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Hanging News

Pakistan hangs three separatists for 1998 plane hijacking

Karachi - Pakistan on Thursday executed three Baluch separatists convicted of hijacking a plane in 1998, which they attempted to fly to India to disrupt Islamabad's first nuclear tests, officials said.

Bangladesh hangs Islamist leader for 1971 war massacre

Dhaka - Bangladesh authorities hanged a top Islamist leader for overseeing a massacre during the nation's 1971 independence war against Pakistan, with hundreds of people in the capital Dhaka celebrating the death of a "war butcher".

Bangladesh to hang top Islamist for 1971 massacre

Dhaka - Bangladesh is set to hang a top Islamist leader Saturday for overseeing a massacre during the nation's 1971 independence war, officials said, after he refused to seek clemency from the president.

Op-Ed: Toronto man who attempted suicide finds man who saved his life

Sydney - On a cold Canadian night in 2002, everything seemed desolate and hopeless to Mark Henick. Anxiety and depression gripped the young man and he decided to climb over the railing of an overpass.

Photo of 14-month-old hanging from hook leads to mom's arrest

A mother in Virginia was arrested after a photo of her crying 14 month old son hanging from a hook by his shirt was posted on Facebook.

Man who hanged himself 8 years ago found in Paris home

Paris - 8 years ago, a Cambodian man chose to commit suicide by hanging in his apartment near Paris. His body was finally found last Friday, after his apartment had been sold to someone else and they went to take possession of the property.

Shrouded in secrecy, Japan executions resume with three hangings

The Japanese government on Thursday executed three inmates, marking its first executions since conservative Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office in December, the Justice Ministry said.

Family dog found hanging in backyard near Toronto

Humane Society investigators are looking for help after a dog was found hanging in the backyard of a family's home near Toronto. Investigators say the dog was deliberately killed.

61-year-old pensioner hangs himself in Athens, Greece

Athens - In the continuing crushing austerity in Greece, yet another suicide has been reported. The 61-year-old could not carry on any longer.

10-year-old acrobat Caleb ‘Flip’ Kors killed in hanging accident

Caleb 'Flip' Kors, a 10-year-old juggler, acrobat and aspiring circus performer, died from an accidental hanging that occurred when he was making a costume. Details of the hanging are unclear.

Teen out of ICU after accidentally hanging self in haunted house

Fenton - A Missouri teenager was released from intensive care Wednesday after she accidentally became entangled in a hangman's noose last week as part of a Halloween haunted house attraction.

UK: More than half of Britons support death penalty

More than half of the British population would support the reinstatement of the death penalty, a recent poll conducted online has found.

Child killed by Afghan militants this weekend

A father's refusal to hand over a police car to terrorist resulted in his 8-year-old son being murdered this weekend in Afghanistan. The boy's death is the latest in a series of children who have been killed by terrorists.

Mike Tyson's Daughter Dies After Accidental Hanging

The four-year-old daughter of Mike Tyson has died after she accidentally hung herself on Monday reports BNO news. News reports are just coming in that the child died on Tuesday afternoon are not yet confirmed by Phoenix police.

Welsh actress Stephanie Parker found dead at age 22

A young Welsh actress has been found hanged according to South Wales Police. Stephanie Parker, 22, was on the BBC Wales show "Belonging."

Op-Ed: The Un-Islamic Republic of Iran, Third Reich of the 21st Century

A Gestapo-like police state. Sickening human rights violations. Anti-Semitism and threats of genocide. A propaganda ministry worthy of Goebbels. The only difference between Nazi Germany and today's Iran are time and location. Will it all end even worse?

Six-Year-Old Quebec Girl Dead From Accidental Hanging

A little girl is dead tonight because of an accidental hanging when the belt of her housecoat became entangled with her bunk bed. The mother of Laval, Que. attempted CPR but it was too late.

4-Year Old Accidentally Hangs Herself With Hairband

Yesterday, Phil Brown retold the story of how his four-year old daughter had hung herself in her bedroom while playing. He and his wife found their daughter Paige hanging from a hammock on New Years Day. The inquest was held at Ashford Coroner's Court.

7-year-old boy dies, found hanging from a coat hook at school

A 7-year-old boy who was found unconscious hanging from a coat hook in the school dressing room Wednesday died at the hospital Friday. The police are investigating and are not sure whether he died by accident or if he was the victim of abuse.

Filmed Hanging Stunt Proved Very Real

A 23-year-old Canadian man is lucky to be alive today. The man is recovering in a Vancouver hospital after trying to stage a fake hanging as a film stunt. The fake hanging turned very real.

Could A Girl Have Been Copying The Suicide Of Her Cousin?

A twist in one suicide has left a family grieve for a second suicide. Yet is it possible that one could have been a copy cat of the other?

Suicides Imitating Saddam Hussein's Hanging?

All around the world, reports are coming in about children committing suicide by imitating Saddam Hussein's hanging. Who's to blame? Violence in the media, or bad parenting?

Hanging of Saddam's aides filmed

Iraqi government officials showed journalists a video taken of the hanging of two of Saddam Hussein's aides. In the video, one of the men was shown being decapitated.

How does death by hanging work?

Since Saddam's execution is in the news these days, it would be worthwhile to understand how death by hanging works. In fact, hanging, when carried out with modern techniques, can be one of the quickest and most painless ways to be executed.

Bush: Saddam hanging should have been 'more dignified'

US President George W. Bush said that Saddam Hussein's execution should have occurred "in a more dignified way."

Egypt's president shares his opinion of Saddam's death....!

He uses "revolting" and "barbaric" in his speech about Saddam's death!

Four held over hanging of British tourist in Indian Jungle

Murdered British tourist 'in wrong place at the wrong time'

Top Iraqi Officials Took the "Deplorable" Footage of Saddam

It may have been two top officials who took the cell phone videos and distributed them. . .

CNN Footage of Saddam laying dead

Although the images are not too graphic, you are advised to exercise caution before seeing the video. Basically, it is a video of Saddam laying dead in a shroud after he was hanged.

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The Hanging Gate s Christmas display
The Hanging Gate's Christmas display
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A wall hanging from the Noyon Uul-Noin Ula burials.
A wall hanging from the Noyon Uul-Noin Ula burials.
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The Hanging Gate s Christmas display
The Hanging Gate's Christmas display
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