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Halifax News

Canada unveils Franklin expedition commemorative stamp and coin

Halifax - A special ceremony took place on July 22 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There, Sir John Franklin's search for the Northwest Passage in 1845 was commemorated with the issuing of two stamps and a $20 commemorative coin.

Air Canada plane crash-lands at Halifax airport

Halifax - An Air Canada plane has made a crash landing at Halifax Stanfield International Airport just after midnight, injuring 25 people. Flight 624 took off from Toronto at 9.05 pm with 133 passengers and 5 crew members on board.

Thousands found in donated drapes at Halifax thrift store

Halifax - A large bundle of cash was found by an employee in a Dartmouth thrift store, neatly tucked away in some drapes that had been donated.

Teletubbies returning to television

Time for Teletubbies! After more than ten years of reruns, the UK-based children’s program is to have a second life thanks to a Canadian production company.

Man from Halifax sails around the world in 898 days

Halifax - Sergei Morozov and his two cats are back in Halifax, Canada, after completing an around the world trip in a 36-foot long sailboat.

Rare, threatened seahorse spotted by divers off Halifax, N.S.

Halifax - A rarely-seen seahorse was observed and recorded by divers in waters off Nova Scotia. Scientists are excited about this sighting since the species is extremely rare in Canadian waters.

Op-Ed: Fire, The simplest MH370 theory from an experienced veteran pilot

Chris Goodfellow has 20 years experience as a Canadian Class-1 instrumented-rated pilot for multi-engine planes. He believes that the pilots of MH370 were overcome by smoke and the plane just continued on the heading probably on autopilot until...

Russia's anti-gay adoption laws affect Canadian couple

Halifax - The only thing Pam and Adam Webber want more than the child they were excitedly awaiting, is a change in Russia’s international adoption laws.

Cat 'Tuxedo Stan' runs for mayor of Halifax, becomes web star

Halifax - Tuxedo Stan for mayor? Although bylaws prevent him from officially having his name appear on the ballot, Stan, representing the Tuxedo Party, is campaigning on a platform of improving the welfare of his fellow felines in the Halifax Municipal Region.

Nova Scotia government to invest $16.5 million in Jazz Aviation

Halifax - In order to create jobs in the province, the Nova Scotia government announced that it will invest $16.5 million in Jazz Aviation. The subsidy is expected to generate 150 jobs in a province that has one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada.

Tall Ships Nova Scotia program announced

Halifax - Fireworks, free public concerts, incredible food and music, historical animation and family friendly activities will highlight the shore-side program for the Tall Ships Nova Scotia event July 19-23 in Halifax.

UFO: Halifax witness reports silvery alien-like probe

Halifax - UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". Was the UFO reported by a Halifax witness a strictly human-made project? Or, was that UFO part of some kind of alien collaboration? Dr. Michael Salla has described a Military-Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex.

Gay activist beaten to death in Halifax

Halifax - A well-known gay activist was beaten to death in Halifax early Tuesday morning, and a man who was out on a pass from a psychiatric facility is charged with his murder.

TopFinds: Sex show heats up Halifax, Muppets attack Fox News

The Everything to do with Sex Show brings some erotica to Canada's east coast. A former slave's letter suddenly resurfaces. Why did The Muppets go on the offensive against Fox News? These are the top stories on

Man arrested after cat killed in Halifax apartment

A Nova Scotia man was arrested after police found the bloodied body of a cat in his apartment, and his neighbour says he can't get what he believes were the screams of the tortured animal out of his head.

Photo essay: Atlantic 'Ghost City' Special

Dartmouth - Another sighting of a ghost city has been spotted. This time not in China, but on the Atlantic shores of Canada, a city on clouds.

Great white shark's remains to be displayed in Halifax museum

Halifax - The remnants of a great white shark caught in the Bay of Fundy off the coast of Nova Scotia will soon find a permanent home in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

World naked bike ride 2011- Halifax, NS Special

Halifax - Under the Nova Scotian blue skies, over 90 people participated in the World Naked Bike Ride today, and hundreds of curious bystanders got to see a sight not often seen in downtown Halifax.

Spring in Halifax starts quietly Special

Halifax - Today was one of those rare days in Halifax where amid the sunny sky, dusted with a few clouds, snow flakes were dropping to the ground. Spring may have officially arrived last week, but old man winter is still trying to hang around the Halifax area.

The organic food scene in Halifax, Nova Scotia Special

Halifax - "Good food - Good for you - Good for the earth." That is the motto at Planet Organic, a Canadian store that supplies organic food and household supplies.

Thieves target gay men in Halifax through online dating site

Halifax - Two gay men in Halifax were recently robbed after driving somewhere with men they had met through an online-dating site, and police believe the incidents are connected.

In search of Christmas in Halifax Special

Halifax - Looking around in Halifax today, one had to wonder if it really was Christmas. The biggest giveaway was the lack of snow.

Lindsey Graham argues military action against Iran possible

Halifax - U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, feeling reinvigorated by his party's strong showing in the midterm elections, did a little saber rattling when addressing the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada Saturday.

Police checking out secretly filmed videos of women's behinds

Halifax - Someone has been secretly filming women from behind as they walk around the area of Dalhousie University, and then posting the footage on YouTube. Police in Halifax are now reviewing the videos.

Halifax intruder watches and touches sleeping women

Halifax - Three women in Halifax, Nova Scotia awoke to find a man standing next to their beds and watching them Sunday morning. The women weren't hurt during the incident.

Halifax Considers Abandoning RCMP

The city of Halifax, Nova Scotia is considering ending its reliance on Canada's national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Weekend Rave in Halifax under investigation

The HRP Liquor Enforcement Unit is investigating a weekend rave that took place in an isolated area Saturday night. 120 young people were in attendance according to the police.

Snow storm doesn't hamper Halifax Explosion memorial

An early December snowstorm didn't stop about 80 people from attending events planned for today in memory of the Halifax Explosion but only served to remind them of what the victims went through on December 6, 1917.

Conservative MP calls Halifax unemployed 'no good bastards'

Conservative MP Gerald Keddy really put his foot into it when he called Halifax's unemployed "No good bastards" during an interview with the Chronicle Herald.

World's top military leaders to meet in Nova Scotia

Canada will play host to the world's most powerful military figures this weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They will discuss global security, nuclear weapons and foreign policy.
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Halifax Image

A lone fisherman in Dartmouth  NS. Citadel Hill in background.
A lone fisherman in Dartmouth, NS. Citadel Hill in background.
Ferry crossing Halifax Harbour
Ferry crossing Halifax Harbour
Tall Ships Parade of Sail
Halifax  Nova Scotia
July 13th  2009
Tall Ships Parade of Sail Halifax, Nova Scotia July 13th, 2009
One Tree Hill Studios
Canada Games Centre  Halifax  Nova Scotia  Canada
Canada Games Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Halifax Regional Municipality website
Jared Grove
Screen Grab: Halifax Forum 2010
Halifax harbour
Halifax harbour
Tara Smith-Atkins had some little helpers while putting coats on poles in Halifax.
Tara Smith-Atkins had some little helpers while putting coats on poles in Halifax.
Halifax/Dartmouth ferry
Halifax/Dartmouth ferry
A Hero Class patrol vessel is readied for launch at the head of the launch slip at the Halifax Shipy...
A Hero Class patrol vessel is readied for launch at the head of the launch slip at the Halifax Shipyard, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada. The shipyard is owned by Irving Shipbuilding
Dan Conlin
Saint Mary s University campus in Halifax  Nova Scotia.
Saint Mary's University campus in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Kris Griffon/flickr

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