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Hair News

Pinch of DNA to reconstruct a suspect's face may help Fla. police

Coral Gables - For over two years, he has lurked in the shadows, terrorizing more than a dozen women and confounding police. Sometimes he touches women's feet or hair. Sometimes he sexually assaults them.

Police investigate suspicious candy found in South Charleston, WV

Charles Town - Several middle school teens who were out trick-or-treating in an area of South Charleston, West Virginia on Thursday came home with an unwelcome surprise: candy laced with broken glass and hair.

Lincoln hair memorabilia fetches high price at auction

Although a lock of Abraham Lincoln’s hair sold for $25,000, it was only part of a larger collection of Lincoln memorabilia that was auctioned in Dallas on Saturday.

KITLG gene regulates hair color

Stamford - A science team have pinpointed a gene enhancer that contributes to blond locks in humans. To have brown hair is more common; whereas to have blond hair is a form of gene mutation.

KFC worker in Wales suspended for allegedly putting pubes in food

Cardiff - A KFC employee in Cardiff, Wales, was suspended after they posted about how they put pubic hair in food that was being served to a customer.

Rare types of facial hair make men more attractive

Whether clean shaven or with an unusual beard, if the facial hair of a man stands out then then man is more likely to be attractive to women. In contrast, men with similar facial hair to the mainstream are less likely to catch a woman’s attention.

Op-Ed: Barbershop school is making a resurgence, at least in South City Special

South San Francisco - While there has been a tremendous shift in the economy since the recession of 2008, there are some professions and businesses that continue, even when consumers are frugal. This can be said of the hair styling industry.

Close to coming up with a solution to reverse gray hair

With age comes the graying of hair. It happens to everyone, but European researchers may have come up with a formula to reverse this process.

Watch beauty blogger Tori Locklear burn her hair off on video

The video shows the shocking moment Tori Locklear, an online beauty blogger and Florida middle school student, filming a beauty tutorial for YouTube using a hot curling iron suddenly burned off her hair.

Little Barber shop is busy buzzing with the styles for 'club-ing' Special

South San Francisco - A real boost of self-esteem is a great hair style or hair cut. And, there are lots of places out there that aim to please. For women it is essential. And, while men's hair styles might not require as much maintenance, the attention to detail is just

Video: 'Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge' promo trailer

The first promotional trailer has been released for the upcoming April 2013 series called "Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge" which is adapted from a manga of the same name.

Woman has nails growing out of her hair follicles

Shanyna Isom, of Tennessee, has been called a medical mystery after she fell victim to an illness that causes human nails to grow out of her hair follicles.

Review: Jobriath — Fairy, Icon, Groundbreaker Special

The story of glam rock icon Jobriath Boone is one of the most fascinating and tragic tales of the latter 20th century. A new documentary captures the man behind the masks, exploring his creative genius as well as his personal demons.

'HAIR' we grow again - Toronto theatre production remounted Special

Toronto - The musical HAIR is playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto for a very limited run until the end of the year. The original production ran for over a year, and changed the face of theatre in Toronto.

Human hair trade booms

Many people want to get their hands on long locks that belong to celebrities and this has created a multi-million dollar trade in human hair.

Hair thieves strike US salons

Some thieves aren't even checking for cash when they break into hair salons, they're heading straight for the hair extensions.

Thief steals hair from horse's tails in Montana

Someone is stealing the hair from the manes and tails of horses in southwest Montana, and the local sheriff said this type of crime has previously occurred in the area

Link between stress and heart problems found in hair

Researchers at The University of Western Ontario say that hair can show the link between chronic stress and heart attacks.

NFL star's hair insured for $1 million

Lloyd's of London is covering a $1 million insurance policy for the long mane of black, curly hair on an NFL Pittsburgh Steelers star.

Paris Hilton in trouble for wearing the wrong hair

Los Angeles - A hair extension company is suing Paris Hilton for $35 million (£22.4m), claiming that she wore a rival's hair product while under contract to wear and promote their product.

Pageant winner in New Zealand stripped of crown for dyeing hair

Wanganui - After she posted a photo of herself with brown hair on Facebook, a 15-year-old girl in New Zealand was told to choose between her new hair colour or her pageant crown.

Michael Jackson's Hair to be Turned into Diamonds?

The American firm, LifeGem, plans to create diamonds from a lock of Michael Jackson's hair. It claims it has a strand of the King of Pop's mane from the set of the Pepsi ad in which his hair caught on fire in 1984.

Ukrainian PM in the news thanks to her hair

Ukraine’s prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko is back in the news, especially in the Ukraine. The national news agency UNIAN even wrote a special report on an event involving her hair.

Op-Ed: Native American high school student banned for hair length

Is the Texas Education System opposed to Native Americans? In the second case this year, a Native American student has been punished for hair length and for a second time, won the right to wear his hair long by federal court.

Scientists uncover the root cause of 'going gray'

British researchers say they now know why our hair goes gray as we age. They say a hydrogen peroxide buildup in our hair is the main culprit.

Woman's hair weave stops bullet, saves life

A woman from Kansas had a miraculous escape after a bullet fired at her got jammed in hair weave. She was uninjured other than having a bit of a headache.

Kindergartner wins court case over his hair length

A five-year-old in Texas won his case in court and the school district was found to be in violation of both state law and the US Constitution for their treatment of the little boy for having long hair. Adriel Arocha is of Native American heritage.

U.K. Study Claims Faux Blondes Have More Self Confidence and Possibly More Fun

Bad hair day? A study out of a U.K. university shows women who colour their hair find self-esteem and confidence in that tiny tube. With the majority opting for shades of blonde, does this mean that they really do have more fun?

Men Who Flirt In Public Get Their Hair Cut

These days, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue have yet another task to do: men who are flirting with women in public places will get their hair cut off as punishment. Right at the scene of the infraction. Nothing like public humiliation.

Growing Skin from Hair Roots

There is new hope for patients with chronic wounds: euroderm GmbH and the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI in Leipzig have been granted approval to produce artificial skin from patients’ own cells.
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Hair National Tour
Lawrence Stallings  Steel Burkhardt  Matt DeAngelis
Photo: Joan Marcus
Hair National Tour Lawrence Stallings, Steel Burkhardt, Matt DeAngelis Photo: Joan Marcus
Mirvish Productions
Keratin hair-smoothing treatments that boast a long-lasting effect  involve straightening hair with ...
Keratin hair-smoothing treatments that boast a long-lasting effect, involve straightening hair with a flat iron and coating hair cuticles with keratin protein.
Leomedia/Wikimedia Commons
This is the candy in question.
This is the candy in question.
Police handout
 Hair  single cover
'Hair' single cover
By TonyBee1991
Natural human hair
Natural human hair
Jobriath performed in the West Coast production of the musical  Hair  in the late 1960s as Woof  a c...
Jobriath performed in the West Coast production of the musical 'Hair' in the late 1960s as Woof, a character best-known for the infamous "Sodomy" song in Act One. In 1969, he left the production to form his own band, Pidgeon, who went on to release one album before disbanding.
The Film Collaborative
An example of pink hair
An example of pink hair
᚛Tilly Mint ᚜
Hair National Tour
Full Cast
Photo  Joan Marcus
Hair National Tour Full Cast Photo" Joan Marcus
Hair National Tour
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga
Hair Cast - 1969 and 2011 Toronto
Photo: Kate Davies
Hair Cast - 1969 and 2011 Toronto Photo: Kate Davies
Kate Davies
Ümit Yaldiz
A passionate Royal Wedding fan with a buzzcut and painted words for William and Kate
A passionate Royal Wedding fan with a buzzcut and painted words for William and Kate
4 lbs hairball removed from Indian girl s stomach
4 lbs hairball removed from Indian girl's stomach
Dandruff found in hair
Dandruff found in hair
Via quinnanya