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Hard drive News

Seagate unveils giant 60TB SSD, the largest ever created

Seagate has announced the world's largest solid state drive ever created, a 60TB goliath that spells the end for mechanical hard drives. While the technology remains a demonstration prototype for now, Seagate hopes to start commercial sales next year.

Samsung's huge 15 terabyte SSD is now available to buy

Samsung has launched its enterprise-grade 15.36TB SSD. The ultra-high capacity drive offers more storage space than the majority of mechanical hard drives while offering performance that HDDs cannot reach.

Seagate's new 10TB hard drive is filled with helium gas

Seagate has announced its first hard drive filled with pure helium instead of usual air. Helium is billed as the next big thing for hard drives due to its low density. The drive has 10 terabytes of capacity and will cost around $800.

Flaw lets hackers connect to Seagate hard drives, download files

Several serious vulnerabilities have been found in Seagate's range of wireless hard drives. A flaw could allow an attacker to remotely download files with root access using a hidden default user account present on the drives.

Cops to delete LPR data as 80GB hard drive 'keeps crashing'

The Oakland Police Department has decided to delete license plate data after six months instead of retaining it indefinitely. The reason isn't really to give residents more privacy but rather because a Windows XP computer's 80GB hard drive is full.

Nintendo may be heading back towards the game cartridges of old

Nintendo has filed a patent for a games console that stores its content on memory cards, harking back to the days of the cartridge-based Nintendo 64 of 20 years ago. It's unclear whether the company intends to use the tech in its upcoming "NX" device.

Permanent data loss at Google as lightning strikes four times

Energy-charged atmospheric clouds destroyed a tiny slice of Google's energy-charged digital cloud last Thursday as a data centre in Belgium was struck by lightning four times, wiping disks of data into a state that makes them non-recoverable.

Samsung unveils world's largest hard drive — 16TB super-fast SSD

Samsung has created the world's highest-capacity hard drive, cramming 16TB of file storage space into a unit that fits into a 2.5-inch bay. Even more significant is that the drive is actually an SSD based around 3D NAND chips and not a hard drive at all.

Apple starts free replacement program for iMac 3TB hard drives

Apple has launched a replacement program for defective 3TB hard drives used in its flagship 27-inch iMacs for the 2013 season. The offer is being made across the world as Apple has found that the hard drives can fail under specific circumstances.

IBM develops computer tape capable of storing 220TB of data

IT giant IBM has developed a new form of magnetic tape for computer storage that can hold 220TB of data on a reel of tape that could fit in the palm of your hand. The development will make it much easier to store vast amounts of data.

Google has been indexing private network-connected hard drives

A report has found that Google has been inadvertently indexing network-connected hard drives in peoples' homes. These drives are often used by families for backing up devices and the researchers found that stored files could be found on Google.

Magnetic tornadoes could trigger new types of computers

Sheffield - Scientists are investigating whether magnetic devices, hundreds of times thinner than a human hair, can be utilized to create next generation computing technologies.

Man accidentally chucks away $7.5 million in Bitcoins

James Howells, a British IT professional, mined 7,500 Bitcoins in 2009. He eventually forgot about them and then he threw away the hard drive they were stored on.

Seagate now shipping world's first 4TB hard drive

Seagate announced that it is now shipping the only 4TB hard drive to utilize 1TB-per-platter technology. The company claims that this is a first for the industry.

Adam Lanza damaged his hard drive before Sandy Hook massacre

Police say that before he went on the deadly rampage at Sandy Hook School, Adam Lanza, in what is now being alleged evidence of premeditation in his crime, damaged his computer hard drive, making it difficult for investigators to extract information.

Bacteria may help build future bio-computers

Magnetic bacteria may hold the key for the creation of a new generation of biological computers. The bacteria could be used to create super-fast hard drives.

Fabrik launches green hard drive made with bamboo and recyclable aluminum

The Fabrik hard drive is encased with bamboo and aluminum raw materials, providing 90 per cent power savings over conventional hard drives.

4 terabyte hard drive for desktops, 1 terabyte for laptops by 2011

Hitachi will soon launch hard drives that are nanoscale in size smaller than the width of the hair. The newer hard drive will quadruple current storage limits to 4 terabytes for desktop computers and 1 terabyte for laptops by the year 2011.

Data to go: Options for hauling lots of files

These days, almost everything's digital - our photos, music collections, videos, documents, financial records, and more. Most of us can get all of this data on a few hard drives.

TSA Looses Employee Data Hard Drive

The Transportation Security Agency has misplaced a hard drive that contains the data for approximately 100,000 employees. Included in this data was the employees Social Security Numbers, payroll information, and banking data.

New 2.5 Inch SSD (Hard Drive) Record

A solid state drive is primarily a data storage device, for use in computing applications that traditionally use a hard disk drive.

Veteran's Administration guilty of hardware loss - Again.

In the past year, many government organizations have been guilty of critical data loss. From missing laptops to misdirected emails, millions of citizens have been put at risk for identity theft. The Veterans Administration is no stranger to this scenario.

Hitachi Introduces 1-Terabyte Hard Drive

Hitachi is first with an announcement of a 1-terabyte hard disk drive. Hitachi grabbed a head start on the competition by announcing its drive today, just before the largest U.S. consumer electronics show starts next week.

50 years ago hard-drive

year.. 1966. IBM marketed the first IBM 305 and the first Hard drive (HD) in history. 5MB of capacity!!!! and about 1 ton of weight!!. is impresive to see how in 50 years time those 5MB now are nothing. Today we can hold 3000 times that amount in th...

Fujitsu prepares 300GB notebook drive

"Fujitsu is planning to release a 300GB hard drive for notebooks, which it says will set a record for SATA (serial ATA)-based 2.5-inch drives"

French teacher's hard-drive confiscated for downloading music

A 29-year-old school teacher in France had her computer hard-drive confiscated by a court for illegally downloading hundreds of songs from the Internet.

Smokin’ Hard Drive Deal From 1980

A 15 Megabyte Hard Drive in the year 1980.

Fujitsu laptops also ditching hard drives for flash

This is a good move for Laptop makers all around... Knowing how sometimes by accident laptops get dropped and can destroy a hard drive, flash drives are less susceptible to damage from this kind of event. Problem: small drives at first so not many songs.

New Highest Capacity-Per-Platter 5400 RPM Hard Drive

LAKE FOREST - Western Digital Corp. released next-generation WD Caviar hard drive family designed to meet the capacity, performance and cost requirements of the mainstream desktop storage segment. The new WD Caviar hard drive, a 5400 RPM, 30 GB-per...

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Hard drive Image

Seagate s 10TB helium-filled enterprise hard drive
Seagate's 10TB helium-filled enterprise hard drive
Samsung s 16TB SSD at the Flash Media Summit in California [Via]
Samsung's 16TB SSD at the Flash Media Summit in California [Via]
Inateck FD2002 Dual Bay box  containing each of the device components.
Inateck FD2002 Dual Bay box, containing each of the device components.
Samsung s 2.5-inch 15.36TB enterprise SSD (solid state drive)
Samsung's 2.5-inch 15.36TB enterprise SSD (solid state drive)
Toshiba 1 TB 2.5  External USB Hard Disk Drive
Toshiba 1 TB 2.5" External USB Hard Disk Drive
Most hard disk drives incorporate strong magnets.
Most hard disk drives incorporate strong magnets.
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