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Hamid karzai News

'You inspire me' Obama tells U.S. servicemen in Afghanistan

In a surprise visit to United States servicemen posted in Afghanistan U.S. President Barack Obama thanked a rally of 32,800 American military personnel for their services there.
In the Media by Paul Iddon

Amid Taliban threat Afghanistan resolves to vote in April

Kabul - Afghanistan is set to participate in the first democratic elections in decades. But the Taliban has vowed to disrupt the key April 5 elections with rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire.
In the Media by Abdul Kuddus - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Karzai continues to irritate U.S. and 2 U.S. soldiers killed

Kabul - An insider attack killed two American soldiers in Kapisa Province of Afghanistan. Afghan president Karzai continues to irritate the U.S. by not signing a security agreement and releasing prisoners that the U.S. considers dangerous.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Afghans to release 37 detainees; US strongly objects

Kabul - The Afghan government order to release 37 of 88 detainees who the US says are national security threats has been condemned by the Pentagon Monday.
In the Media by Phyllis L. Smith Asinyanbi

Op-Ed: U.S. angered by Afghan report on bombings that killed civilians

Kabul - The Karzai government just released a report that gives in detail its on the spot findings about U.S. air strikes in Parwan on January 15 that the report claims killed at least 12 civilians and possibly as many as 17.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Karzai: US airstrike kills 7 Afghan children, 1 woman

Afghanistan's president on Wednesday accused the United States of killing a woman and seven children in an airstrike in Parwan province.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 5 comments

Karzai miffed as US marines shoot and kill child

Kabul - Karzai has long objected to civilian casualties in US raids. He has insisted they stop along with other demands before he will sign the long-term Bilateral Security Agreement recently agreed to and approved by parliament and a meeting of elders.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Karzai ignores US deadline to sign bilateral security agreement

Kabul - The Obama administration gave Afghan President Hamid Karzai until the end of 2013 to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement that sets the terms and conditions for US troops to remain in Afghanistan through 2024 and even beyond.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 2 comments

Op-Ed: US drone strike kills child wounds two women in Afghanistan

Karzai just recently said that he would not sign the Bilateral Security Agreement(BSA) unless the US stopped night raids on Afghan homes among other demands. Now the US has launched an air strike that blew up a home killing a child and wounding two women.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Karzai makes new demands for signing security agreement with US

Kabul - Although the Loya Jirga or meeting of elders called by Karzai has approved the Bilateral Security Agreement with the US, Karzai still has not signed and now has brought up new demands.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

US may not have any troops in Afghanistan after 2014

Kabul - The planned 2014 departure of US troops from Afghanistan has reportedly hit a roadblock with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai insisting on new terms and conditions before he signs the bilateral security accord (BSA).
In the Media by Abdul Kuddus - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Karzai says US Afghan security agreement signing to be deferred

Kabul - After caving in on every issue, Afghan president Hamid Karzai has resorted to a display of pique, no doubt to restore some political credibility.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Karzai wants letter from Obama admitting US 'mistakes'

Kabul - Up to the last minute there are still negotiations on a draft bilateral security agreement between the US and Afghanistan. A meeting of Afghan elders is set to begin discussing the draft on Thursday.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Op-Ed: Media manipulation and the Afghan partial deal

Kabul - Governments typically disguise reality in official reports. This is made almost transparent in descriptions of the negotiating process on the bilateral security agreement that would set the conditions for US troops to remain in Afghanistan after 2014.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Partial deal reached with Afghanistan on US troops after 2014

Kabul - In a surprise visit to Afghanistan, John Kerry arrived in Kabul the capital on Friday for talks designed to close a deal on the future of US forces in Afghanistan after 2014.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

NATO airstrike kills 5 Afghan civilians, including 3 children

Jalalabad - A NATO airstrike killed five Afghan civilians, including three children, near the eastern city of Jalalabad on Friday night.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 3 comments

Karzai claims NATO air strike leaves 16 civilians dead

Kabul - According to a statement from Afghan president Hamid Karzai's office, a NATO air strike in Kunar province killed 16 civilians.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Karzai in no hurry to sign a bilateral security agreement

Kabul - Although the US and Afghanistan signed an Enduring Strategic Partnership to last from 2014 to 2024, the question of how many US and NATO troops would remain and under what conditions remains to be settled.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Talks on US presence in Afghanistan after 2014 stalled

Kabul - The talks between the US and Afghanistan on a long-term agreement governing the US continued troop presence in the country were suspended last month by Karzai.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Op-Ed: Human rights groups aghast at Karzai appointments to AIHRC

Kabul - Karzai's five new appointments to the Afghan Human Rights Commission include a Mullah who views Shariah law as the best source of human rights legislation. A second comes from an Afghan fundamentalist party. A third is a bureaucrat close to Karzai.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 5 comments

Op-Ed: President Karzai pulls out of talks with Taliban US troops killed

Doha - Just one day after the Taliban opened a political office in Doha, Qatar, and began peace talks with the US, and the Karzai government, Karzai withdrew in anger from the meetings.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Karzai to boycott Taliban talks

New York - On Tuesday, June 18, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said insurgents fired two rockets into the Bagram Air Base outside the Afghan capital, Kabul.
In the Media by Frank Kaufmann

Taliban spring offensive targets Afghan Security and NATO forces

Kabul - After a relatively calm start this year, which saw few NATO and US casualties, the Taliban have started their spring offensive, targeting NATO and Afghan Security Forces. The past week has been particularly bloody with a car bomb attack in Kabul.
In the Media by Karl Gotthardt - 7 comments

Afghans not interested in killing Taliban - A Western fixation

Kabul - "Now that the sonovabitch is dead, why is the US still angry with us?" "Us", in this conversation, are the Taliban. The SOB in question is Osama bin Laden. This is a quote relayed by Yahya Maroofi, Counsellor to Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai.
In the Media by Karl Gotthardt - 24 comments

Op-Ed: Afghan night raid kills 5 civilians including 4 children

Kabul - Local police confirm that a NATO-led night raid in Logar Province left at least five civilians dead including four children. A number of others were wounded.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Afghanistan success is an illusion - Soviet similarities

Kabul - As the war winds down in Afghanistan, there are similarities with the Soviet withdrawal in 1979. While politicians and military brass emphasize the defeat of the Taliban and the ability of Afghan Security Forces. This defies the reality of Afghanistan.
In the Media by Karl Gotthardt - 8 comments

Op-Ed: US wants Afghans to adopt no-trial indefinite detentions

Kabul - Several incidents are souring relationships between the Afghan government and the US. Among the new disagreements, one concerns the transfer of prisoners to Afghan jurisdiction at the Parwan detention facility
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Karzai bans US Special Forces from Eastern Afghan Province

Kabul - Accusing US Special Ops of furthering insecurity and instability, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered that these forces leave Maidan Wardak within two weeks. Karzai has often complained of the number of civilian casualties attributed Allied forces.
In the Media by Karl Gotthardt - 16 comments

Op-Ed: Karzai orders American special forces leave Wardak province

Kabul - The President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has ordered US Special Forces to leave Wardak province following allegations of mistreatment of civilians both by US troops and linked Afghans.
In the Media by Isabel Ivanescu

Op-Ed: President Karzai says that elders will decide on immunity issue

Kabul - Afghan president Hamid Karzai says that a national assembly of tribal elders will decide on the issue of immunity for US troops after 2014
In the Media by Ken Hanly
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Hamid karzai Image

Afghan President Hamid Karzai leaves after the last day of the Loya Jirga  in Kabul November 24  201...
With permission by Reuters /Omar Sobhani
Afghan President Hamid Karzai leaves after the last day of the Loya Jirga, in Kabul November 24, 2013. Karzai said on Sunday the United States needed to bring peace to Afghanistan before he would sign a security deal which will enable Washington to keep troops in the country beyond next year
Afghan President Hamid Karzai speaks during a news conference in Kabul January 25  2014
With permission by Reuters / Mohammad Ismail
Afghan President Hamid Karzai speaks during a news conference in Kabul January 25, 2014
Afghan President Hamid Karzai
With permission by Reuters
Afghan President Hamid Karzai
Afghan President Hamid Karzai
Chuck Hagel
Afghan President Hamid Karzai
Presidents Karzai and Rouhani of Afghanstan and Iran salute their countries  flags during a visit by...
President Hassan Rouhani Official Twitter Account
Presidents Karzai and Rouhani of Afghanstan and Iran salute their countries' flags during a visit by President Karzai to Tehran at which details of a new Afghanistan-Iran cooperation pact were hammered out.

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