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Happy News

The happiest states in America revealed

Some places are ‘happier’ than others, albeit with ‘happiness’ being difficult to define and needing to be assessed using different criteria. A new study by WalletHub gets into the detail of the ‘happiest’ states in the U.S.

Study: Eurovision Song Contest linked to increased happiness

The strange science story of the week, and a topical one, is that the Eurovision Song Contest is associated with an increase in life satisfaction, according to researchers.

Happiest cities in the U.S. revealed through new survey

Where are the most content, and by association, least content cities in the U.S.? Where are the collective populations happiest? In drawing up such a list, what is happiness and how is it measured? A new survey probes for the answers.

Iran 'Happy' dancers 91 lashes - suspended (update)

Tehran - Six Iranians arrested for filming a video tribute to Pharrell Williams' song "Happy" have been given a suspended sentenced of 91 lashes and potential jail terms.

Video: Prison inmates dance and get 'Happy Inside'

Enna - Prisoners in Sicily, Italy, decided to show the world that they too can smile and be happy, even if they are behind bars. You can watch them dance and generally perform to the Pharrell Williams song "Happy," and they actually do look the part!

McDonald's new ambassador 'Happy' is scaring the social media

It seems McDonald's new Happy Meal ambassador, dubbed rather originally "Happy," is not going down well on the social media. Going more by the name of "McScary," people are just not impressed.

'Happy' song makes Pharrell cry tears of joy (VIDEO)

Pharrell breaks down in tears during an interview with Oprah after she shows him the impact his upbeat tune has around the globe.

Op-Ed: Songs of joy for International Day of Happiness

In June of 2012 the United Nations established the International Day of Happiness to be celebrated on March 20th. Music plays an important part in helping achieve the goals of global happiness called for on this day.

Happy video comes to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik - The HAPPY video has arrived in Dubrovnik in style. Pharrell Williams with his positive song and good vibrations has taken much of the world by storm and now Dubrovnik has its own HAPPY video.

Babies react best to ‘happy sounds’

Babies seem to react best to certain sounds (dubbed "happy sounds" by a research team). Scientists are starting to figure out exactly why these sounds are so alluring to infants.

New 'redneck' video game is no shot in the dark

West Monroe - Who would have ever thought that a show built around the lives of a bunch of bearded duck hunters who deem themselves “rednecks” would have become the most popular reality series?

Being ‘happy’ makes for good health, it's all in the genes

According to a new study, a good state of mind affects your health. The study looked at how positive psychology impacts upon immune cells and the body’s ability to fight disease.

Semen is good for women's health and also fights depression

According to a study, which studied semen's mood-altering chemicals, oral sex is good for the health of women, and it also helps them feel happier.

World naked bike ride 2011- Halifax, NS Special

Halifax - Under the Nova Scotian blue skies, over 90 people participated in the World Naked Bike Ride today, and hundreds of curious bystanders got to see a sight not often seen in downtown Halifax.

A sad, sad day for the Happy Meal and its toys

Santa Clara - A lot of sad kids will soon be seen in Santa Clara County's McDonald's restaurants. So, why are Happy Meals to blame for all the long faces?

The happiest children in Europe live in Netherlands

According to a British study, the happiest children in Europe live in the Netherlands and in Scandinavian countries. Britain is ranked 24th among 29 countries.

Study shows that having a sister makes us happy

Study finds that those who had sisters growing up experienced an overall sense of balance and well being. Conversely, those with brothers experienced more distress.

Want happy babies? Eat chocolate

Recent research has shown that eating chocolate could be one of the ways of making your baby. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is known to boost people's mood. But not everyone agrees with the study's results.

Propaganda Puppet Mickey Mouse Turns 80 And He's Still the Political Nazi Figure

Mickey Mouse is 80 this week - there are very few entertainment figures in front of him - Fats Domino springs to mind, yet those early days of Mr Mouse where dark. He was banned from Germany in WW2 and the Italians didn't think he was fascist enough.

Op-Ed: If Happy Teachers Produce Good Students, What Do Unhappy Teachers Produce?

Researchers in Austin, Texas have recently found a strong correlation to teacher happiness and student performance. But does this mean that an emotion relative to innumerable factors and weighted on an individual scale holds our children hostage?

Marital Bliss Or Blahs? We Are In Love, Cheating And Doing The 'Duty' Every 30 Days

Married and wonder how you compare to others in areas like how often you engage in pillow talk or whether others keep secrets from their better halves? If you are enjoying each other between the sheets more than once a month, you are in the minority.

CNN poll: Founding Fathers would not be pleased with the current status of U.S.

A CNN poll asked the respondents how the founding fathers would feel about the way the country has turned out 232 years after declaring its independence from Great Britain. A majority say they will not be pleased with it.

Op-Ed: American Generations and the Happiness Index

Baby Boomers have been found to be the most miserable generation in America and their gloomy outlook on life has lead to the United States being the 16th happiest nation in the world.

Happiest Americans are Oldest Americans

Research has found that the happiest Americans are the oldest Americans. Older Americans are more socially active as I personally witnessed of my late grandmother who recently passed away.

Report: Happy Marriage equals Happy Heart

Brigham Young University researchers say happily married couples have lower blood pressure or heart problems compared to unhappily married couples or singles. Researchers say marriage offers "unique health benefits."

Happy 10th Birthday Google!

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google search engine 10 years ago on September 15th, 1997 and already has become a global force in business to reckon with. It is now the major dominant search engine in the Internet.

Canadians Happier Than Americans

According to the Dutch Academic Ruut Veenhoven’s “Global Happiness Index”, Canadians are a pretty happy lot compared to the US and the rest of the world. Canada is ranked ninth among 95 nations, while US is ranked 17th.

Happy 25th Birthday, Compact Disc

Philips introduced the first Compact Disc (CD) on August 17, 1982, a copy of ABBA’s The Visitors. CD ushered a new era of digital music. Today it marks the CD’s 25th anniversary.

Seven-year-old girl finds condom in a Happy Meal

A seven-year-old New Zealand girl got a condom for a prize in her "Happy Meal" at a Wellington McDonald's. Those toys aren't what they used to be. I guess Ronald wants her to be safe.

Happy Father's Day to all Father's!

This is a tribute to all Father's. This article is to honor the father's of our lives, and the present father's of our children. Join in on sharing your thoughts, and stories of that special father.
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Happy Dubrovnik filming
Happy Dubrovnik filming
Happy the rottweiler rescues Trixxie the chiweenie from coyote
Happy the rottweiler rescues Trixxie the chiweenie from coyote

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