will support 4K games.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 includes an overlooked phone-saving feature

People who have bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 have discovered it possesses a unique feature to go with its waterproofing. A tiny moisture sensor in the charging port detects if the phone is even slightly wet and refuses to charge, protecting the device.

Top 10 smartphone features that could be about to change

Smartphones are one of the most quickly evolving areas of technology. With launches every year that make existing flagships obsolete overnight, it can be hard to keep track of the industry. Here's a list of the top 10 ways that smartphones are changing.

Shady $17 smartwatch sends your data to an unknown Chinese server

Smartwatches are usually quite pricey accessories but, as with most electrical products, cheap knockoffs can easily be found online. One such device is the "U8" $17 smartwatch, recently caught transmitting user data to an unknown Chinese server.
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The $17  U8 Watch
The $17 "U8 Watch"
U8 Watch
The $17  U8 Watch
The $17 "U8 Watch"
U8 Watch
The $17  U8 Watch
The $17 "U8 Watch"
U8 Watch
A Robert Dyas ad proclaims it to be the place to buy hardware no matter your sexual orientation.
A Robert Dyas ad proclaims it to be the place to buy hardware no matter your sexual orientation.
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