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Hair loss News

More Taxotere lawsuits filed by women whose hair never grew back

Over 200 women filed a Taxotere lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis alleging the pharmaceutical company never warned that the chemotherapy drug could cause permanent hair loss.

Travolta reveals thinning hair during gym workout

Normally, when John Travolta has his picture taken, he is sporting a full head of hair. But, during a late night workout session at Planet Fitness in Florida, the 60-year old actor displayed his thinning hair in a selfie with another gym goer.

Sweet new hair loss treatment

Hokkaido - Propolis, a natural product used by honeybees to repair their hives, stimulates hair growth in shaved mice. This is the first step towards creating a remedy for follically challenged people.

Drug regrows hair in patients with hair loss from alopecia

A new drug for those suffering from hair loss due to alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease, may have been found. Strictly speaking the drug, ruxolitinib, isn't new as it's used to treat a bone marrow illness. But it's new as far as hair loss goes.

Scalp Micropigmentation on the rise as hair loss solution

Hair loss is a major problem, causing many men in particular to feel badly about their appearances, but a permanent solution may give hope to many.

Arthritis drug used for hair loss, man regrows full head of hair

Scientists at Yale University have made what may be a breakthrough discovery in the treatment of hair loss. By administering drugs used for the treatment of arthritis they managed to cause a 25-year-old male to regrow a full head of hair.

Doctor says range of effective hair-loss treatments on the way

At the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in Denver there was considerable optimism expressed for those who'd like to reverse their hair-loss. There are multiple manners of treating hair-loss, Dr. Kenneth Washenik said.

Baldness gene discovered

A new research report explains why people with a rare balding condition called 'atrichia with papular lesions' lose their hair: it comes down to a specific gene.

Chemotherapy cancer patient hair loss stopped by new cooling cap

A new head-cooling cap is being used in London for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The cap cools the head and for most patients reduces or eliminates hair loss. Imperial College Healthcare is using the DigniCap system in two hospitals.

Hair loss treatment linked to suicides

A widely used drug used to combat hair loss, called Propecia, has been linked to an increased rate of suicides, according to a US University research team.

Hair loss drug used by Wayne Rooney may cause impotence

Propecia, a popular hair loss drug, was taken by British football star Wayne Rooney back in 2009 to battle against his receding hairline. The drug may possibly cause impotency.

Introducing 'The Balding Billboard'

Shoreditch - A balding man has come up with an innovative idea to raise money for charity. Matt Stafford suffers from alopecia, but he insists on turning a negative into a positive.

Study reveals cause of male baldness

U.S. scientists say the root problem of male-pattern baldness is new hair trying to grow, and suggest the problem could be cured using stem cells in a cream.

Survey: People can not tell if you’ve had a hair transplant

A new survey conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery found that the majority of respondents were not able to identify a hair transplant from a series of photos of real patients and ordinary men and women.

Study: Brushing your hair too much can cause hair loss

A new study conducted by an Israel dermatologist suggests that combing your hair too much can cause you to lose your hair.

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A man suffering from hair loss.
A man suffering from hair loss.

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